How to unlink Facebook from Instagram on iPhone or Android? – Effective method

At present, almost all of us have at least one account in some social network, as there are also people who have accounts in each of the ones that exist. Among the most important networks of the moment are TikTok, Instagram and Facebook .

One of the things we unknowingly do is link one account to the other. This happens when we log in, for example, to Instagram with our Facebook data . If you are thinking of unlinking your Facebook from your Instagram account, here we will show you everything you need to know before carrying out this action.



How to Unlink Facebook from Instagram on iPhone or Android? – Effective Method

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  1. What are the disadvantages of linking and unlinking Facebook from Instagram?
    1. No login to both accounts
    2. No messaging service on both accounts
    3. Posts are no longer shared at the same time
  2. What problems can one have when wanting to unlink these accounts?
    1. Error in personal accounts
    2. Errors in business accounts
  3. How is Facebook unlinked from Instagram for a certain amount of time?
    1. Unlink from PC
    2. Unlink from Android
    3. Using iPhone



What are the disadvantages of linking and unlinking Facebook from Instagram?

When an account is used to log in faster in an application or platform that we use, we may have some problems whether we link them to each other or unlink them. In this case we are talking about the link that we managed to make between Facebook and Instagram. That is why we will show you some of the most common disadvantages when you unlink them.

No login to both accounts

Sometimes we proceed to link the accounts to each other so that the logins are faster and easier, since just by clicking on the image of our Facebook account, you quickly enter Instagram. That is why when we unlink them, this quick process is lost and we have to add our username and password to enter again.

No messaging service on both accounts

Another of the disadvantages of unlinking from Facebook on our Instagram is that sometimes the messaging service of both accounts is affected since since 2020 the Facebook and Instagram messaging platforms have been synchronized. Thanks to that you can communicate with Facebook users from Instagram direct messages and vice versa.

For this reason, when you unlink one account from another , you can no longer receive and send messages to a certain contact in the application.

Posts are no longer shared at the same time

This is another of the disadvantages because if you have a business account from which you do some type of advertising and it was linked to your Facebook account, the Instagram posts were shared on Facebook. So to make it the same again you will have to link them again.



What problems can one have when wanting to unlink these accounts?

Just as there are drawbacks when you unlink your Facebook account with Instagram, errors will also begin to appear in both applications. For that reason we will show you what kind of errors appear in each type of account after unlinking.



Error in personal accounts

The main error that occurs in personal accounts since you unlink the Facebook and Instagram accounts is when logging in to the accounts since you have to enter with your username and password. Also when you are going to send messages to users external to that application.

Errors in business accounts

In the case of accounts for companies, the problems they present are in the income in the same way as in personal accounts . And another of the inconveniences is when sharing publications automatically in the account that you unlinked, since you now have to do them manually.

This would be bad since by not sharing the publications automatically in other accounts that are linked, you will not be able to improve the sales of your business through Instagram .



How is Facebook unlinked from Instagram for a certain amount of time?

After you have seen all the problems and inconveniences that this process entails, you can be sure if you really want to unlink the accounts or if you do not want to. But in case you decide to remove the link , you can do it this way, it depends on the device from which you try it.

Unlink from PC

In order for you to proceed to unlink any account you own from Instagram from the official Instagram page , you will log in to your account. As soon as the page loads you will enter the settings, there on the left side of the screen there will be a bar in which you will press the ‘Apps and websites’ tab. There you will see all the sites to which your account is linked and you can disable it if that is what you want,

Unlink from Android

To unlink your Instagram account from Facebook, you have to enter the Instagram app and then you will tap on the three lines that are in the corner. When you enter that part you will touch on ‘Accounts’ and right there will be ‘Linked accounts’. There will be all the accounts that are linked to yours and just by touching them you can choose whether to unlink them or not.

Using iPhone

If you want to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram on your iPhone or iPad, just follow the same steps as on Android devices. This is so because the application is almost identical , so those steps will be valid for you


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