How to change the voice when talking on the phone

In the era of smartphones, users are looking for how to expand the capabilities of their Android smartphone. The telephone today performs many everyday functions: a means of communication, an alarm clock, a camera, a voice recorder, a notepad, a TV, the list is endless. Today we will tell you how to change your voice when talking on the phone. Basically, this is needed for a telephone prank by friends and acquaintances, or an original congratulation. Ahead of the New Year, what if a real Grandfather Frost will congratulate your children on the phone?

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Programs for changing the voice on the phone

1.1 Funcalls app

1.2 Call Voice Changer Male to Female App

1.3 Call Voice Changer


Programs for changing your voice over the phone

Many programs are offered on the Play Store for the request “change voice when you call”, we have selected working applications among them and will analyze the most popular of them. Let’s start with one of the most popular Funcalls programs.

Funcalls app

Funcalls is a free application that is a one-stop solution for changing your voice while talking. Of the advantages, it is worth noting the complete absence of intrusive advertising. The application interface is available in English, but a Russian translation will be added soon. Despite the English language, the program has an intuitive interface, and below we will show an example of work in the screenshots. After launching the Play Store, we find the application through the search bar:

  1. We write Funcalls in the search bar and go to the application page.
  2. Click on the green “Install” button and wait for the download to complete.
  3. After installation, the program can request access to the microphone (needed to change the voice) and phonebook contacts. Click “Allow”.

Installing the Funcalls program

You can test the program and see how it changes the voice, there are three options to choose from:

  • Man is a variant of the male voice.
  • Regular is a regular voice, this is if a change is not needed.
  • Funny is an unusual version of a funny voice.

After starting the program, click on the keyboard icon and enter the phone number you will call or select it from the phone book. After that, select the option to replace the voice from the list above and click on the green call icon.

We call through the Funcalls program

If you want to record the received conversation in memory, you can use the “Record Call” button, move the switch to the active position, then press the call button.

In the paid version of the program, other voice replacement options are available: the voice of a monster, the voice of an alien, a child’s voice, a voice after a sip of a balloon with helium (the voice will become squeaky). The limitation of 30 minutes for making a call is also removed.

Call Voice Changer Male to Female App

Call Voice Changer Male to Female is a great option for pranking men and women. The change from a male voice to a female is well worked out, there are a lot of options for how to apply this trick, turn on your imagination to the fullest.
The installation principle is the same:

  1. In the search bar of the Play Store, type Call Voice Changer Male to Female
  2. Open the page with the application and click “Install”.

Search and Download Call Voice Changer in Play Store

Further, by analogy with the previous program, we use the quick setup guide:

  1. Launch Call Voice Changer Male to Female.
  2. At the request to the microphone and phone book, press the “Allow” button.
  3. On the page with recommended apps and privacy policy, click Skip.

Setting up Call Voice Changer Male to Female

After that, the program is ready to work, start and dial the desired number. During the call or when we picked up the phone, press the “Changing” button and select the desired voice. Among the voices available are the voices of a woman, a girl, a boy, a robot or a man.

If the program crashes on your phone, most likely you have Android version 4.0 or lower. Try to look in the settings for an update for your device. Or, carefully look at the recommended system version before installing the application.

Call Voice Changer

A program with a similar name Call Voice Changer completes our rating. Look carefully at the screenshots and application icons to distinguish them from each other during the installation process on your smartphone.

  1. In the Play Store, open the search and type Call Voice Changer
  2. Open the page with the program and click “Install”.

Downloading Call Voice Changer

In this version of advertising, the developers did not skimp on advertising. Let’s show you a small life hack on how to remove most ads in games and applications:

Disconnect your Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection before starting. It will help in cases when an application or a game does not need a constant connection to the network.

The rest of the configuration principle is the same: run the programs and grant the necessary permissions. Before calling, click on the “During Call Setting” button and select the call settings and voice replacement options.

During Call Setting


In the article, we examined the most popular programs that will help you change your voice when talking on an Android phone. Do not get hung up on one option: install several versions, make test calls for 10-15 seconds and save them to the device’s memory. Then you can listen to all the options and choose the most successful and original ones. In the comments, ask questions about the operation and configuration of applications. Write which of the following you liked the most – so we will help future readers of the topic decide, as well as suggest your options and we will add them to the list.

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