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The latest action RPG from developer miHoYo has quite a deep and complicated leveling system that requires you to regularly mine all kinds of resources. Here’s where to find Wolfhooks in Genshin Impact .

Obtain Wolfhooks in Genshin Impact

Hooks are a purple fruit that can be found in Mondstadt, and they are also counted as one of the Mondstadt specialties that you can collect each week to progress in your Battle Pass. While not normally used in any of the game’s cooking recipes, you do need a bit if you’re using Razor in your party and want to level up.

To level up Razor and level up, you’ll need tons of Wolfhooks, in addition to the Electro Hypostasis drops. The good news is that Wolfhooks are one of the easiest resources to farm in this game, as they are mostly centered around the Wolvendom area in Mondstadt.

We’ve included a screenshot of the map of their locations below, courtesy of the Genshin Impact interactive map:

All you need to do is teleport to Wolvendom’s fast travel point and follow the path to the wolf boss arena. Make sure to check the wooded areas on the side of the road and also check behind the bushes for the hooks. Once you hit the arena, flip it over to find even more scattered.

If you upgrade characters like Fischl or Diluc, you can also grab some little lamp herbs along the way. These are some ascension materials that you will need for these characters, so there is nothing wrong with picking them up along the way.

This is all you need to know where to find Wolfhooks in Genshin Impact . Be sure to check out our wiki guide for more tips and information on games.


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