How to get free gold in Clash Royale

It’s been a long time since we talked about Clash Royale, the real-time action card game based on the characters from Clash of Clans. Well, today we will show you a very simple trick to get free gold to spend in the game in the store or to improve our cards. So, keep reading this article to get free gold in Clash Royale.

Gold in Clash Royale is one of the basic resources to be able to advance our game and our account. With gold we can improve our cards to level them up, we can also buy cards in the store and we can exchange them for gems, another of the most powerful resources in the game.

Next, we will show you the different ways that exist in Clash Royale to get free gold, as there are several very simple possible ways, but in all of them you will have to invest some time and effort to win battles and chests.

How to join Clash Royale tournaments

Daily store deals

The Clash Royale store has offers that are renewed every day, one of them is always free , and you may be lucky and it is gold, so you can get it quite easily, but you should know that it will never be a very large amount , so you won’t be able to get a lot of gold with this method. We recommend that even if you don’t play every day, at least make one visit to the store every 24 hours to get free rewards.

Pass Royale rewards

The seasons came to Clash Royale a long time ago, and with this we can enjoy free rewards according to the crowns we earn, since you can advance a level every 10 crowns won, so you can get a large amount of gold with this method , in the If you invest real money in the Pass Royale you will also have much more gold available to claim.

Victory Chests

When you win a battle in Clash Royale you always get a chest that can be of different style , but they all have one thing in common, they always give gold, so we can get a large amount of gold in them. The chests that give the most gold are the giant chests, being able to offer amounts of up to 2,000 gold coins, although as we said, all the chests offer gold, so if you win battles you will have chests and therefore you will have gold.

Events (edit)

The weekly and monthly events can make you win a lot of gold for free , but you must reach the highest levels in order to get the maximum rewards. All events award cards and gold so you can have a lot of gold if you win the events and tournaments. Also if you have enough gold you can also organize your own tournaments and even win them to get gold.

Battle of Gold Rush

When we finish a battle we always get a small amount of gold , but there are times when the gold rush event is activated in which when we destroy enemy towers we get much more additional gold in each game, so it is a good opportunity to be able to get more free gold, up to more than 1,000 per battle, although its duration is limited and it is reduced to a maximum profit.

Earn gold by going up from Arena

The Clash Royale Arenas have a dynamic advance, this means that as we win cups we can raise the level of our Arena we can get many rewards, one of them is gold, we can also get a lot of gold with this method. The only downside is that we will have to win many battles to be able to level up and Arena. Each battle will give us cups and those cups will allow us to ascend in the Arena to be able to obtain the chests.

Earn gold by leveling up

This is one of the most expensive methods to achieve, leveling up in Clash Royale is one of the tasks that takes the longest . In order to level up we can only do it by improving cards, which offer us some experience and thus we can level up. As we increase our level, the experience requirements for the next one are much higher, so we will have to raise the level cards many times more.

Donating letters to your allies

The clans of Clash Royale are made up of up to 50 members, in the clans you can ask for cards so that your companions help you reach the level necessary to be able to promote your card, but you can also donate yourself, and by donating cards you can get gold , depending on of the type of card that you donate you will be able to obtain a different amount of gold.

Spend gems to get gold

Although this method is not free, as you play you can obtain gems, which is one of the most powerful resources in the game, with the gems we can buy more gold or packs of cards and reactions to show in the games. Gems cost real money, but you can also get them for free with chests and some in-game events.

These are the available methods that you have to be able to get free gold in Clash Royale , as they are the basic ways to do so. It is true that the more you play, the more gold you can get and also as we mentioned before, if you buy in a pass, you can get much more gold for little money, but that is up to you.


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