How to start Maude’s Bounty Hunter mission in GTA Online?

Here’s everything you need to do to solve Maude’s Bounty Hunter mission in GTA Online and where to find the 5 NPC targets to unlock the Stone Ax hidden weapon.

Daniel González ·1:22 PM 3/23/2021


  1. How to start Maude’s Bounty Hunter mission in GTA Online?
  2. Locations of 20 possible Bounty Hunter targets
  3. How to unlock the Stone Ax and win $ 250,000

The Stone Ax , also known as the Stone Hatchet or Tomahawk , is one of the special melee weapons that we can get in GTA Online through a mission that Rockstar added to multiplayer to promote the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 (similar to what happened with the Double Action Revolver ).

In this section of our guide we are going to tell you step by step how to activate Maude’s Bounty Hunter mission and where to find the objectives to be able to complete it and unlock the Stone Ax, in addition to winning up to $ 250,000 .


How to start Maude’s Bounty Hunter mission in GTA Online?

Maude’s Bounty Hunter mission was added to GTA Online via the After Hours update in July 2018 (not included in the PS3 and Xbox360 versions). This is the way to get started with the mission:

  • The mission starts randomly:while you are playing in GTA Online Free Mode (serve in a public or private session).
  • You willreceive an email at any time: from Maude Eccles proposing a job as a bounty hunter (she usually sends it to you within 5 minutes of starting a new session).
  • You just have to open your mobile:and access the mail menu to read the message.
  • About two minutes after reading the first message:Maude will send you another email with the mugshot of an NPC reward target to search for.

In total, Maude will send you to find a total of 5 NPC reward targets , but keep in mind that there is a list of 20 possible targets that will be random each time.

It should be added that if at any time you close your game session without having completed a bounty hunter mission, the mission will be suspended and the next time you enter to play you will receive an email with a different objective again (although the game maintains the general progress of the entire mission, for example; if you have already killed two objectives, it will continue to keep them as already eliminated).

Locations of 20 possible Bounty Hunter targets

As we mentioned, in the GTA Online Bounty Hunter mission, Maude will send you to find a total of 5 reward targets . Each time you are assigned a new objective, it will be random from a list of 20 possible and a search radius will appear on your map to go to (to make it more complicated; within the radii there are also 20 possible target locations ).

Here are some preliminary considerations about the mission:

  • Basically what you have to do is:go to the place where the NPC is and find him to kill him or force him to follow you to deliver him to Maude in the Grand Lady Desert.
  • Remember that if you deliver the targets:alive you will receive $ 10,000, while if you kill them you will only be paid $ 5,000.
  • In order not to kill the targets, you can:hit and hurt them with a low-damage weapon like a baton.
  • Pay attention:the sound of a wind chime that tells you how close you are to the target to more easily locate them.
  • You can also shoot into the air in the vicinity:to create a ruckus and have the target appear marked on your minimap, attempting to flee.
  • Focus on searching for the target in:the streets and in areas where there are normally civilians and pedestrians (since they are not in deserted places or areas of gang attack).

To help you find all the objectives, here are the 20 possible locations where the reward objectives are found (along with the 20 possible points within each area):

How to unlock the Stone Ax and win $ 250,000

When you have completed all 5 of Maude’s reward objectives, the woman will send you one last email indicating a hidden cache in which the chest with the final reward is located : the Stone Ax. The location of this chest is random for each player, but don’t worry because it will be indicated with its icon on your map.

Just go to the place of the chest and finally collect the Stone Ax , which will be yours forever. From now on, you can do one more thing …

Additionally, you will receive a notification on the screen that tells you that if you manage to kill 25 players or melee NPCs with the Stone Ax you will get these two prizes:

  • A GTA $ reward:a total of $ 250,000 .
  • A variant of the Stone Ax –for Red Dead Redemption 2 (you have to log in with your linked Social Club account to get it).

These melee kills with the Stone Ax can be done in both PvP and PvE and in missions where you can use weapons. In addition, when killing with this ax, the special ability Massacre will be activated for a few moments, which reduces the damage received and accelerates the regeneration of health.

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