How to change your Facebook name?

When we create an account in a social network as popular as is the obvious case of Facebook and we know that thousands of people can contact us through this means. We wonder why we don’t use the nickname by which our friends know us on this social network. If this idea is going through your head, in this article you will find out that it is possible to change your name on Facebook .

This platform has changed a lot since it took its first steps and now it is possible for everyone to create and have two Facebook accounts . It also allows you, among many other options, to make changes to your profile such as modifying your name . But with certain restrictions, therefore it is important that you know them before carrying out this procedure.

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  1. What is the difference in between username and Facebook name?
  2. What should not include the name according to the rules of Facebook?
    1. Use punctuation marks, numbers, or weird characters
    2. Obscenities or offensive words
    3. Phrases or words foreign to your name
    4. Name of a company
  3. Where can I change my name faster?
    1. On the Facebook website
    2. From the application of my mobile device
  4. How can I add other names, pronouns, or nicknames?
  5. How to change my name in another language?
  6. What if I already confirmed the current name on Facebook?
  7. Is it possible to change the Facebook name before 60 days?
  8. How can I reuse the old account name?
  9. Why can’t I change my Facebook name?

What is the difference in between username and Facebook name?

Before continuing with this article it is necessary that you understand a very important aspect and that has to do with the use of your name on the platform . In this sense we can find that there is the username or also known as a custom URL. It is the way other users can contact us and thus be able to see our profile.

To create the username you need to respect certain rules and the most important of them is that you cannot use a username that already exists on Facebook. It must be unique for each user, therefore we can never confuse this name with the personal name . Since this refers to the real name that we use and that appears on our identity documents.

What should not include the name according to the rules of Facebook?

Facebook has a very clear regulation that if we know it we will not have problems when creating a username or when modifying said name . This means that the platform does not allow you to include data that is not real in your name. Or that they may generate some kind of confusion between these we have.

Use punctuation marks, numbers, or weird characters

Your first and last name cannot contain punctuation marks, interleaved capital letters, or in unusual places. Only the first letter of the first and last name can be capitalized, you must not include special characters or numbers . You should also avoid using letters from other alphabets such as Greek, Arabic or Chinese.

Obscenities or offensive words

Respect is necessary when using social networks and Facebook understands this very well, therefore it does not allow you to include offensive words in your username. That they allude to obscenities or words that are rude. This is not allowed and you will have problems if you try to include these types of words in your name.

Phrases or words foreign to your name

It is important that the name you use is by which your friends know you or that you can verify by means of an identity document . You cannot use a first and last name that belongs to someone else. It will only be allowed to use a name that is hypocoristic, that is, if your name is Francisco you can use Paco.

Name of a company

Another rule that must be followed on the platform when placing your name or surname that this is not the name of a company . You cannot use any type of title, be it from movies, books, etc. If you have a problem in this section, we suggest you use the Facebook help page so that you can solve it.

Where can I change my name faster?

One of the characteristics of the Facebook social network is that it is multiplatform and we can make important changes to it from any device. Whether this is a personal computer, laptop, Tablet or from an Android and iOS smartphone. But it also allows you to log in from the mobile application or from its website.

Next, we will explain the steps you must follow to quickly and easily change your Facebook name. From the main page of the platform or from the application install lada on your mobile.

On the Facebook website

In the case that you prefer to change your name on Facebook through the website, you must do the following. Enter the official page and log in regularly, entering your email or phone number and password. Once in our profile, we will go to the upper right corner and there we will locate the icon in the shape of an arrow pointing down.

When selecting it, an options menu will be displayed from which we will choose ‘ Settings and privacy ‘ then we will have to select the ‘Settings’ option. This action will allow the window where we will configure the general options of the account to be displayed. And here we are going to get the sections that interest us, we talk about the ‘Name’ and ‘Name of the account’.

Now we just have to choose the ‘ User Name ‘ section and select the ‘Edit’ option that is on the right. If when proceeding to make the change the name is available, the platform will let you know. To finish the operation, you only need to select the option ‘Save changes’.

From the application of my mobile device

In the case that we use the mobile application and from there you want to change your Facebook name . You will perform steps very similar to those shown in the web version, then enter the platform from your phone. Once there, go to the upper corner and click on the icon with three vertical lines which will display a menu.

In our case we will click on ‘Settings and Privacy’ then you will click on the ‘Settings’ option. In the next window you must click on the ‘Name’ section and now you must write the new name, to check if it is available you must click on the option ‘Check change’ , if so you will be asked to enter the password and to finish click on ‘Save Changes’.

How can I add other names, pronouns, or nicknames?

The social network Facebook now allows making changes that were not possible before or obtaining important data such as knowing who accesses our account . But in the present case it is also possible to add a secondary name, pronoun or nickname . And in this way you have a distinctive seal that allows you to be located faster in the social network.

If you are interested in adding another name on Facebook you must follow the instructions below, first and being in your session, select your profile photo. This action will show a menu and from it you must select the option ‘Information’. Then select the option ‘Details about you’ and on the right side several sections will be displayed.

Under the section ‘Other names’ you must select the option ‘add a nickname, a nickname …’. Now select and write the name you want to use, if you want this name to be displayed next to your main name you can check the box ‘ Show at the top of the profile ‘ and to finish select the option ‘Save’.

How to change my name in another language?

Facebook for being a social network of worldwide use and is available in most of the languages ​​and alphabets used in those countries. Therefore, if we want it, it is possible to write our name with another graphic or in another language if we want it. To do this you will enter this web page:§ion=name&view .

Once you are in it, you will choose the option ‘ Add or change your name in a specific language’ . And you will write both the name and the surname in the graph of your native country, once you finish doing this simple procedure.

You will select the option ‘ Save changes’. It is important that you know that this change will only be appreciated if you or your friends use the language in which the name is written.

What if I already confirmed the current name on Facebook?

When you carry out the name change process or want to include a nickname or nickname in your profile . The changes are made immediately, therefore it is necessary to wait a certain time to see it in your account. But if you want to make another change after you have confirmed the current name on Facebook, then you will have to wait.

The platform does not allow you to make changes of this type at every moment or every time it provokes you. Therefore you must wait for at least a period of 60 days to pass , so that you can change your name again. We also suggest that before confirming the name you are sure that the name you chose is the one you want to use.

Is it possible to change the Facebook name before 60 days?

Although we already mentioned that it is not possible to change your Facebook name before 60 days have elapsed. It is also true that there is a very simple trick to perform and that will allow you to overcome this apparent impossibility. But for this it will be necessary that you enter the platform from a PC and log in to your account.

The next step is to click on the downward-pointing arrow icon that you will locate in the upper right part of the screen. A menu will be displayed and we will choose the option ‘Settings’ . We will now be taken to your window and in the ‘Name’ section we will be located on your right and select the ‘Edit’ option.

We will now see that a message is displayed on the screen in which it informs us that this action is not possible to carry out and it also shows you the option ‘More information’. We click on it and in the next window they will ask us why it could not change its name? And the option ‘Let us know’ which we will select.

Now you will be taken to the ‘Name change’ window which will show you a form which you must fill out completely to explain the reasons for the change. When finished, you must click on the ‘Submit’ option and wait for a period of 24 to know if they approved your request to change your Facebook name before 60 days .

How can I reuse the old account name?

The social network Facebook will also allow you if you want to use a name that you previously used in your account . And this you can do without major complications, what you are going to do is enter your Facebook account as you do every day. Then you must enter the ‘Account Settings’ and in that window select the General option.

Now next to the ‘Name’ section is the ‘Edit’ option which you must choose and a message may be displayed. Which indicates that you have already made the name change as many times as allowed. But don’t worry, just display the menu that will show you the names you have used previously .

To finish, you just have to choose one of the names from the list and click on the ‘Update name’ option. And in this simple way you will be able to use a name that you used previously in your Facebook account.

Why can’t I change my Facebook name?

There are some aspects that you must take into account and respect when wanting to change the name of Facebook . Since if you do not comply strictly with them, it will be practically impossible for you to be allowed to carry out this process. And then, we will list what may be happening that it is not possible for you to change your name.

  1. One of the most frequent problems that users have is due to entering an illegal name. Remember that you cannot use a false name or that is associated with another person, we already saw this earlier in this article.
  2. It is also possible that you think that Facebook will allow you to change your name whenever you want and it is not. The platform will only allowyou up to a maximum of three changes and this may be the problem that you have already reached this limit.
  3. Another recurring problem is wanting to make the change before the timeout that a user must complete before changing their name again. The time between changes is generally 60 days. Although there is a method to make the Facebook name change before 60 days .


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