How to buy gold in Imperia Online

In this guide to the game Empire Online, we will tell you about different ways to win gold. We will also indicate the most profitable ways to spend it.

Empire Gold Online is an exchange currency in the kingdoms of Empire Online. It is needed both for trade operations and for the maintenance of your armies.

To study some of the research that exists in Empire Online, among other resources, you also need gold. A player who knows how to mine gold will always have an advantage over the rest, because he can cover his expenses, and this only contributes to the development of the empire’s economy.

During the training, you learned how to set the gold tax in the current province of your empire. It only applies to the working population that is in mines. You should take this into account and try to hire as many workers as possible in the mines who will produce the resource.

Let’s start with the tax screen. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. A window will appear where you can choose which tax to set in each of the provinces. The system allows you to choose a flat tax that is optimal for each province, taking into account the impact on the happiness of your subjects.

If you want to get more gold from taxes, then it is good to invest it in buildings that increase happiness in the empire – the university, temples and fortresses. Thus, you can raise taxes in some provinces, and the level of happiness remains positive.

Remember – the university, temples and fortresses increase happiness in the empire.

The acquired gold always remains in the capital, despite the fact that you see it in the list with resources in each province. When choosing a suitable capital for your province, this fact must be taken into account.

Fenced mountain provinces with strong fortresses and solid garrisons are preferable to outer provinces with flat terrain.

Remember that gold is very valuable especially for aggressive and military-oriented players. Therefore, if you do not protect it, it can be taken away from you.

Always try to build all the levels of the fortress reserve found in the “fortresses” tab in the city center. This building will keep some of your gold along with the rest of the resources, even if other players successfully plunder your empire.

As your empire develops, you can start learning banking. This study allows not only to take out a loan from a bank, but also to automatically charge interest on gold.

Each level after the fourth adds one percent to the gold stored in the treasury for every 24 hours. The maximum amount of gold on which interest can be accrued is 30 million. This is limited by the maximum capacity of your fortress. That is, if the treasury is full, you will not receive gold from either interest or taxes until you expand your fortress or until you spend some of the gold to make space.

One of the methods to get gold is to sell resources in the market. Market prices are determined by the players in the kingdom in which you play. Know that you have to pay a publication fee and trade commission for every offer you put on the market. This means that some of your gold will be irretrievably lost. If no one buys your resource within 48 hours, then it is returned to the province from which it was exhibited.

To trade the market, select the resource to sell and then the quantity. The system will calculate the commission and the fee that will be taken from you during the publication of the offer. After that, it rises after the rest of the players’ suggestions. If your proposal is one of the top five, then it will be published within 10 to 60 minutes.

Another option for selling resources for gold is the imperial merchant – he takes exactly 5 diamonds from you. You don’t need to wait 48 hours – the system sells your resource instantly at the average market price.

Gold can also be used to buy resources. Select the “buy” tab in the market window, then the resource you want to buy and the quantity. When buying resources on the market, gold is automatically deducted from your account.

Different batches of a resource that players sell have different prices. If you do not have gold, or it is negative, you will not be able to buy the resource in the market.

Gold is the only resource in the game that you can send to your allies. To do this, you must have a freight station, wagons, and at least one annexed province.

Click on the game station and select the “gold transfer” tab. Choose an ally and send gold to his empire. The amount of gold you can send is limited. There is also a transfer fee.

Gold in Empire Online is spent on a few specific things. First, it is the maintenance of the army. From the moment a military unit is mobilized, it generates gold upkeep, except when garrisoned. The stronger the unit, the more expensive it is to maintain. This content increases during missions.

Be aware that at some point your gold can turn negative – this happens when the expense is greater than the profit. When this happens, you will not be able to build buildings, research technologies, send an army or buy resources from the market.

Hover your cursor over the gold icon in the upper right corner of the screen to view profit and cost information for your empire, and do whatever is necessary to get rid of negative gold balance.

This concludes the guide to purchasing gold in the game Empire Online. A profitable game for you!


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