How to change the voice in Google Maps

The daily use of the same application for a certain time can end up boring, so in this article we will tell you how to change the voice in Google Maps . In this way, you can choose another accent to receive directions when you have to take the car and even improve your language learning.

To modify the voice in Google Maps , we will have to open the application and access the main menu, which we will locate in the upper right part of our screen, with our Google profile image, and choose the option ‘Settings’. Once inside, we scroll down until we see the option ‘Navigation settings’.

When we press there we can see that the volume of the indications can be modified , the usual thing is that it is in ‘Normal’. Just below is the option we have been looking for, so we click on ‘Selected voice’ and we will see that the ‘Default (Spanish)’ option is activated. It has the advantage that it indicates the name of the streets in Spanish territory , so many people choose not to change it.

However, if we are determined to modify it , we have at our disposal the alternative ‘Spanish (Spain)’. As Spanish-speakers that we are, if we click on ‘All voices’ we will also be able to find the possibility of configuring our application with a voice in Spanish from Latin America.

The most seasoned can even risk opting for a voice in another language . It is likely that among our readers there are not many interested in receiving directions in Indonesian, but if you are studying English, Italian or French, it may be an interesting option to explore. Of course, if you go to a site that you do not know at all and you need to trust Google Maps 100%, our advice is that you do not risk more than necessary and use any of the options in Spanish available.


Those are the main steps to change the voice in the app, but can I customize the voice in Google Maps? Here comes the bad news: there is no possibility to customize the voice. There are many browsers on the market that offer the possibility not only to choose the tone of voice, but also its gender (some even using voices of famous people), but in the case of Google Maps all these options simply do not exist.

In some updates carried out by Google there has been some change in the voice that gives us the instructions, but this change has been limited to replacing the old one with the most recent one, without giving the user the possibility to choose the one that interests them most for keep you company and show you the way while you drive.

The biggest change that we will be able to make from our adjustments is, as we have said previously, to opt for a Latin Spanish instead of the local variant. It is important to bear in mind that leaving the default option will imply that the names of the streets are not indicated, so when driving through a city the experience can be more confusing than anything else.

At the moment it is not in Googl plans and add several voices among which to choose, but users can use this form to submit comments . There you can also make proposals to improve the application, so if there is a large demand from users who want to have male voices or with another tone, it is not ruled out that Google picks up the glove and adds them in future updates.


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