How to apply gold effect on images in Photoshop CS6

In Photoshop there are several ways to add the golden effect on the images , you must bear in mind that this type of effects can be applied on any type of image, be it animals, people, objects and even on a predetermined text.

Photo editing through Photoshop is something that is increasingly used both for large advertisements and for people who love photography, it is a world where you can create whatever you imagine and you can even add or add effects to nature. among one of the best known we can find the realistic water reflection effect .

Not only that, thanks to the wonders of photo editing we can decide who we want in our images and even if we want to alter our physical appearance since we can change the color of the eyes and more, just let your imagination fly.

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  1. This is how the image is prepared to apply gold color
    1. Image duplication
    2. Rasterized Layer
  2. This way you can create a metallic effect in Photoshop CS6
    1. Adjusting to black and white
    2. Inverting image
    3. Combine layers
  3. What is the way to apply the gold color to a metallic layer?
  4. These are the steps to apply gold color on the necessary parts
    1. Layer group
    2. Layer mask
    3. Brush tool
    4. Adjusting curves

This is how the image is prepared to apply gold color

To apply the golden color on an image, the first thing you need to do is prepare it to be able to add the golden color , for this you just have to follow the following steps:

Image duplication

The image duplication is the first thing you must do, it should be noted that this duplicate is of the original image in which we are going to work, for this you must place yourself on the image layer and you must press Ctrl / cmd + J.

Rasterized Layer

Then you must rasterize the image that you have already duplicated, to achieve this you have to:

  • Select duplicate layer
  • You must right click on the duplicate layer
  • Finally proceed to Rasterize the layer

This way you can create a metallic effect in Photoshop CS6

To achieve this effect in our images we must use the filters offered by Photoshop CS6 or CC 2017 , with these filters we can modify our image, until we achieve the texture we want.

An interesting fact is that once you have this effect, you can save it as a texture template and thus use it in new projects.

To achieve the metallic effect in an image, you must follow the following steps:

Adjusting to black and white

The first step you must take to achieve the metallic effect is to adjust the color of the image, for this you must:

  • Create a new layer, which you must color in a tonality where a gray scaleshould
  • Then you must add a filter, the most recommended to achieve the metallic effect is the Noise filter ,when selecting it you must choose the uniform and Monochrome options.
  • The next step is to graduate the filter percentage and then select Monochrome again.
  • To achieve the right tone, the next step is to select a new filter, the most suitable one is Motion Blur.
  • Once the Motion Blur filter is applied, you will notice that the center of the image has a different appearance than the edges of the image, so that it looks all the same you must stretch the image so that it is all uniform.
  • The last step, if you want you can add some detailsso that the metallic effect looks more realistic .

Inverting image

To invert the image you must:

  • The first thing you should do is select the imageyou want to edit.
  • Once you have the image selected, you must toggle the Flip the image options to achieve the result you want.
  • Generally, the programs that we download from the Photoshop page , have tools,which you can use to obtain better results when editing your images.

Flipping or rotating an image in Photoshop is very simple to do, you do n’t have to be a professional to use a photo editing program.

Combine layers

Layers in image editing help to create a more attractive composition of each image , not to mention that the layers allow the editor to alternate with the elements of each one.

If you have too many layers in the same image, it is best to combine them as a group so that you can handle them better. Layers can be grouped as follows:

  • You can combine them through the options menu.
  • Link the layers without combining them
  • Use the technique of combining several layers into one
  • You can link the layers, this way you can edit and move them but they will never be grouped into one

What is the way to apply the gold color to a metallic layer?

It is very simple, you must use a gradient that goes from yellow to black , but you can also play with the colors you have, in this way a shade of different golds will be achieved.

  • The first thing you should do is select the image layer with the metal texture.
  • Then a Gradient Map adjustment layer needs to be created
  • In this part it is important to adjust the color of the Gradient Map layer, these adjustments must be made in the properties section.
  • Finally, a dark yellow (c99c28)must be selected as the first option and the second color must be black. Both colors must have 100% opacity.

These are the steps to apply gold color on the necessary parts

With the previous procedure, we managed to give it a golden color, but if we notice the image well we can see that the golden color is on the entire image, now what we will do is adjust so that the color is only in the necessary parts.

Layer group

The first thing you should do is with the right click, we create a group from layers , once the group is created you must select it.

Layer mask

Then a layer mask must be created, which must be inverted, to achieve this you must position yourself on the mask and press Ctrl / cmd + I, or if you prefer, select the Image option , Adjustments and Invert.

Brush tool

At this point we must select the brush tool, then you must place the white color in front and the black color in the background.

We proceed to paint on the mask with the white color and then color with the gold color, the black color from the front, in this way we cover the errors, if there are any.

We must paint all the parts we want with the golden effect, you must do it very calmly and have time to do it , in order to obtain an excellent result.

Adjusting curves

Finally we must create a layer of curves adjustments, to do so we must right click on the Curves layer, then select the option. Create clipping mask, and adjust the curve to darken and lighten the parts of our image that we want .


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