How to beat Battle of Moon Baboon Boss in It Takes Two

While It Takes Two has quite a few platforming and you and your partner will need to figure it out together, there are plenty of tough boss fights throughout the game as well. A boss who will surely put your worth to the test. It’s the Moon Baboon in the third. game chapter. Here’s everything you need to know how to defeat the moon baboon in It Takes Two.

Immediately after Cody and May learn of Rose’s well-being through the Laughter Tracker and Worry Watcher, they will be transported to a new room with a circular platform. Shortly after the moon baboon appears.

How to beat Battle of Moon Baboon Boss in It Takes Two

As soon as Moon Baboon appears, she aims her laser beam at May. To avoid this, May has to launch herself in a wide circle by pressing X on Xbox and Square on PlayStation.

While May distracts him, Cody must find the circle with a red square border that is lit up and stand on it. When it does, a container will rise under it.

When he does, May must direct Moon Baboon’s beam towards the container path. This will destroy it and harm your health.

After doing this for the first time, a sloth ring will explode from the ground and Moon Baboon will begin firing his Graviton Purge attacks. Both are pretty easy to avoid when time is reduced.

Moon Baboon focuses on Cody in the next round, so just switch roles and repeat the same process. The third time this happens during this phase, it returns in May.

When this happens, May will have to scale a wall just behind the cylinder, since this time it is higher. When the lightning hits him this time, Moon Baboon’s ship will crash.

Race to the ship with May and Cody, make Cody grow up, then press Y on Xbox and Triangle on PlayStation for him to take the ship. May will then remove the lazer to begin the next phase.

The rockets will now follow May and Cody, but will soon run out of fuel after being fired, stopping on the ground. Both characters can ride downed rockets and fly them directly into Moon Baboon’s ship.

Eventually it will drop it again. Instead of getting fat this time, Cody has to shrink and go through the hatch at the rear right of the ship. This sends you to a completely new area, prompting you to press the eject button.

Inside, you will have to time your platform to avoid electrical traps, rotating platforms, smashing traps, and more lazer. As Cody navigates all of this, May also has to avoid bumps on the ship’s floor and lazers by circling the ground.

Cody will eventually hit an eject button that he will have to polish and hammer. Once it hits him, the boss battle will be over.

And that’s all you need to know about how to defeat the moon baboon in It Takes Two. If you’re still looking for information on the game, head over to our wiki or check out our coverage in more detail below.


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