Why is Cortana not letting you write about it and how to fix it in Windows 10?

The most recent Windows 10 offering to its users is the wonderful artificial intelligence “Cortana” , a virtual assistant that allows you to search for information, take notes, download programs and even write e-mails with the voice command.

However, although it has incredible functions, this does not mean that it is free from flaws. That is why here we explain how to solve when you do not let write . Next we will tell you how you can do it.

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  1. Why is your computer not able to write on Cortana?
  2. How can you solve this problem in the operation of your computer?
    1. Restarting your PC
    2. Repairing and optimizing Windows 10 system services
    3. Repairing the autostart packages when you start your computer

Why is your computer not able to write on Cortana?

Cortana has different functions that are perfect to make life easier for its users with an easy configuration to do, however, it can fail.

To find the cause of your problem you must go to the program settings , if at the time of installation there was an error in the configuration, it must be the cause of your problems.

And if you are still worried that some of your data falls into the wrong hands, in Cortana you can always delete personal data or any information .

How can you solve this problem in the operation of your computer?

When Cortana shows problems, they are generally easy to solve , we will give you many options so that you can solve this problem.

First, you must take care of reviewing the hardware you use, if your microphone does not present failures, you can update the program if there is a new version, in this case always check the privacy settings, region and language.

These are points that usually go unnoticed, but may be the cause of the problem, however, if the failure continues you can go to the system startup , enter settings, locate Cortana and access its advanced options, in this menu we select repair and that’s it. .

If, despite reaching this point, the failure in Cortana continues, don’t worry, we have other options that will be of great help:

Restarting your PC

Sometimes the problem is not within the program, so perhaps the failure of Cortana is related to some problem with your computer; the best option in these cases is to restart the system , after the system starts again everything will work perfectly.

Repairing and optimizing Windows 10 system services

If you want to be able to run your Cortana virtual assistant perfectly, remember that your operating system must be Windows 10 and have a totally optimal performance . Sometimes you must apply some fixes to the system so that you can take advantage of it 100%, and enjoy all the programs that you have installed without problems.

To improve the functions and performance of the system, what is recommended is to update both the drivers and the system itself, check which updates are available; This way you will be able to optimize your equipment to the maximum, in addition to using your Cortana virtual assistant without problems, making the most of its functions.

It is also important that your computer is completely protected against viruses and malware , remember that as technology advances for the better, it also does it for the worse. That is why we recommend that you keep your antivirus up to date and updated at all times, thus avoiding possible infectious attacks that affect the operation of your programs.

Repairing the autostart packages when you start your computer

We have offered you several solutions, but if Cortana still won’t let you write about it, we give you another option on how to fix it in Windows 10. An alternative that can help you is to disable packages or programs that you don’t need at startup .

Doing this will increase the performance of your computer, since many programs appear on your startup, causing the system startup process to be slower and slower.

It is very easy, you just have to go to the task manager, to click on the Start option, then you must select and disable the programs you don’t need . Do not forget that for the changes to be saved you must restart the computer.

All the options that we gave you in this article will not only help you solve your problems with Cortana, you can also use them to maintain your computer and optimize it to the maximum, take advantage of all these options so that your PC works perfectly.


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