How to put that you are an athlete on your Instagram? – Tips and advice

Everyone who uses social networks on a daily basis loves to have their activity closely followed by their friends and family, some even use the many features offered by these social platforms to post interesting content in order to get many followers. This is especially beneficial for those users who decide to use these fashionable social media to boost their work, or professional activities, as in the case of both music and movie stars, and many other professional athletes.

How to put that you are an athlete on your Instagram? – Tips and Advice

Knowing this, the developers of the Instagram social network have been adding account options on their platform in which the millions of users with whom they already have accounts can choose to register some type of professional activity that they develop . There are many advantages offered by this type of account that the Instagram social network has made available, this time we will be teaching you the benefits of putting in your Instagram account that you are an athlete and how to do it.

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  1. What benefits will you get from having an account as a ‘creator’ on Instagram?
    1. Classification of your messages
    2. Your followers will know how to contact you
  2. What is the process to have the player category on your Instagram profile?

What benefits will you get from having an account as a ‘creator’ on Instagram?

Many of the Instagram users are unaware that there are two types of accounts that can be created on said social network depending on the purpose of using this platform by the user. That’s how it is on Instagram, you can register your account as personal as the vast majority do to only share photos with friends or if you prefer as a ‘Professional’ account, which is the option chosen by those who want to boost their work or professional activity by obtaining followers on said account. bill.

If you are a professional in some type of sport, do not hesitate to create an account as “Professional” on Instagram since this type of account offers you great advantages, among which we can mention the fact that the Instagram platform itself offers functionalities created for that the activity presented in these accounts reach the largest number of people, in addition said accounts are configured by the social platform in order to be presented to specific groups that usually identify with the activity presented in said account.

Therefore, in your case as an athlete, when you create an account of this professional type, you will be able to obtain a greater number of followers who love the type of sport you practice in a very short time, in addition to the possibilities offered by this social network to publish your sporting activity very frequently. they are the best. Let’s see a little more about some of the advantages offered by this type of account on Instagram.

Classification of your messages

As an athlete, it is vital to be able to have an open channel of communication with the followers of your activity and this is something that the developers of Instagram know very well. For this reason, by having a professional account you will be able to enjoy many effective tools that will allow you to classify your messages and have better communication with your followers.

Your followers will know how to contact you

Other advantages that having a professional Instagram account gives you is that it allows you to add a greater amount of personal information, such as: personal contact telephone number, personal website, detailed description of the type of activity you carry out, among other types of information. that will allow your followers to know how to contact you more easily.

So far we have mentioned the many advantages that putting on your Instagram account that you are an athlete offers you, but now we will show you how you can do it.

What is the process to have the player category on your Instagram profile?

Once you have decided to switch to a professional account in order to boost your sports activity, knowing all the advantages that this offers you, you must log in to your personal account already created, once you enter you will see a menu of options identified in the profile by three horizontal stripes, select it to display the options it contains.

Once you have done that, you will see the option ‘Settings’, enter that option and then select where it says ‘Account’ there you must look for the option ‘Change account to professional’, you will be shown the advantages offered by said account and then you must answer the system question : ´Which option best describes the account?´ You must first choose the ´Player´ option and then ´Creator´, with this you will only have to enter the information about the type of sporting activity you do in the biography of the account and start to upload photos doing that activity.

Keep in mind that to get the most out of this type of account, you must dedicate time to be able to frequently publish content related to your sporting activity, as well as to interact with your followers by viewing their comments and reacting to them. Remember that the key is Your success will depend on your followers, these are the key so try to serve them well, you can “Like” those that they also publish and answer any questions they ask you, it is essential that you promote a good exchange of content between them and you .

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