How to recover Facebook password in case you forgot it?

Among the most used social networks on a daily basis, one of the most popular is Facebook. This is one of the oldest networks and one of the most important at the moment. Since its inception it has made several changes and has integrated new functions to its application and website.

One of the best functions that this social network has is to recover an account in the event that it has been hacked or that you do not remember the login password. In this article we are going to show you the verification methods that this network has and how to recover your account when changing the password.

How to Recover Facebook Password in Case You Forgot It?

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  1. What should I do as prevention in case I forget my password?
    1. Know your email linked to Facebook
    2. Verify a phone number to your account
    3. Link trusted friends to your Facebook profile
  2. What is the chance that they have changed my password?
  3. What is the way to recover my password?
    1. Check a device that is signed in
    2. Use the verification of your cell phone number
    3. Verify with your email

What should I do as prevention in case I forget my password?

Almost always when we activate the automatic start in our Facebook account it is possible that we forget the password to enter the account. If this is what happened to you, in order to recover your Facebook account, you need to know at least two important pieces of information in case you forget your password.

Know your email linked to Facebook

This is one of the most important requirements to recover your Facebook password, since a verification code can be sent to this email account so that you can restore your account by changing the old password for a new one. If you want to know a little more about Facebook’s verification methods, you can go to the Facebook help section .

Verify a phone number to your account

You have to do this when you create your Facebook account or every time you change your phone number, as it is a way to protect yourself in case you forget your password or your account has been stolen. That is why we recommend that you verify your phone number as soon as possible so that you can change your password.

Link trusted friends to your Facebook profile

This method began to be implemented a few years ago by the Facebook platform. It consists of choosing two or three Facebook friends to whom you have special confidence so that when you do not remember your password, those Facebook friends give you access to your account, this method is very effective.

What is the chance that they have changed my password?

One of the ways to get your Facebook password changed is if you’re logged in from a phone or computer you don’t own and you haven’t logged out. The way to know if they have changed your password is to remember the one that has your account.

If you try to enter and it does not allow you even when you are sure that the password is the one you are entering, it is likely that the password to enter your Facebook account has been changed . In case you want to recover it, here we will tell you three effective ways to recover access to your account.


What is the way to recover my password?

The recovery of the password of a Facebook account is one of the most important issues and that is why this option is in a very visible part of the Facebook login screen . This option says ‘You have forgotten your password’ and by clicking on that writing you will be able to choose the verification method to change the password and it is these three methods that we will show you now.

Check a device that is signed in

This option lets you know on which phones your Facebook account is open or active. This helps you to know who entered your Facebook account and to be able to see on which phone you logged in have entered your account, so you can claim this person for abusing trust.

Use the verification of your cell phone number

This is the first verification option that appears on Facebook for you to recover your account. On the login screen you will click on ‘Have you forgotten your password?’ After you press it, you will see an option that says ‘a text message will be sent to this number’ and the number you have registered on Facebook will be written . This way you can recover your hacked Facebook account .


You will not be able to edit this phone number on that screen if you no longer have that number active. If this number is active you can click on send message and together with the message you will write the code you received . Then you can click on the change password button and when you create the new password you will be able to enter your account as many times as you want.

Verify with your email

Now, if you do not have the active phone number but the email you registered when you created the account is enabled, you will also be able to change the password of your account. To do this, click on the option ‘Have you forgotten your password? There will be the option to verify with the phone number , in the part of the screen there will also be the option of ‘Another method of verification’.

When you click on that option you will be in the verification by email . You have to be attentive after you click on send ‘Verification code’, write the code that you will receive by mail and click on verify. In this way you will have already recovered your Facebook account.

After you regain access to your account, we recommend that you update your personal information in your account so that you can activate Facebook’s two-step verification to make it more secure when you enter your account.


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