How to share screen while talking through Discord

In addition to talking by text and voice, you have the ability to share your screen on Discord and show what you’re playing. We tell you how, step by step.

Without making a lot of noise, Discord has become an alternative to keep in touch with friends or coworkers. With voice, text, and video chat , private channels, and support for most platforms, Discord rivals apps like WhatsApp, Slack, Teams, Zoom , and whatnot. And it is that you can even share a screen on Discord while playing online.

Discord is the ideal choice for gamers around the world who want to talk while playing on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. From the desktop app itself or with the mobile app for iOS and Android. But it is that, in addition, the desktop and mobile versions bring with them the possibility of screen sharing. A way to show your friends and acquaintances a web page, an application or how you play a certain game without going through YouTube or Twitch .

The only requirement is to be on a voice channel, have a good internet connection and start streaming. It works on Windows, macOS, Linux, Web, and Android versions of Discord. For now it does not work on iOS . And it allows live broadcasts with up to 50 people . Let’s see how it works.

Share screen on Discord from PC or Mac

Whether you have your own server or if you are on a public server, you can share a screen on Discord with up to 50 people and make a live streaming to show your computer, what you are playing or how to do a certain task with an app or website. The limit is up to you. Also, the process is very simple. You just need to have a Discord user, log in and enter its Web version or install the app for Windows, Mac or Linux .

Let’s say you’re on a trusted server. We enter a voice channel . Although you can also share screen in a private conversation . In the channel column you will see that, below everything, several actions will appear for that voice channel. For example, activate the camera or, the option that interests us now, share the screen on Discord. Or in English, Share Your Screen . As soon as you press the button, the live broadcast will begin. If you use the Web version, you will share the entire desktop . In the Discord app you can choose if you are going to share a specific application . Or a screen if you have several connected.

Customize the live stream

By default you don’t have to configure anything after starting the screen sharing function in Discord, but there are several interesting options to customize . Precisely, if you use the Discord app, before starting the live broadcast it will ask you which application or game you want to show or if you prefer to show the entire screen. And then you can choose which channel to do the live on and other options.

In Transmission quality you can choose between making the video look good or being able to read the text. The first is good for sharing your games online. And the second in case you want to show a web page. For the rest, by default the streaming quality is 720p. If you want to increase it to 1080p you will have to purchase Nitro , that is, the paid version of Discord.

When you want to end the broadcast, tap Share screen again, and then choose the Stop Broadcasting option . During the transmission you can activate or deactivate the microphone and perform actions related to the audio channel such as inviting people, preventing someone from writing or speaking, etc. You can also activate the camera , although it will appear in a separate window separate from the one that shows the screen.

Share screen on Discord from Android

If you usually use Discord on Android , you also have the possibility to share the screen of your smartphone. So you can show what you’re playing or how a particular app works. The operation is similar to what we have seen before. You just need to have the app installed, log in with your Discord account and be on a voice channel .

From the channel itself or from the channel bar, you will see the option to Share the screen or Share your Screen in English. By clicking on that button, you will have to confirm that you are going to start a casting or live broadcast . If it is the first time, you will surely have to confirm the permissions to use the microphone and/or the phone’s camera if that is the case.

In the mobile version of Discord, the Screen Sharing feature is easier, so you can only show what is on the screen at the moment without being able to choose a specific app. At best, customize the volume. It is also not possible to choose a video quality . It will use the best default it can get to prevent outages . Yes indeed. When you want to finish, just click on the Stop Broadcasting icon or button and that’s it.


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