How to put sound when typing on your iPhone keyboard?

It is no secret to anyone that the iPhone telephone line has been one of the most demanded in terms of its commercialization within the market. Having been successful since its first launch on June 29, 2007, these cell phones never cease to amaze us with their features.

Regarding its security system and the diversity of characters that we can use to personalize its use to the taste of each one of us. Among the previous iPhones, it gives us the option of placing the sound on our keyboard. It even allows us to easily cut audio on WhatsApp.

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  1. Why doesn’t the click sound sound on your keyboard?
    1. silent mode
    2. very low volume
    3. Click Deactivation
    4. damaged speaker
  2. How to activate the keyboard sound on your iPhone?
  3. What should be noted about the click sound?
    1. volume moderation
    2. No sounds to choose

Why doesn’t the click sound sound on your keyboard?

There are several reasons why the click sound does not sound when you press your keyboard, in fact they are easy to detect and we will show you some of the most common below.

silent mode

If your iPhone has “silent mode” activated, this will not only prevent notifications or calls you may receive from sounding, but it will also silence the sound of the keys being pressed.

To reverse this, simply go to the edge on the left side of your iPhone and drag the button at the top up. You can also activate the general sound of our iPhone to play through the control panel, sliding your finger across the screen from the bottom up.

very low volume

It is likely that if the volume of your iPhone is very low, we cannot hear the clicks of our keyboard but at an equally low volume. To do this you simply have to raise the volume to a considerable level, in case we do not want to have it at maximum.

Click Deactivation

One of the most common reasons, when you see that when you dial your keyboard it does not sound, is that the option for this to happen is simply disabled.

damaged speaker

If your speaker is damaged, that will prevent you from being able to hear the sound that the keys on your keyboard make when they are pressed, regardless of whether this sound is activated or not, it is already based on a technical failure of your iPhone.

How to activate the keyboard sound on your iPhone?

The first thing you should do is unlock your Phone and go to the settings window by clicking on it. Once inside you must look for the option that says “sound”, it is not necessary to slide the screen much since you can locate it with the naked eye.

Having done this step, multiple options will appear, what you must do is slide your finger on the screen until the end of the list, when you reach the last one, an option called “keyboard clicks” will appear, being on your right side a switch that will allow you to both activate and deactivate the sound. 

Once you have reached this point, all you have to do is click on the switch, you will know that you have activated the sound when the switch is on the right side, the left side turning green, indicating that the option “clicks on the keyboard” has been activated.

What should be noted about the click sound?

There are certain aspects that you must take into account when you want to activate the sound on your keyboard, since despite being a way to customize your iPhone internally to our liking, it does not work in the same way as the sound of a keyboard. notification or an incoming call. Some of those things that we must take into account are the following.

volume moderation

The sound when pressing the keys will be as loud as the general sound you have on your Apple mobile, if your cell phone is in a low sound, the keys will sound in a low volume, and so on if your iPhone is placed with a medium or high sound; the keys will sound medium or loud.

No sounds to choose

You will not be able to choose a specific sound for the keys when pressing them, they will sound with a default one established in the iPhone from the factory. Although you can choose which  sound you want in notifications from messaging apps , or in calls, this does not work in the same way with the keyboard sound.


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