How to change the user password in Windows 10?

Security is an aspect that users who use personal computers should not ignore and even more when they share their PC. And in this sense, the Windows 10 operating system allows you to use a password to start your session. But if you feel that it is very vulnerable, here we will teach you how to change the user password in Windows 10 .

Windows 10 is an operating system that has shown us that security and privacy are very important . And therefore, we can see that it offers us some security tips when logging in . This to prevent you from being the victim of an unscrupulous person who tries to enter your PC and can steal sensitive information from it.

We must remind you that using a secure password will prevent you from having future problems with unwanted access to your account. But if you don’t feel safe with your current password then you need to change it . Remember that in addition to the password, Windows 10 also allows you to change the name of your user in a very simple way.

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  1. Why do I need to change my Windows password?
    1. In case of forgetting it
    2. They were alerted that they tried to enter the PC
  2. What is the way to edit a user’s password in Microsoft Windows?
    1. From the Windows control panel
    2. Entering the system command
  3. What do I do if Windows doesn’t recognize the new password?
    1. Try putting the previous password
    2. Restart the computer

Why do I need to change my Windows password?

The periodic change of your password to log in to your Windows 10  is very necessary for different factors. And the first of them has to do with security, in this way you will make it more difficult for malicious people to access your account. This password must be secure and not contain personal data that makes it vulnerable.

In case of forgetting it

Another very important aspect and that usually happens even to the most careful person, is that for some reason they forget or lose their password . And in these cases Windows 10 offers you the possibility to change your user’s password. But in these cases it will be necessary for you to use access to your Microsoft account, this as another security measure.

They were alerted that they tried to enter the PC

Another aspect where it can be useful for you to know how to change your password when starting Windows is for reasons of protecting your security. Windows 10 will ask you to change the current password if it has registered the attempt to enter your account. As you can see, it is necessary that you learn how to perform this simple operation and here we will tell you how to do it.

What is the way to edit a user’s password in Microsoft Windows?

From the Windows control panel

To edit your user’s current password in Windows 10 , you can do it from the control panel. And from there you look for and select the option ‘Settings’, this action will take you to its window. It is also possible to access it using the Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts and for this you must press the Windows + I keys.

Now in the configuration window you will be able to appreciate the different sections it contains and in your case you will click on ‘Accounts’. This action will show you a window with a left panel that contains various options. The next step is to click on ‘ Login options’ and then in the right panel you must select the ‘Password’ option.

If this is the first time you use it, it will offer you an option to create a password, if not and you have already created one, you will find the option ‘Change’. Clicking on this button will display the ‘Windows Security’ box. In which you will be asked for a PIN, this in order to verify your identity , although you can also be asked for your Microsoft password.

Once your identity is verified, the ‘Change password’ window will appear and you will be asked to enter the current password . Then you enter the new password and then follow the instructions of the wizard. You can also observe that here in this window you will find an option that you will use in the case of forgetting the password.

Entering the system command

From the system command it is also possible to easily change the user password and for this we will access the command prompt with administrator permissions . Remember that you can access CMD even if it doesn’t start . Once you have the CMD window on your screen you will enter the following command ‘net user’.

Next, a list of users who log in to your PC will be shown, now we will write down the name of the user whose password we will change. And we will execute the command as follows, we will write ‘ net user user password’ . Or we simply execute the command ‘net user user’ then press Enter and then type the new password.

What do I do if Windows doesn’t recognize the new password?

Unfortunately, there may be some issues related to creating a new password to log in . And in these cases it may happen that the new password is not recognized and therefore it is impossible for us to enter our account. This is something that can fill us with panic, since there is no possibility that you have entered the password in the wrong way.

Before giving you some possible solutions, it is necessary that you understand that some applications installed on your PC may in some way modify registries and this may be the cause of the conflict that is occurring. But don’t worry, there are some solutions that you can apply to log in without problems .

Try putting the previous password

If you have already entered your current password several times and you are still unable to enter your account, try entering the last password you used . It is possible that when making the password change you did not save the changes and therefore the new password was not saved. This can be a mistake that many users sometimes make inadvertently or inattentive.

Restart the computer

Another possible very practical and simple solution so that you can log in by entering your password is to restart the PC . As we have already mentioned, there may be applications or programs that make changes to the registry. And this of course can be fixed by just restarting the computer.


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