How Alexa connects

The voice assistant Alexa has revolutionized the homes of many Italians making them smart and full of music; in fact it is the most used voice assistant in this last period. If you have just purchased an echo device and you still don’t know how Alexa connects, no problem because the first amazon echo configuration is a very simple procedure; just read this guide and in a few seconds you will be able to configure echo at best.

Rest assured the initial configuration of an amazon echo device is a procedure that you will only have to do once in your life; in fact, the subsequent devices that you will purchase from Amazon will already be preconfigured for your account and your wifi network (this on condition that you consent to the storage of the password of your wifi network on Amazon’s servers).

But enough with the preambles and let’s get straight to the point and begin to see how to connect Alexa.


  • How Alexa connects
    • How Alexa connects on echo dot and echo plus devices
    • How Alexa connects on echo show and echo spot devices

How Alexa connects

Before going to see how Alexa connects, we need to make a necessary premise; to use all echo devices and more generally the Alexa voice assistant it is necessary to have an Amazon account ; the account is completely free in the basic version and costs 36 euros a year in the Prime version. However, I advise you to subscribe to Amazon Prime because it will allow you to make the most of Alexa; Thanks to Prime you can listen to music for free with Amazon Music and watch Movies and TV series for free with Prime Video as well as all the other benefits of Prime. In this guide, I’ll explain how to sign up for Amazon Prime and what the benefits are.

Depending on the echo model, the procedure on how to configure Alexa changes. In particular, in echo devices without a screen, it will be necessary to use the Alexa app from the mobile phone, while for devices with a screen, the procedure for connecting Alexa can be done directly from the echo device.

For all devices, the first thing to do is to connect Alexa to an electrical outlet via its cable and possibly place it in the center of the room. A separate discussion is the installation of echo auto which is completely different and for which I recommend you read this guide.

How Alexa connects on echo dot and echo plus devices

Let’s start by looking at how to set up Alexa on devices without screen echo. In this case the procedure is slightly longer but do not worry because it is still very simple. What you will need to do to connect Alexa is to install and use the Amzon alexa app from your mobile phone (obviously available for both Android and iOS). the smartphone must be connected to the home Wifi network.

Then from your smartphone open the Alexa app and enter your Amazon account credentials; if this is the first time you use the app, you will be asked if you want to configure a new device, click on Yes . In the next screen you will be asked to verify that the bluetooth is active, click on skip .

At this point you have to scroll through the list of Amazon echo device models and search for the echo device you will use; once found press on it and in the next screen you will be asked to check that the light of your echo is orange. Press on yes (if the light is not orange, disconnect and reconnect the echo device from the electrical socket) and wait a few seconds; the Alexa app will search for Amazon echo devices,via bluetooth and at the end it will show you the detected devices;

Once the echo device is detected, press on the new device to be installed. Now you will need to associate the Wifi network with Alexa; then select your home wifi network from the list that will be shown to you and then enter the network password. A screen will inform you that the installation was successful and you are ready to use your new Amazon echo device.

Only if the speaker echo is not automatically detected by the alexa app you will have to hold down the central button for a few seconds and repeat the whole operation.

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