How to change the voice language of Google Maps

Many people look for how to change the voice of the Google Maps application from their cell phone for the simple reason that they do not like how it sounds, they do not feel comfortable or identified with this default voice or they want to hear another in a different language.

If it bothers you or you don’t like the voice that Google Maps has , you have the option of changing it very easily from your mobile device or cell phone of any brand that you use, whether it is iPhone or from an Android device.

On the other hand, if for some reason all the voices that this application has makes you uncomfortable or you simply want to make your journey in total silence, you have the option to silence and remove the voice from Google Maps , in this case you will have to remain watching the screen to see the direction you should take.

In addition to this, Google Maps has many tricks and secrets that you should know how to use so that you have better control and management of this application.

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  1. How to change the voice language of Google Maps
    1. On computer
    2. On cell phone
  2. Modify the voice on your Android device
  3. Change your iPhone’s Google voice
  4. How to put a custom voice on Google Maps
    1. Homer’s voice
    2. Batman’s voice
  5. Additional functions offered by Google Maps that you can modify
  6. Google Maps voice options

How to change the voice language of Google Maps

To perform this action and change the voice that guides you to all the locations that you need and want to visit, you just have to follow these simple steps.

On computer

Changing the language of the voice in Google Maps is very simple, you must first open Google Maps on your PC, you can see the menu in the upper left corner , where you will click, here we find the option ‘Language’ and we only select the one of our preference . After saving changes we will be able to listen to the assistant in the selected language.

On cell phone

First of all, you open Google Maps on your Android cell phone , iPhone or whatever else you have available.

Once you have entered the application, you must look for your Google profile photo that will be located in the upper right part of the screen of your cell phone and click on it to open the corresponding menu.

When the menu has opened, you must scroll the screen down and look for the Settings option, also represented by a drawing of a nut; After clicking on this option, you should open the navigation settings section.

After you enter this section, what you have to do is go to the part that shows Selected Voice where you will find the list of language and voice options that you can choose.

Modify the voice on your Android device

To change the voice of your Android assistant, you just have to approach your device and say “Ok Google, open the Assistant settings”. Among the options you can see the Voice adjustment and touch Assistant voice here is where you can choose the tone of voice you want.

Change your iPhone’s Google voice

To change the voice of Google maps on your iPhone, you just have to enter the settings menu, click on the general option where you will select the option ‘language and region’, finally, select the language you want to hear on Google Maps from now on .

How to put a custom voice on Google Maps

Unfortunately the Google maps application has no more voice options, in this one you can only change the language, but in Spanish the GPS voice will always be the same , a generic voice.

Homer’s voice

If you want Homer Simpson to narrate your route from the GPS, unfortunately in Google Maps you will not be able to obtain this action, because only the generic voice is available , but you can search for other apps such as ‘Waze’ that has more voice options for the GPS .

Batman’s voice

In the Waze application you can customize the voice on your GPS, in this application there is even a Batmobile option where your location on the map will be marked with this vehicle and also the voice of Batman will narrate the route .

Additional functions offered by Google Maps that you can modify

Google Maps has very useful location functions, through it you can know exact addresses of specific places, as well as you can obtain the coordinates and altitude of the place where you are or where you want to go in the future.

In the same way, you can know where the tourist places of any city in the world are and even the time it would take you to reach this desired destination from your location either by going by some means of transport or walking to the exact place selected.

In addition to this, if the volume of the cell phone is not enough and you cannot hear the directions that the application is giving you, you have the option of connecting them via Bluetooth to the car or car, this can be done in the section ‘Navigation settings in the sound and voice part ‘.

Finally, one of the best features that this application has is that you can mark or add labels to tourist places anywhere and when you are passing by any of these labeled places, the voice of this application will point out that you have attached a label to this site .

Google Maps voice options

The first thing you will see will be a list that shows you the languages ​​of the voices that the application has available to choose from, once you have chosen one it will show you another list with country-specific voices or accents for you to choose to your liking.

However, you should know that having the option to change the voice does not mean that you will be able to choose between many options, since most voices in choice are only distributed by countries or places. For example, in the Spanish language you can only choose two options.

For Spanish, only the Iberian and Latin American Spanish accents are found , so there are no voices for each Latin American country as is the case of the voices for the English language in its American, British, Indian, Australian versions, among others.

After you have selected a new voice, you can now travel more comfortably to your destination and when you arrive there, remember that you can share your location with your friends in real time.

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