How to vote in a poll on Instagram stories.

Instagram stories have become a new milestone, in terms of the interaction between user and followers. Well, they allow you to implement a large number of methods to publicize various issues that wish to be addressed. In this sense, you can now vote in a poll or Instagram story.

In this way, it is currently not only possible to post questions on Instagram stories But it can be self-replied and later shared in Instagram stories . In addition, questions can be asked and added to the same response options for followers through surveys and questionnaires in Instagram stories.

For this reason, we will show you a guide with simple steps so that you finally learn how to vote in surveys and Instagram Stories .

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  1. How do Instagram Stories polls work?
  2. How to take a poll on Instagram Stories
  3. How to vote in a poll on Instagram stories.
  4. Can you delete a vote made in an Instagram poll?
  5. How to view the results of a poll I voted in
  6. Can the results of surveys made in the Instagram story be shared?
  7. Is the vote of a poll in an Instagram Stories anonymous?

How do Instagram Stories polls work?

If Instagram stories were a novelty, they brought with them new ways in which users of the platform could interact with their followers and be more connected to them.

One of these new features was that of surveys, with which a user can ask their followers for their opinion either with a simple selection list. Likewise, questionnaires can also be added to Instagram stories , in which a series of possible answers are displayed so that the follower must try to guess the correct one.

In this way, these Instagram polls work in the same way that stickers are added. Well, to activate the questions in Instagram stories , you will only have to select the survey sticker and add it to your stories.

In addition, these surveys can be added to any type of story that you want to upload to your Instagram account. That is, you can add the survey sticker to a photo, video or just text that you want to add in your stories.

How to take a poll on Instagram Stories

By allowing your followers to vote in an Instagram poll or story, you will have several benefits on your account. First of all, you get much closer to all those users who follow you.

In the same way, you allow your followers to comment on either your photo or any activity you want to ask. But the best benefit is that with these surveys, you maintain a higher activity on the platform which will increase your visibility and therefore, your followers.

To create the polls in Instagram stories, you must make a common story as if you were uploading a photo. Then you look for the button of the stickers and you enter it where you will show all the options that you can add to the story.

You must select the survey or questionnaire , depending on the type of question you want to ask the followers. Then you fill in the boxes with the questions and answer options and at the end you save and upload the photo

The questions of the surveys can be yes and no or open questions so that they answer whatever they want. In the same way, you can only choose emojis if you want them to answer you or ask questions where you put several answers and the followers have to choose the correct one.

How to vote in a poll on Instagram stories.

One of the favorite interactions of the users of this popular social network is to actively participate in surveys, questions or questionnaires carried out by the pages or accounts they follow on Instagram.

To carry out this type of interaction you will not need to download any program or access external applications. Well, Instagram surveys are one of the features that are added to this service.

To vote for a poll in a story on Instagram, you just have to have the application updated in its latest versions. Since in old versions this function did not exist yet. So if you already have it updated, you just have to go in and look at many stories until you get a survey

Therefore, to be able to vote correctly on an Instagram story easily, you just have to wait to access an Instagram story that contains a built-in poll or questionnaire . You will not have to wait too long, because just by taking a look at the accounts you follow on the platform you will find a user who has added a question or survey template to Instagram stories.

Once you have it at your disposal, you will only have to select the answer that you consider is the one that best suits your opinion in the survey carried out. Now, if it is really a questionnaire survey, you only have to select the answer option that you consider is the correct one from the list that will be displayed.

Can I vote more than once in an Instagram poll?

No, you cannot vote two or more times in the same Instagram poll . This option is valid so that each person only casts one vote regarding their opinion. If you have already voted in a poll conducted by a user and you return to their story, you will not be able to vote again. What will appear is the option that you had previously registered.

What you can do is vote in another poll conducted by the same user. There are people or pages that upload more than one poll at a time so you can vote on each of them only once.

Can you delete a vote made in an Instagram poll?

No, you cannot remove a vote from a poll after it has been cast. Since the story after voting disables the option to vote again. So it is impossible to change your option or delete a vote that you have already made.

How to view the results of a poll I voted in

By voting in polls or stories on Instagram, you can know the results that it is generating. You just have to be aware of the account that uploaded the survey to find out.

After you have cast your vote in a poll, the history will show you the results obtained up to the moment you voted. But if you want to know what the final result was, you must wait for the person who did the survey to upload the results in another story d.

Can the results of surveys made in the Instagram story be shared?

The results of Instagram polls can be shared while those of questionnaires cannot. To share the results of a story, you only need to find the story after it has been deleted.

For this you must open your account profile and enter the menu. There you must select the file option where you can see all the stories you have uploaded. Then you choose the history of the survey that you want to share and then you must open the statistics.

In this part you can see the results obtained by allowing your users to vote in a poll in history. In these results, the share button appears and when pressed, the application will generate a new story showing the results.

Is the vote of a poll in an Instagram Stories anonymous?

The new Instagram sticker that allows its users to carry out surveys of any kind has become one of the most interactive ways to maintain a close relationship between the user and their followers, while remaining active on the Instagram platform .

One of the biggest concerns for those who vote in an Instagram poll or questionnaire is knowing whether or not your identity will be visible to whoever has taken the poll in their stories. Well, it is not strange to want to participate in some of these interactions of Instagram stories but keep a low profile in the process.

However, you should know that your identity will be available to the person who has taken the survey. That is, the user who has created the survey in their stories, can know who of their followers voted in the survey, as well as what was the answer they selected during the voting process.

On the other hand, despite the fact that participation in Instagram surveys is not anonymous, you should not worry that this brings with it any negative consequences. Well, beyond participating in a poll that exposes a controversial issue, nothing counterproductive happens by voting in Instagram polls.

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