How to change the name of your Facebook user?

Facebook is one of the most used social networks to work strategically today. It is a platform that serves as a means of communication , without any local restrictions, since you can communicate with thousands of people regardless of their location.

It is a guaranteed means of distraction and entertainment in which active groups can be formed. It has a messaging service that in turn has the option of voice calls and video calls, and with a start full of photos, publications and videos of each of the people you have added. You will also be able to see posts from the pages you follow or have liked within the platform.

How to Change Your Facebook Username? -Android or iOS

Within Facebook each one has a personal profile, this is like your cover letter within the social network. Through your profile, the people who come to it will be able to know who you are , as well as they will be able to recognize you in case your profile is searched by your friends .

That is why Facebook asks all its users to establish their name , by which they will be identified or located within the network, and may in turn be modified after having established it, this modification being what we will teach you how to do next.

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  1. What to keep in mind before modifying your user on Facebook?
    1. No Usurpation of another user
    2. Limit on name change
  2. How to change your username on Facebook easily?
  3. What is the difference between username and profile name?

What to keep in mind before modifying your user on Facebook?

There are certain things that you must take into account when you want to change your username on Facebook, since it is true that you can change it, but there are some conditions that apply, which we will show you below.

No Usurpation of another user

You must bear in mind that if you decide to change your username, it is to place one that is related in the same way to you and that identifies you, not to use or usurp the identity of another user.

Limit on name change

If you change your name on Facebook you will not be able to change it again , but 60 days after making the initial change. It is for this reason that you should think carefully about whether you really want to change your username as well as what the new name that you will establish will be, since you will have to wait the established period of time so that you can change it again.

How to change your username on Facebook easily?

The first thing you should do after unlocking your device is go to the Facebook social network and log in with your usual username and password.

After being inside the network you will be able to see your start and a bar at the bottom of your screen with several options in it, on your right side there is a column with three lines inside, you must click on it, thus appearing the center control of your Facebook account.

Once you are located in the previous point you are going to slide your finger across the screen until you reach the end of the options bar, when you have arrived you will see an option called configuration, click on it.

Once inside you will find yourself in “settings and privacy” and the first option you will see within it is called “personal account information” again click on that tab and by doing so you will see an option titled “name”.

When entering the previous option you will see three boxes: One with the word “first name” at the top, the second with the words “middle name” and the third with the word “last name” . What you will have to do next is proceed to delete the name that is there in order to establish your new username.

Once you have changed the previous name to the one you have currently chosen, you must click on the blue button that appears at the bottom called review change.

Doing this on the Facebook platform will give you two options to choose from on how you want your new username to appear on your profile, whether you want your first name to appear first and then your last name or vice versa, your last name first and then your first name.

When you have already chosen one of the two previous options, the next thing you should do is enter your password in the white bar that you can see at the bottom.

Later you will only have to click on the blue button called “save changes” as the last step. Having already carried out all the steps that we showed you previously , your username will have been changed successfully.

What is the difference between username and profile name?

The user is the email or cell phone number with which you enter your Facebook profile along with the password every time you go to log in, while your profile name is the one with which other people will search for you within the social network to be able to locate you within the platform.


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