How to recover my Gmail account if I forgot my password

Emails are essential today, so you can feel distressed when you do not remember your email password; But do not worry, it has happened to all of us, so this tutorial will explain to you How to Recover my Gmail Account if I Forgot my Password?

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  1. What is needed to recover a Google account?
  2. How can I recover Gmail account with personal data?
  3. What should I put in the Gmail account recovery form?
  4. How to recover Gmail account without phone number? – It’s possible?
  5. Gmail account recovery using alternative email: How to do it?
  6. Helpful tips if you forgot your Gmail account password
    1. Write the last password
    2. Do the recovery from the mobile
    3. Use an SMS or call
    4. Answer security questions
  7. Steps to recover Gmail account by forgetting password
    1. Recovering your Gmail account using your Android device
  8. Tips to protect your Gmail account password

What is needed to recover a Google account?

There are several reasons why we have lost our Google account, luckily we can recover it without much problem using our data , but what data do we need? Depending on the method we use to recover our account, we will need some data or others. Here are the most common ones needed in this process:

  • The alternate email that we have linked to our account.
  • Our phone number and our cell phone affiliated with the Google account.
  • Have fresh answers to security questions.

How can I recover Gmail account with personal data?

When we register for our Gmail account and in the course of its use, we have the option of entering some security responses , which tend to be about the name of our first dog, the name of a relative, where we live, etc.

This will help us if we want to recover our Gmail account, since in the recovery process for forgetting the password or incorrect password, we will have the option of using this personal data as proof that we are the owners of the account . This security data is a good alternative to passwords, because it is difficult to hack such personal knowledge and far from the internet.

What should I put in the Gmail account recovery form?

Regardless of the method we are using to recover our account, there are always clear questions that the recovery platform asks us , such as What is our email? What is our phone? What was our last clue? etc.

These types of questions are almost a parameter of account recovery everywhere, because it is necessary to verify the identity of a person on the internet.

How to recover Gmail account without phone number? – It’s possible?

Indeed, with the amount of data that we give to our Gmail account, we have more than one way to recover the account so we do not necessarily need a phone number. By giving him the recovery of our account, we must change between the alternatives that we can choose.

It should be noted that some accounts make use of double security, where to change accounts or log in to a device, we need to confirm from our phone that it is us and press a couple of numbers, which are reflected on both screens. For these cases it is more complex and we can take longer, but we can also do it without the phone number .

Gmail account recovery using alternative email: How to do it?

To make use of the recovery email that we mark, we must have put it before losing access to our account , because otherwise, the option of using an alternative email will not appear among the options to recover the account.

Before starting to request a password change, we must keep this alternative email open in another tab, since we must be quick to confirm our identity . With this, the steps to follow are:

  • We go to the home page of Gmail or Google and after entering our email, we click where it says ‘I forgot my password’.
  • Once we do this, we will have the option to confirm our identity and change the password, among these options being to send an email to another security email.
  • We click on this method and proceed to check the inbox of the other email, and once we see the confirmation email, we do everything that it tells us.

Helpful tips if you forgot your Gmail account password

By having so many entertainment, personal, banking and other platforms, we have a good number of passwords which we can forget at any time . If this happens to us with our Gmail account, we can recover the account without any problem, all following one of these tips:

Write the last password

To apply this advice we must do it before we forget the password, but it consists of keeping all our passwords in a physical format , so that we do not need any password when we want our passwords. Another alternative is to have a single password for everything we register for, making it safe to avoid hacking problems.

Do the recovery from the mobile

If we have our Google or Gmail account connected to our phone very well, it is likely that it will only be enough to try to change the password from our phone and we will not have much problem. This is because our phone is one of the main sources of identity confirmation, working only by accessing it .

Use an SMS or call 

Now, seeing how else we can recover our password by forgetting, and using our phone, is to get a message or call, which I provided us with a code to create a new password . Almost all accounts are related to phones, so it will not be difficult to use it to recover our password.

Answer security questions

Another of the alternatives that we are offered to recover an account is to answer the security questions. Earlier in this article we saw what these questions are about, focusing on more specific and personal data that we can cite when recovering our Gmail account .

Steps to recover Gmail account by forgetting password

If you created your Gmail email , and you don’t remember your password. Then click on the phrase “Forgot your password?” found below the blue “Login” button.

  • A new page will appear where it will ask you to write the last passwordyou remember; Although this step does not solve your problem, it confirms to Google that you are the owner of the account and want to recover it. If you remember the password, write it down and click “Next”; If you don’t remember, click on “Try a different question”.
  • You can recover your account through an SMS or call; click on either of these two options to receive a code from Google. If you choose SMS you will receive a message with a code and if you choose to call the automatic system will dictate a code; enter this code and click “Next”, you can immediately change your password.

Recovering your Gmail account using your Android device

If you created your Gmail account with your Android device , you can use it to easily recover your account. These are the steps to follow:

  1. When you appear in the form password recoveryimage of a mobile and the question Do you have your phone? that is the method you should use to recover your password using your Android.
  2. Click “Yes.”
  3. You will immediately see a window on your mobile asking you if you are trying to log in from another computer ?; click “Yes”.
  4. Go back to the PC and proceed to change the password.

Tips to protect your Gmail account password

Next, we briefly give you some tips to make your Gmail account more secure , and thus avoid being hacked.

  1. Use a different password than the other online services. These are important because your email account contains confidential informationthat can be of great use to cybercriminals. So if the other online services are hacked your Gmail account will be protected.
  2. Use complex passwordswith numbers, special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters; never use personal information like date of birth, name or phone number to create a password.
  3. Do not save your password in the browser, because third parties can have access to your account.
  4. Do not share your Gmail account with third parties or your password.
  5. Do not open emails from recipients you do not know or click on suspicious links; as cybercriminals use these methods to steal personal data.
  6. Use antivirus on your PC, mobile device or tablet.
  7. Update the browser, operating system, software and the app frequently.
  8. Keep your recovery phone number and email updated in your Gmail account; this will be useful to recover your password.
  9. Activate 2-Step Verification.
  10. Never give your Gmail account information to people who contact you saying they are from Gmail or Google technical service. Gmail and Google will never ask you forpersonal information in mail, messages, or calls.

Since you read this article, when you recover your account you will be able to close the Gmail session on your devices from your cell phone or PC. So never stop using your Gmail account because you forgot your password. Follow the steps in this tutorial to easily and easily recover your account and thus continue enjoying the benefits that Gmail offers you.

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