How to beat Gunkin Fisher Boss in Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus pits you against various monstrous enemies known as the Others. The Other Elders are creatures that have killed soldiers before and are tough bosses. Gunkin Fisher is one of those other greats. Here’s how to beat Gunkin Fisher’s boss as Yuito in Scarlet Nexus .

How to beat Gunkin Fisher Boss in Scarlet Nexus

Gunkin Fisher is like Gunkin Perry’s annoying cousin. It’s more mobile and has a few more tricks up its sleeve that will make you rethink your strategy multiple times. But in the end, the approach here is almost the same.

The two are similar, right down to the design. He even has oil on his back, just like Gunkin Perry. Avoid the oil like in the Gunkin Perry boss fight because again this will keep you from dodging it if you get soaked in it. Most of his attacks are the same as Gunkin Perry’s, including melee punches, jumps, and oil shots.

Finally, Gunkin Fisher will hang from the ceiling. It will drop some oil-based fish that will fall on you, so be sure to keep moving at this point. Jump and dodge to avoid the little fish until Gunkin Fisher stops. Once it stops moving, it will use a hose to spray oil in a straight stream, so keep moving to avoid it. Once this move is complete, it is your chance to fight back.

Use your special Psychokinesis Roll to knock him off the ceiling and drastically reduce his crush gauge by attacking his newly exposed organ on his back. Look to perform Brain Crush attacks to do higher damage once the crush gauge is empty, and try repeating this process until you defeat him.

Offensively, attack with Hanabi’s Pyrokinesis to ignite the Burning Other for additional damage. Use the other three SAS abilities on the defensive: Gemma’s sclerokinesis to negate damage and Tsugumi’s clairvoyance mixed with Luka’s teleportation to reduce the distance while dodging attacks and counterattacks.

Also use your own psychokinesis to hurl debris into the oil tank on the Other’s back. You can also get to the oil tank by pressing A + X on Xbox or X + Square on PlayStation to start an aerial combo that will hit that big weak spot while on the ground.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat Gunkin Fisher Boss Battle as Yuito in Scarlet Nexus . For more tips, tricks, and other general information, check out our wiki guide for the game.


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