Monster Hunter Rise: Frenzy Mission Guide

If you are already playing Monster Hunter Rise , we have a question for you: what do you think of the Frenzy (Rampage) missions? This new game mode, which reminds us of the ‘tower defense’ genre, has been quite polarizing. Based on the opinions we found, many players loved it and consider that it respects the saga’s DNA, but others hate it and try to avoid it.

As you could read in our review , we really liked the Frenzy missions, but only in multiplayer. We think they can be a bit boring alone. But it’s not just that. This activity plays a very important role in the progression of the game and it is thanks to the Frenzy that we get the materials to forge and improve the most interesting weapons. In fact, ‘endgame’ activities are highly dependent on these missions.

That’s why we’ve decided to create this Monster Hunter Rise Frenzy Mission Guide . Although we will explain what this game mode consists of, we are not going to focus on the details that are already well explained by Master Utsushi during the tutorial. Also, part of the fun is that each group of players form their own strategy according to their team. We are going to talk mainly about the rewards and the reasons why it is worth spending time on this modality .

But first, and in case you are not sure …

What are Frenzy missions?

In this special type of missions that we find in Monster Hunter Rise we have to face several hordes of monsters that attack the Kamura Village. Our goal is not to kill them, but to drive them away. To achieve this, we not only fight with our usual weapons, but we can put facilities such as ballistae, cannons and rapid-fire cannons around the battlefield to combat them.

During each mission, we can raise the level of the fortress to unlock new facilities, boost our attacks and obtain other advantages. Monsters will behave differently depending on the icon we see on them. All of this is explained by Master Utsushi in-game during the village’s ‘Frenzy Is Coming’ quest and we don’t need to delve into it.

If we follow the story of the game, we only have to participate in three Frenzy: the mission of the village that serves as a tutorial (single player) and two more in the meeting room (multiplayer).

But if we want to get the most out of the game and get the best possible equipment, we must participate in many optional Frenzy missions.

The rank and rewards of the Frenzy missions

At the end of each of these missions we will be graded with a rank. The older it is, the more and better rewards we will receive that will help us to forge the weapons of frenzy and equip them with skills.

To get the best possible rank, we must complete the subtasks that are randomly assigned to us at the beginning of the mission and level up the fortress. These sub-tasks are quite varied and can consist of driving away a certain amount of monsters using specific facilities, not falling in battle or picking up a defined number of objects from the ground, among other things.

Some of these may be more difficult to accomplish than others, depending on the equipment we use. For example, affecting a certain amount of monsters with altered states can only be achieved if we have weapons, objects or a comrade that are capable of this. Some facilities, like the cannon, have types of shots that can also help. It’s a good idea to create a strategy that allows us to accomplish as many subtasks as possible.

Once the main monster of the Frenzy is defeated and we have our rank, we can claim the rewards. Among them we will find several Defender Coupons , which are accompanied by numbers from 1 to 9.

How to achieve S + Rank in Frenzy missions

To get as many Defender Coupon as possible, especially Defender Coupon 9, you must achieve the highest possible rank or qualification.

The rank depends on a hidden point system. If you know English, we highly recommend that you watch this video .

If not, we are going to summarize the most important for you. They must meet the following objectives:

  • Defend the final door (the less damage it suffers, the more points we will have)
  • Defeat the boss of the mission
  • Lose less than three lives
  • Raise the level of the fortress as much as possible.

Fulfilling the subtasks that we are assigned at the beginning of the missions also gives us points to achieve the S + rank. The lower the subtask is on the initial list, the more points it will give for accomplishing it.

How to forge, upgrade and customize weapons of frenzy with abilities?

With various Defender Coupons and other materials, not necessarily obtained from Frenzy missions, we can forge the most special weapons in Monster Hunter Rise .

Frenzy weapons are basically a ‘build your own weapon’ system. This special equipment has several mechanical and aesthetic customization options. It is a system inspired by the weapons of Safi’jiiva from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne , but without elements left to chance.

Once we forge a frenzy weapon, we can add certain special abilities to it through the Frenzy Upgrades option , which we find when talking to one of the blacksmiths. It is true that almost every other weapon in the game allows you to add one of these abilities, but only the Frenzy weapons allow you to add multiple. Among these are skills only available to them.

As we complete higher-level Frenzy missions and upgrade these types of weapons, we have access to more and better abilities, which we can exchange at any time. In this way we can create a weapon with attack, defense bonuses and elemental and state attacks to our liking. Thanks to this flexibility, we can create really powerful weapons with unique options. Some members of the game community, such as Gaijin Hunter, especially recommend the Fully Enhanced Cleat of Frenzy , which heals the entire team with great ease.

But that is not all. We can also change the color in the submenu of the forge Frenzy weapon color .

Starting with update 3.0 , we can also use materials to change the physical appearance of frenzy weapons, not just their color. In order to do so, we must first improve it to the maximum.

The Talismans and the Maxifusionador in Monster Hunter Rise

The Defender Coupon that we obtain in the Frenzy missions has another use: the creation of Talismans in the Maxifusionador. We can access this option by talking to the seller who is in Kamura in front of Hinoa. There we can use objects to create Talismans that we can equip to obtain or improve abilities.

We can use practically any monster part in the fusions, but the Defender Coupons are the most valuable to create Talismans through the different options they offer us:

  • Reflective puddle
  • Mist
  • Moonbow
  • Mysterious blade
  • Renaissance fusion

In the first two, we have a small percentage of obtaining a Talisman with the chosen ability. The following options require that we also ‘sacrifice’ the Talismans that we do not need to obtain others of higher level, although we never know for sure what abilities we will obtain when performing the fusion.

Apex monsters in Frenzy missions

In addition to special weapons, there are monsters that we can only face in Frenzy missions. If we want to obtain the parts of these monsters to forge special equipment, we have no choice but to participate in them.

Among these creatures are ‘Apex’ variants of known monsters. These are more powerful and have new moves that we don’t see normal monsters perform.

These are the Apex monsters that we can find in the Fenesi missions in Monster Hunter Rise at the moment:

  • Apex Arzuros
  • Apex Rathian
  • Apex mizutsune
  • Wind ibushi
  • Apex Rathalos (after update 2.0)
  • Apex Diablos (after update 2.0)
  • Apex Zinogre (after 3.0 update)

After update 2.0, we can find the Apex versions in normal missions.

Some tips for the Frenzy missions in Monster Hunter Rise

Here are some tips that can be helpful when playing games.

  • Felyne comrades, especially those with combat skills, traps, and handling explosives, are far more useful during the Frenzy than canyne.
  • Ballistae, cannons, and other attack facilities work best in elevated areas. Kamura’s bamboo bombs, monster baits, and warriors should be placed on the ground level.
  • Many players forget to use the explosive kunai and elemental bomb barrels dropped by monsters. It’s a shame, because they are quite useful.
  • If they have the submission to create 20 facilities, they can create and remove the same facility multiple times while waiting for the first horde to quickly level up the fortress.
  • When you have the Monster Bait facility available, place it in front of the Dragon Slayer and activate it when as many monsters as possible are nearby. We can also take advantage of this moment to perform an explosive wyvern shot.
  • Only activate the warriors of Kamura when they have one or more monsters near the installation point so as not to waste their attacks.
  • If they face an apex monster, it is almost impossible to defeat it in the first area of ​​the fortress. Focus on putting facilities in the second zone as quickly as possible.
  • If you have a moment of respite between the arrival of monsters of the same horde, give the charging furnace a couple of shovels to speed up the rate at which the facilities reload.

We hope this information has been useful and encourages you to get the most out of Monster Hunter Rise . Stay tuned for future guides and articles on this title here on GamerFocus.

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