How to change the language in Windows 11

Here we explain how to change the language in Windows 11. In addition, we include all the languages ​​available in the operating system.

In this article you will find a complete guide on how to change the language in Windows 11 . If you have just installed the Microsoft system , but it is not in your language, what we tell you here interests you a lot.

Throughout the different sections included in this publication, it is shown, in addition to how to change the language in Windows 11 , how to modify the administrative language and how to switch between the different keyboard combinations. In addition, we attach a complete list with all the languages ​​that are available in the latest Windows update. We started!

Index of contents

  • How to change the language in Windows 11: all possible ways
    • Change the language in which apps are displayed
    • Change keyboard language in Windows 11
    • Change the administrative language of Windows 11
  • What languages ​​is Windows 11 available in?

How to change the language in Windows 11: all possible ways

To know how to change the language in Windows 11 completely, there are three methods that you should know. Then we give you all the steps so that you can modify the language of the system completely.

Change the language in which apps are displayed

If what you are looking for is to change the Windows 11 account language, what you should do is go to the configuration application. In the left side list, where all the settings sections are displayed, click  Time and language . So, take a look at the entries on the right side of the window. There you need to choose  Region and language .

How to change the language in Windows 11

By doing this you will have accessed the language options. In the Windows Display Language drop-down  , select your favorite language. Most likely, the language you are looking for is not among the options. Why? Because Windows 11 usually installs only one language pack during installation. Therefore, you will need to click on  Add language .

In the pop-up window, use the search engine to locate the language you want to add. Next to each of them you will see the functions that the package includes. In the case of widely used languages, such as Spanish or English, you will have additional features at your disposal such as voice recognition, text-to-speech or handwriting. When you’ve selected your language, tap  Next to skip to the next step.

Now is the time to select the parts of the package that you want to download. For a complete experience, get all the possible features. If you check the box  Set as the language to display Windows , when finished, the system will adopt the new language as the default. Use  Install to finish setup.

Wait for the package to download completely.

Use the Logout button  to apply the changes.

The next time you log in, your account will use the new language. If you still read certain parts of the system in the old language, restart the computer.

Change keyboard language in Windows 11

When adding a new package, a keyboard layout is also added. Changing this setting will cause the characters you type to not match the physical keys . Knowing how to change the keyboard layout is important in some cases. For example, you may want to use the system in English, but have a Spanish keyboard.

If so, go to the taskbar and click on  ESP (the text may vary depending on the settings applied). Then select the layout that suits your keyboard.

It is also possible to quickly switch between the different distributions with the shortcut Windows + Spacebar .

Change the administrative language of Windows 11

Up to this point we have already explained how to change the language of Windows 11 in your account and adapt the keyboard layout. However, you may have noticed that the lock screen and other items remain in the previous language.

To fix this, you are required to change the administrative language . Do this by opening the control panel and accessing  Clock and region .

Then click  Region and in the pop-up window, open the Administrative tab  . Then, click on  Copy settings .

Check the bottom two boxes and click  OK.

Windows 11 will copy your account’s language settings to the login screen, system accounts, and new user accounts.

What languages ​​is Windows 11 available in?

We have already explained how to change the language in Windows 11 . Now is the time to learn about all the languages ​​available in Windows 11. In addition to the main language, in some cases it is necessary to have a specific base package. This is the case of Catalan, Basque and Galician , co-official languages ​​in Spain. All of them require the Spanish (Spain) package previously installed to function correctly.

Idiom Base package required
Afrikaans English United States)
Albanian English United States)
Amharic English United States)
Arab Any language
Armenian English United States)
Assamese English United States)
Azerbaijani (Latin) English United States)
Bangla (Bangladesh) English United States)
Bangla (India) English United States)
Basque Spanish – Spain)
Belarusian Russian
Bosnian (Latin) English United States)
Bulgarian Any language
Catalan Spanish – Spain)
Central Kurdish (Arabic) English United States)
Cherokee (Cherokee) English United States)
Simplified Chinese Any language
Traditional Chinese Any language
Croatian Any language
Czech Any language
Danish Any language
Dari English United States)
Dutch Any language
English Any language
Estonian Any language
Philippine English United States)
Purposes Any language
French Any language
Galician Spanish – Spain)
Georgian English United States)
German Any language
Greek Any language
Gujarati English United States)
Hausa (Latin) English United States)
Hebrew Any language
Hindi English United States)
Hungarian Any language
Icelandic English United States)
Igbo English United States)
Indonesian English United States)
Irish English United States)
isiXhosa English United States)
isiZulu English United States)
Italian Any language
Japanese Any language
Kannada English United States)
Kazakh English United States)
Khmer English United States)
Quiche Spanish – Mexico)
Kinyarwanda English United States)
KiSuajili English United States)
Konkani English United States)
Korean Any language
Kyrgyz Russian
Latvian Any language
Lithuanian Any language
Luxembourgish French
Macedonian English United States)
Malay (Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore) English United States)
Malayalam English United States)
Maltese English United States)
Maori English United States)
Marathi English United States)
Mongolian (Cyrillic) English United States)
Nepali English United States)
Norwegian (Bokmål) Any language
Norwegian (Nynorsk) Norwegian (Bokmål)
Hates English United States)
Persian English United States)
Polish Any language
Portuguese (Brazil) Any language
Portuguese (Portugal) Any language
Punjabi English United States)
Punjabi (Arabic) English United States)
Quechua Spanish – Mexico)
Romanian Any language
Russian Any language
Scottish Gaelic English United States)
Serbian (Cyrillic, Bosnia-Herzegovina) English United States)
Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia) Serbian (Latin)
Serbian (Latin) Any language
Sesotho sa Leboa English United States)
Setswana (South Africa and Botswana) English United States)
Sindhi (Arabic) English United States)
Sinhala English United States)
Slovak Any language
Slovenian Any language
Spanish Any language
Swedish Any language
Tajik (Cyrillic) Russian
Tamil (India and Sri Lanka) English United States)
Tartar Russian
Telugu English United States)
Thai Any language
Tigrinya (Ethiopia) English United States)
Turkish Any language
Turkmen Russian
Ukrainian Any language
Urdu English United States)
Uigur Simplified Chinese (China)
Uzbek (Latin) English United States)
Valencian Spanish – Spain)
Vietnamese English United States)
Welsh English United States)
Wolof French
Yoruba English United States)

And you, do you use any additional language in addition to your mother tongue? Let us know in the comments. We read you!


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