Fix; My cell phone connects to Wifi but appears without an Internet connection

The problem of no internet access on your phone’s Wi-Fi affects 5 out of 10 users worldwide. Many users, at some point experience some inconvenience in their connection, this prevents them from connecting successfully.

In today’s world, with the digitization of tasks that previously required the physical presence of the user, it is necessary to have access to any type of internet connection.

This means that, to keep up with daily tasks, we must have a mobile device and a good connection, without them, we would be practically isolated and unable to lead a normal life.

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  1. Difference between Wifi and Internet
  2. How to solve the connection to Wifi without Internet?
    1. Check the scope of the Router
    2. Restart the computer and the Router
    3. Temporarily disable antivirus
    4. Verify the operation of the service with the operator
    5. Check wireless connections and networks
    6. Check the network password
    7. Check the mobile settings
    8. Remove the Wifi network and add it again
    9. Change the channel of your device with WiFi Analyzer
  3. How to know who is connected to my Wifi connection from my phone easily?
  4. How do I know the speed of my internet connection?

Difference between Wifi and Internet

It is possible and very easy to differentiate between these two devices that today have become a necessity to have at home. Which is due to the boom that the internet has had and how significant it has become a couple of decades ago.

When talking about Wifi, we must be very clear that it is a device with or without antennas; that helps to share the internet signal through wireless networks to a certain space around it. It is also well known by the name of ‘Router’; This resembles a decoder, is small, some square, rectangular or oval, and light in weight.

Now, the internet is the central source that broadcasts the broadband or satellite connection ; This also consists of being small, with shapes similar to those of a router and that is only responsible for sending the internet signal. By many it is known as ‘modem’. There are others that only need to connect an antenna and voila, it will work like the internet.

How to solve the connection to Wifi without Internet?

The problem of no internet access on your phone’s Wi-Fi, may or may not have a solution, it all depends on the symptoms that the mobile presents. Most likely, it indicates that the connection has been lost, to solve it you can restart it.

If the above does not work, try going to the phone settings, specifically in the option ‘Wireless networks’ or ‘Wifi’ , select the network to which you are connected and choose the option ‘Forget this network’.

Then select again the network to which you were connected and, write the access code (if you have it) to establish the internet connection again. If the problem persists, you can try restarting the router to fix the problem.

Also, you can try checking if all the cables of the ‘Wifi’ modem or router are connected, in the position that corresponds to them, then, this could be the most common reason that causes the problem.

Another possible cause is that you have been left without an internet connection due to some failure or delay with the payment. If you followed any of the steps outlined above , the problem might be resolved.

Check the scope of the Router

You may have a problem with the internet connection from your mobile; This may be because not enough network signal is reaching the device ; that is, the router from which you are connected is very far from where you have your phone or you are very far from it.

In this case, you should check the router box to see how many meters of distance it covers and where you can be so that the device stays connected and has an internet signal.

Restart the computer and the Router

Another possible solution to this problem can be given when you see that your phone is connected to Wifi and; Despite being relatively close to or within range, you cannot access the internet . Mainly it can be due to the internet being gone or with a power failure the modem has been turned off or is not working.

To do this, you go to where both devices are, look for the on or off button for each of them; first press the modem to turn off and then the router; then you wait about 10 or 20 seconds and turn on both devices again.

Temporarily disable antivirus

You can also deactivate the antivirus that your internet and router have installed; You do this by going to the settings, then to the internet, you enter the settings and you see the antivirus; you deactivate it and that’s it. You wait a while (approximately 10 to 30 minutes) and check if you already have a connection or not. This problem is usually very common, since there are antivirus programs that restrict the internet signal because they are not safe or detect a threat to the system.

Verify the operation of the service with the operator

You must check if your internet works correctly; that is, try connecting the internet cable directly to a PC and see if they open web pages and other sites such as games, applications, social networks and others; therefore you must observe that they are working well so that you know that then it is not your internet. Otherwise, you need to contact your satellite or broadband internet service provider .

Check wireless connections and networks

Perhaps it could be that the one that is failing is your router, so you should verify that it is emitting a good signal and that it allows browsing on other devices. This makes you have to see if some devices are connected or not and if they have internet; If you don’t have internet because the router fails, you need someone specialized to help you solve it.

Check the network password

It may be that the Wi-Fi signal appears on your cell phone as if you were connected, sometimes an (X) or exclamation point (!) May also appear . Many users think that it happens just because there is no internet; but in some cases it turns out that they have changed the Wi-Fi password or have it misspelled.

So, it is necessary that you go to the phone settings and open the Wifi, here you must verify that you have the correct password, that it is well written or is the new one. If not, then click on the network you are connected to and click on ‘forget’ and then select it again ; you put the appropriate key and voila.

Check the mobile settings

You can also check in the settings of your device if all the network settings are correct or if there are not any that are interfering with the internet connection; also try to check any antivirus that your mobile has since it could avoid connecting. It is extremely important that the Wifi icon appears in the notification bar and that you do not hold any element next to it that indicates that you do not have access to the network.

Remove the Wifi network and add it again

This is another viable alternative so that you can respond to this connection problem. What you should do in this case is to go to the settings of your device, look for the connections and go to the Wifi at once. There you select the network with the name of your Wifi; then you will see the option to delete.

Press this option and then you are going to add (in the upper right corner of the screen, with the plus symbol ‘+’). You write the name of the network and you agree so that the mobile can recognize it ; then you enter the password and voila, the connection will be established.

Change the channel of your device with WiFi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer is a very useful application that will let you know which is the best Wifi network and the best connection channel for each of these. You must first install it on your mobile device; Once this process is finished, you open it and immediately you will get some graphs in the shape of a bell that represent the best nearby Wi-Fi signal.

There you can select any network to view the channel that suits you best and be able to make the change. To do this, being in the Wifi to analyze at the top there is a tab that says ‘graphics’; click on it and a drop-down menu will appear with other options, you must select ‘channel score’; Here you will see the channels ordered numerically and with a score with a number of stars ranging from one to 10.

After this, see which one has the highest score and go to change the channel from your pc; follow the steps that we will give you below:

  1. Open the website ‘’ in your browser to go to the router’s configuration account
  2. A tab will open where you must enter the username and password of the router
  3. In the menu on the left you select ‘Network’
  4. Then you go to ‘WLAN Radio2.4G (online)’
  5. There will appear some options, look for the one that says Channel or Channel and it will appear in ‘Auto’
  6. Press this option and select the corresponding channel number recommended by Wifi Analyzer and voila, the change will be saved

How to know who is connected to my Wifi connection from my phone easily?

If you solved the problem of no internet access on your phone’s Wifi and you want to continue enjoying it, but your connection is slow and you want to speed up the internet to the maximum , you can find out if there are any intruders who are using your ‘Wifi’ network .

To do this, go to the configuration of your ‘Wifi’ internet router, through the browser copying the ‘IP’ address that the router has established by default, this is found in the user manual, or in some area of ​​the equipment and generally it is like this: ‘’.

However, the ‘IP’ address may vary, after that, you will be asked for a username or password, in most cases it is ‘Admin’, then a menu will be displayed in which you must locate the ‘Wireless’ option , followed by ‘Wireless Statistics’.

A list will appear in which you can see the ‘MAC’ addresses of all the devices connected to your network, to eliminate them you can select the option called ‘Deny’. You can also download an application called ‘Fing’, it will help you identify the exact make and model of the equipment connected to your ‘Wifi’ network.

How do I know the speed of my internet connection?

The problem of no internet access on your phone’s Wi – Fi could interrupt the tasks that are commonly performed on the network. In the same way it happens when you want to know the speed of the internet that you have contracted, then, in most cases it is unknown.

To know the speed of your internet, and not fail in the attempt, you can enter the browser of your computer or smartphone and write in the search bar ‘Speed ​​test’, in the first results locate the option ‘Speed ​​test by Ookla’ .

Once the steps described have been carried out, you must enter that page, and select the option ‘Start’, it will immediately begin to scan your network, which will take a few seconds.

Then, some data will be shown, which belongs to the result of the network scan, generally they are shown in the format of ‘Megabyte per second’ or what is equal to ‘Mbps’ , all this will depend on the contracted plan.

It is important to note that a speed result will also be displayed in the form of uploading or downloading, since Internet providers send and receive data from their users , while they use their internet.


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