Why is Cortana in Windows 10 not allowing typing

Artificial intelligence is proof of how advanced technology is currently becoming . More and more spaces are offering this tool and for many it turns out to be quite useful. Therefore, it tries as much as possible to improve its guarantee and achieve a better service.

Fortunately, Windows 10 has in its functions to activate Cortana , a virtual assistant that by voice command helps the user to attend to the needs they have. Cortana offers several features that guarantee a decent service, however there are cases where problems occur when using it.

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  1. What is the reason why Cortana stopped working on your Windows 10 PC?
  2. How can you fix your computer so that Cortana works normally?
    1. restart your computer
    2. Repair and optimize system services
    3. Repair the packages that are used when starting the PC

What is the reason why Cortana stopped working on your Windows 10 PC?

The Cortana service has a wide variety of tasks , each one seeking the benefit of users. Even so, it is very common to present problems in this . And although there may be several reasons for the failure, the main reasons are found in the Cortana settings.

Settings settings are very important when using Windows artificial intelligence , as microphone usage, privacy, and updates to new versions of Cortana are managed there. If these aspects are neglected, the Cortana service will be prevented from being achieved correctly.

How can you fix your computer so that Cortana works normally?

In the different cases where Cortana fails, these are usually not very serious and can be fixed easily and quickly . Therefore, if you need to solve one or more problems that may arise in the virtual assistant, it is essential to try the following alternatives:

  • Check if the microphone works properly.
  • Confirm privacy settings.
  • Update Cortana ( in case a new version is available).
  • Set the region and language.

On the other hand, if the virtual assistant still does not have any improvement, there is no need to worry as there are even more ways to fix Cortana easily . If there is a case where you cannot write to Cortana, the solution is to do the following steps in the corresponding order:

  • First you must go to the start and enter settings.
  • Then you must click on applications.
  • Now you must write in the search engine ‘Cortana’.
  • Press the icon and then click on ‘Advanced options’.
  • Look for the ‘repair’ option, click it and that’s it.

restart your computer

The problem that can arise with Cortana, can not necessarily go through failures in this service, there is also the case that the problem is in the computer and in your system. To rule this out, it is necessary to restart the computer , so that the system resumes and everything continues to function normally.

Repair and optimize system services

In order to run the virtual assistant Cortana correctly, it is of the utmost importance to have good performance in the Windows 10 operating system. And although this is recognized for being a very complete and functional one, the truth is that the situation arises where it is necessary to fix the system to take full advantage of its functions.

Doing this will not only fix the problem with Cortana but also improve the performance of the operating system. For this, it is recommended to update the system and the drivers (if they are available). With this, the team will be up to date with its functions and can work more optimally.

Viruses and malware are harmful programs that cause endless problems within an operating system. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to eliminate them , using an antivirus such as Windows Defender and doing a complete scan of the system, so that it eliminates viruses and malware and can have the most protected computer.

Repair the packages that are used when starting the PC

If using the above methods Cortana still shows errors, there is the alternative of disabling unnecessary programs and packages from startup. Many of these programs that appear at Windows startup slow down PC performance, so you need to do the following:

  • Go to task manager.
  • Click on the ‘start’ tab.
  • Select and disable unnecessary programs.
  • Restart the computer after making the changes.


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