How to share screen on WhatsApp Web in a room

If you are a fan of the WhatsApp Web platform , you will love this new tool, since with it you can make video calls and share everything you are doing from your computer with whoever you want. This feature was created primarily for those who want to make presentations or demonstrations during video conferences, so that they can demonstrate the graphics or slides in the best quality .

WhatsApp Web is the platform of the application of the same name, which you can link your mobile application to the web platform by just scanning a code, and thus enjoy all the functions of the application from the comfort of your computer.

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  1. What actions are available in the WhatsApp Web room while sharing screen?
    1. Set up the microphone and camera
    2. Navigate between other tabs
  2. What happens if I accidentally leave the room that was sharing my screen?
  3. How do I share my screen while on WhatsApp Web?
    1. For computers with macOS
    2. If the computer has Windows
  4. What do I do if I cannot share my screen from my computer?
    1. Restart the application and the computer
    2. Check the network connection

What actions are available in the WhatsApp Web room while sharing screen?

The video conferencing function, also known as WhatsApp Web Room, offers you some actions that will make your screen sharing experience easier and more practical . The WhatsApp Web Room tool is linked to your Facebook Messenger account, from which you can make videoconferences from wherever you want and whenever you want, configuring its settings to your liking.

Set up the microphone and camera

It is very normal that when making videoconferences or calls within the WhatsApp Web Room we do not want to show what our camera records or not even listen to us. Therefore, this platform offers the option of deactivating or activating the camera and / or microphone, so that your experience in it is more comfortable.

To deactivate the camera or microphone during a video call or video conference, you just have to press the camera or microphone icon located at the bottom of the screen , depending on the option you want to disable.

Navigate between other tabs

If during a video call or conference, where you are sharing a screen, you want to enter some other tab , you can do it as you normally do, however, the rest of the members will be able to observe what you are doing.

However, there is an option that allows you to choose which tab you want to show to the rest of the people who are part of the video call, so that, when entering any other page, they cannot see what you are doing.

To do this, you just have to enter a Room on WhatsApp Web , which will redirect you to a Messenger Room, followed by pressing the option “Create Room” and then “Enter the Room.”

Now, you must invite the other members of the conference to join, and then select the option “Share screen”, likewise, a box will be displayed where we select the option “Chrome tab”. To conclude, you must select only the tab that you want the rest of your colleagues to view , and press “Share”. Once this is done, the rest will be able to see only the tab that you want.

What happens if I accidentally leave the room that was sharing my screen?

It is very common that in the middle of a video call someone by accident or some inconvenience has left the room, either by pressing a wrong button or a problem with the computer. However, if at any time this accident happens to you and you were sharing a screen, it is most likely that the rest of the participants are still in the room .

However, they will no longer be able to view your screen, unless you log in again and share your screen in the room again. On the other hand, if there were only 2 people on the call and this incident happens to you, the other person will only be waiting for you to join the room again.

How do I share my screen while on WhatsApp Web?

If you want to enjoy the new functions of WhatsApp Web, such as calls by sharing your screen from the platform, you can do it from a computer with any operating system, be it Windows or macOS . However, to do so, first, you must have a Facebook Messenger account, with which you will enter the WhatsApp Web room.

For computers with macOS

If you want to start a video call or conference from WhatsApp Web and also share your screen from your macOS computer, just follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the official WhatsApp Web platform, and scan the QR code that appears on the screen from the WhatsApp mobile application on your cell phone.
  • Go to the menu, in the left section of the platform and press the option “Create a room”.
  • Next, the platform will show you a small window where you must press “Go to Messenger”, now it will redirect you to the Messenger room where you must enter your Facebook Messenger account.
  • To continue, you must press “Create room” and followed by “Enter the room”, being already in this part of the procedure you can share with your colleagues the link to the call, or share it with Facebook friends.
  • Finally, you must press the “Share screen” icon and select if you want to share your entire screen or just somespecific tabs , finally press “Share” so that now the rest of the members of the call can see your screen.

If the computer has Windows

The procedure to share your screen during a WhatsApp Web call from a Windows computer is not very different from one with macOS . However, below, we will show you how to make a call and share a screen from WhatsApp Web with a specific person or group from your Windows computer.

  • To start you must enter the WhatsApp Web platform and connect your mobile from the application by scanning the QR code that will appear on the screen.
  • Now, select the chat with the person or group with whom you want to make the video conference and share screen, and click on the clip icon to Attach.
  • Next, select the option “Room” represented by a profile camera, which will redirect you to the Messenger room, where you must enter your Facebook Messenger account.
  • Next, press the option “Create room” and followed by “Enter the room”, where we press the option “Share screen”and finally we select if you want to share the full screen or only one tab, and press “Share”.

What do I do if I cannot share my screen from my computer?

Despite the fact that the programs or platforms are created by incredible developers and in perfect condition, there is always an exception that can cause some inconvenience. However, we will explain how to solve some of the most common problems when trying to share a screen from your computer.

Restart the application and the computer

If when you want to share a screen during a call from the Messenger Room, the platform throws you an error or does not load, you must verify that the operation of your browser is in optimal conditions . Whether the browser or computer is slow, or the application has stopped, it is best to close the tabs and restart your PC or browser.

Check the network connection

On the other hand, if verifying that your browser to your computer is working perfectly, but the problem persists, you should also take into account if your internet connection is stable . It may be that for a few seconds an issue or failure has arisen in your network connection and that, therefore, when trying to share a screen, the platform does not allow it.

To solve it, you just have to verify the connection of your network, from the physical connections such as the stability or speed of your internet, and then enter the platform again.

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