Warframe Loki Build

In this Warframe article, we’re going to take a look at the Loki build that will appeal to chippers in the first place!

You can knock out Loki on Neptune, in the Assassination mission, the target is Hyena. The drawing can be bought in the store for 35 thousand.

The main idea behind this build is to stay invisible all the time. That is, in fact, you will be immortal, and the enemies will never attack you!

For this build, I used three forms and two skills:

Decoy – creates a holographic copy of Loki, which enemies will aggro at. The skill is good, but it has a drawback – high-level enemies will destroy the bait in a second.

Invisibility is Loki’s main skill and should always be used in this build. In fact, you will be permanently in inviz. In order to be invisible for a long time, you need mods for duration:

Loki build

Duration – this mod, at maximum swing, adds 30% to the duration of the ability.

Constitution – gives a quick rise from feet (40%) and ability duration (28%). Drops on Nightmares – easy to knock out.

Simplified thinking is a rare mod, difficult to knock it out. Given as a reward for capturing an artifact in the Ruins. It has both positive and negative properties. Gives plus to the duration of the ability and minus to the area of ​​effect. But in this case, the affected area of ​​the ability is not important. Although this module is very expensive to swing, I advise you to swing it at least halfway.

Since Loki is the fastest warframe, you need to give him this ability by taking the Haste module , which adds 30% to the sprint speed.

Well, by the standard, let’s take Stream , which increases the amount of energy by 150%, Streamline , which reduces energy consumption by 30%, Redirection , which increases the power of the shield by 440%, and Vitality , which increases health by 440% at maximum swing.

Now let’s talk about Loki ‘s helmet . For this configuration, it is advisable to use a helmet such as Essence . This helmet lowers the cost of the ability, that is, it gives energy efficiency, but reduces armor. But the decrease in armor is not critical for you, since there is so little of it, and you will constantly arrive in inviz.

Loki’s weapons in this build can be used with any, except for melee weapons – it is desirable to take it more powerful, for example – Hatred , because Loki in battle inflicts critical damage with melee weapons almost always.

You can also take any guard for Loki , since you will be in invisibility, and he will also be in invisibility and will not attack anyone.

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