How to change the typing language in Windows 7 easily

One of the most downloaded and best operating systems without a doubt is Windows 7 , this program designed by the Microsoft company is very well positioned due to its compatibility, performance, adaptability, versatility and good performance. It has shown that it has greater stability than previous versions, and that is why many users continue to use this system and consider it the best .

It contains many necessary and useful functions and among those it offers is the function of making a change in the language, a very useful option since when obtaining any computer with a windows7 system  it already comes with a configured language and most likely that language is not ours, or it could also happen that there is a lack of control due to changing the keyboard or the program becomes uncontrolled and the language changes, so the fact that it has this function of changing the language is an advantage for users. Here we will show you the steps to follow to make this change, very easy and simple steps.


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  1. How can I customize keys in Windows 7?
  2. Follow these steps to change the keyboard language in Windows 7
  3. So you can use the letter ñ on a keyboard that does not have it

How can I customize keys in Windows 7?

Windowws7 also allows us to have the option of changing the language through the keys , through a combination or customization of them the result is the desired one and the procedure is much easier to develop. Of course we must take into account that to make this configuration and customize these keys, everything will depend to a large extent on the version of the OS that we have installed on the computer, which must be updated . The advantage in this case we could say is how fast we can make this change just using a few keys. Next we will show you those combinations…

  • Ctrl right/left + CAPITAL: This combination allows us to change direction to read the text in different languages, we can read from right to left.
  • Alt/Left + CAPITAL: This shortcut helps us so that in case we have different languages ​​enabled in the input, we can change the same one to the one we want at that moment without wasting time. It is important to take into account that there may be cases in which we need to create or customize our own keys and thus access the shortcuts.

Follow these steps to change the keyboard language in Windows 7

The steps to follow to change the language are simple to carry out, so it will be easy and fast for you to make this change at any time you like and there is no complication, we will show you the steps to follow below:

  • The first thing we must do is click on Start-control panel, and in the panel we double click on Regional Configuration and Languages, then we press the click on Keyboards and Languages ​​- and then we click on Change Keyboard – we move towards a window that tells us the Text Services/Input Languages ​​function using the displayed menu we proceed to select a language, this should already be installed.
  • It may happen to us that in ´Text service / Inputlanguages´ we do not get the language we want, this may be because it has not been installed, in that case we must add it, we do it by following these steps: we double click on ´Add´ – We select ´Add Input Language´ several languages ​​will be displayed so we must select the one of our preference.
  • Once this is done, click on the ‘plus’ (+)icon that is next to the language that we have selected, then we select the plus (+) that we see on one side in the ‘keyboard’ in the Sub Menu part , this click in the ‘+’ it will allow the language to be added, we click on a small box that will appear on one side of the language that we have correctly selected and we finish by clicking on ‘OK’ .
  • Once this process is done, the new language will be attached to the list, so what we must do next is enter again to ‘Text Services/Input Languages’in the menu that was displayed on the screen, we choose the language that has already been installed .
  • When the language has been selected, double click on the option ´Apply´- ´Accept´- Regional and Language Settings-Apply-Accept. If we do this whole process following the steps mentioned above, the change will be made successfully.

So you can use the letter ñ on a keyboard that does not have it

You may think that if your keyboard does not include the letter ñ, entering it in the writing of a text that requires it will be quite complicated, but for your peace of mind, placing said letter in text is not as difficult as it seems, you just have to follow the instructions that we will give you below:

  • The first thing you should do is check that the numeric keys that are never missing from any keyboard even  the virtual keyboard on the Windows screen exist, make sure that they are activated since these will be necessary to carry out the following steps to enter the letter ñ.
  • Now proceed to press the ‘Alt’ key, keep it like this and then without releasing it press the numbers 1, 6 and then 4 in that order, this is the way to write the letter ñ in the text if you do not have that letter in the text keyboard.
  • In case you need to place the letter ñ but in uppercase in the text, what you should do is press the ‘Alt’ key again and without releasing it now press the numbers 1, 6, and 5 in this case and thus you will be able to introduce the uppercase Ñ


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