Walkthrough King’s Bounty 2

Detailed guide to all Walkthrough King’s Bounty 2 story and side quests

At the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose one of three characters:

  • Aivar is a warrior. He has no magical knowledge at all, and due to his high combat skills, the troops under Aivar’s control have the best combat characteristics. Other talents: +3 to military affairs, + 10% experience for victorious battles, the penalty for the morale of a unit with the ideal of Strength is reduced by 1, an increase in the damage of an allied unit by 5% for each wounded soldier in this unit.
  • Katarinais a powerful sorceress who ignores military affairs. Uses the most powerful spells in battle. Other talents: learns spells from the school of Air, Earth, Ice and Fire from scrolls, the morale penalty of a squad with the ideal of Mastery is reduced by 1, when dealing damage, an allied squad has a 25% chance to remove a random positive effect from the enemy and apply it on itself.
  • Paladin Elsais a born leader with little magic ability without knowledge of military affairs. With its help, you will quickly collect troops of the maximum number. Other talents: learns spells of the school of Life and Light from scrolls, the penalty for the morale of the unit with the ideal of Order is reduced by 1, +5 to the armor of all allied units in the first round, +5 to the resistance of all allied units in the first round.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

The talents listed in the description are just a small part of what you can unlock as you play. In general, it is clear here that Aivar is a hero with powerful military knowledge that is transferred to the squad, Katarina is a magician using powerful spells, and Elsa is a leader who will allow you to collect the most numerous squads and apply various buffs to them.

Table of Contents

The road to Marcellus

Get out of the dungeon

After the introductory video, you will receive the first task. Move along the corridor and chat with Bastian. Get things from the chest behind the bars on the right. The character automatically equips leather armor. Go outside, go up the stairs on the left and talk to Walbert. You can read a book near Walbert. After that, you will learn about the merchants that can be found in the game:

  • A recruitermarked with a helmet and two swords icon allows you to recruit soldiers into the army.
  • An equipment merchant(symbol of “armor”) sells armor and weapons for warriors.
  • A merchant of magic items(symbol of the “four-pointed stars”) sells scrolls and equipment for magicians.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Go outside, talk to the equipment merchant twice to buy a crossbow. From Decimus, the recruiter, you can and should hire a full army of dogs – all three. For more, you simply do not have enough leadership. Go a little further and talk to the groom to complete the mission.

Ruins of a New Hope

At the exit from the fortress, you will find a travel stele. These objects are used to quickly travel around the game world. Soon you will meet the first opponents. Please note that during the battle in each collision, both the attacking and the defending side deal damage. Before the start of the battle, you can choose the formation for your units.

Note . After the fight, you can hold down the H key to heal all your fighters. That is, if out of three dogs two died, they will be reborn as a result of healing.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

After the victory, explore the village of New Tyren. There are many hiding places here. Among other things, you can pick up the left and right hands of the statue in the center of the village. The left one lies right next to her, and the right one is on the bench of a building nearby. Place both hands, raise your right and open a cache of loot. Behind the village on the left is the Ancient Legend monument. Interact to get 50 experience points. A little further you will find the “Witch’s Stone” stele.

Three golems will block the way forward. On the tree to the left hangs a warning note from the mage Rossum, the master of the golems. It is on the right. You can only talk to him if you have chosen Katarina or Elsa. If you play as Ivor, you will have to defeat three golems. In the first case, you will receive a point of Magic, in the second – a point of Strength. Get to the desired intersection and talk to Ansel. There is a stele of fast travel “Grace” on the left. When you’re ready, tell Ansel it’s time to hit the road.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Cold welcome

Follow Ansel. Don’t rush into battle. You can turn right of the battlefield to find a passage to the loot river and to a broken bridge with a large chest. After defeating the bear and the wolves, the squad will decide to split up. The side quest “Witch’s Stone” is activated. Reach Batil Gate. Go to the city. There are no guards at the gate. Take the key from the cart under the arch and open the grate on the left. In the back room, find the lever from the elevator. Go to the right wing and use the lever on the elevator to lift the chest with military gloves and other loot. Go ahead and hit the bell on the right. Fight the marauders. If there are few troops, press ESC and hire new ones from any recruiter. Listen to Dumrazzil. Talk to the prince, the councilor, and Bardolph. From the latter, you will receive 5000 lifting points.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Montparty disaster

The action will begin after talking with the prince in the throne room at the end of the mission “Cold welcome”.

Seeds of Betrayal

Going down the steps from the throne room, talk to a woman named Gilda in a purple dress. You will find out where to look for Albert. Go downstairs from Marcella and talk to the leader of the refugees Norman. A separate task will begin. You will be able to continue when you have completed the Refugee Camp quest.

You will recognize for Titus. Visit Marcellus and chat with the chief of the guards to inquire about the guard Titus. Chat with Titus himself in the village of Riquil.

The next part of the quest is connected with a visit to the tower of magicians. When you get to the tower, chat with Albert. This is how the quest “Mad Genius” begins. Complete all other quests until the Return to the Citadel objective appears.

Rebellious spirit

The task is taken from Gisela in the tower of magicians. To the right of the Mages Tower is the Arden Castle. You should get there and destroy the elementals. After the victory, return to Sequestor in the tower of magicians and return the captive spirit.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Mad genius

Talk to Albert at the Mages Tower. Go to the right of the Mages Tower and talk to the innkeeper of the “Goose and Logos” tavern. Follow the indicated ruins and talk to the mage. You can destroy the cage and earn power, or inspect it, and then activate the two highlighted runes. After that, four more runes will appear. They should be found outside the building. I recommend that you memorize any two, then go around and activate them. then do the same with two more runes and talk to the magician. He will point to Albert and Ursula.

Refugee camp

Starts during the “Seeds of Betrayal” mission. Chat with Mercia, and then decide who to contact – Gerrick or Kisten, earning Order or Anarchy. If you go to Gerrick, you will have to defeat the bandits at the Old Outpost, and then help Rikwil with the siege of the bandits. After that, try to convince Herrick, the headman, the blacksmith and the healer. There will be a problem with the latter: you will have to complete her quest “The Village Healer”. Once you have convinced everyone, return to the Mercia farm and report the good news. After that, ask Norman for important data. The mission will end.

Riquville under siege

After destroying the gang at the Old Outpost, jump to the right and find the settlement of Rikvel. A local resident will call for help near the stele. Go to the mill, defeat the undead, and then run to the village. I recommend that you calm down the peasants, as a result of which you will receive the legendary sword of Titus.

Enemies among humans

The action will begin after talking with the king’s advisor in the throne room at the end of the mission “Cold welcome”.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

House of conspirators

Follow the marker to the market square and talk to the guard. Go to the house opposite, go downstairs and pull the lever. You will find yourself in the dungeon. There is a key under the stairs in front, the staircase itself leads to a door that opens with this key. There you can find the loot and start the side quest “The Secret of Zandor”. Walk left across the bridge and kill the undead. Next, you need to pick up a note from the table (and other loot), leave this place and decide who to give the note to, earning Order or Anarchy points.

Corrupt Guardsman

Get to the castle, talk to the guards and defeat the enemies. Chat with the owner of the salon to complete the quest.

Patron and philanthropist

The quest is activated following the quest above. There are several ways to complete the task. But if you follow the order, then talk to Horace in the guard of Marcellus, then complete a number of other assignments. There is no need to activate the runes in the correct order. And in the Cedric’s camp you will find yourself in the storyline mission “Wild Heads”. Talk to Dupont after defeating his troops and free the poetess by opening the grate leading to the basement. Also click on the three slabs to open a cache of loot.

Wild heads

You will receive this task after you clear the fair on the right side of the map and find a trade mission below. You will need to talk to the man in the yard for the side quest “A Gift for Elmira”. After talking with him, take out old things from the barrel to pass for your own. This will allow you to infiltrate Cedric’s camp and get close to the boss.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Having made your way into the camp (be sure to put on the bandit’s armband and clothes so that you are allowed through the secret passage). Then you can attack head-on and gain strength, but it will be a tough fight. Or you can find the captives and talk to the magician. Then pick the grass of death in the indicated place and place it on the altar. There are four bowls of fire. Number them from left to right from “1” to “4” and light as follows: first, fourth, second, third. Chat with the spirit, go outside and attack Cedric’s gang. In the second case, ghosts will help you in battle. Return to Damien for a reward. After that, he will allow you to go down to the port of winds, which is necessary for several side quests.

Adrian’s story

Through quarantine

The quest will begin at the end of the long Seeds of Betrayal chain, when you have completed all the missions of the Catastrophe at Monparty line. Get to Arden Castle to the right of the Mages Tower and talk to the guard. He will let you go further. Talk to Kandor at the bridge and travel through the teleporter to Remedius. Return to Windy Port and speak with Dominic. You will be able to advance in the story after resolving the “Conflict in the Windy Port” quest, which we wrote about below. After that, hide in the grotto, and when the ship arrives, make a deal with Damien (Anarchy) or refuse and fight against him (Order). Go back to the bridge and give the golems to Remedius. Go to the Magofactory.

This cursed city contains many side quests and items. Among other things, you can find a lever near the wall in which you need to install it, and open a cache of equipment. Go to the indicated point in the city and defeat all the golems. After that, the quest will end and the quest below will begin.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Finding Lindsey

The quest immediately follows the quarantine mission. If you don’t want to fight a strong opponent, talk to Reto, marked with a blue marker. He will suggest an alternative path to the mine. Collect three parts in the city and show Reto. Place it on the gear behind the fence on the right and return to it. Go to the gear again, go a little further and find another on the balcony. Pull out the lever. Go to Reto and pull the lever. Go down the elevator, move forward and fight the army of the dark sorceress. Report to the archmage.

The Cult of Unity

Refuge of the Enlightened

Will start after the chain above. You will be able to continue the task only when you have completed all the other missions described above. Then Keiron will allow you to overcome the Rouen outpost. Overcome and defeat the sorcerer. Get to the witch’s bridge. You need to go through the correct symbols. In the first row, select the middle one, then the right one, again the right one, in the same row, stand on the middle one and then go to the left of the next row. Move back to the left symbol of the next row, stand on the middle of the same row, not the middle of the next row and on the middle of the last row. After completing the “Deceived Witch” quest and destroying Dupin, collect the three ingredients (after talking with Feraud) and return to Keithron. We’ll have to kill the freed spirits.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Deceived Witch

You will receive the task from the witches during the quest “Refuge of the Enlightened”. Go through the portal to the spirit world and fight in battle. Follow to Carabosse, win the battle and talk to the witch. Go down to the altar. You can fight or solve the puzzle logically. Start the ritual, then activate the runes in the correct order: blue, orange, green, white. Talk to the witch, get to the ruins and pick up the decoration. It’s nearby. Talk to Carabosse again, walk across the bridge of light and leave the offering on the altar. Examine the plate at the braziers. The year is indicated there. You need to light the bowls in ascending order of the year. Near right, near left, far left, far right. Now, together with the undead, attack the shelter.

Missing Treasurers

The task can be taken in Floster from Belinda. You will have a talk with the guard and follow to the castle of Cadance. Follow the markers, examine everything and go to the cemetery. Then defeat the enemies and take the amulet to Belinda. Talk to Germaine.

Secrets of the Trade Guild

The quest will start after all the quests above. Return to Floster and talk to Crumen. Check with Oliver. Follow the marker and talk to Kisten. You can openly attack or cheat. Open the stash. Look for the lever on the left near the houses, on the table. Take all the items, show Oliver and arrest Krumen.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Shadow of Aranox

Starts after the quest above. Return to Marcellus and go to the guild of guilds. Talk to Tenebros and Orlando and then decide who to attack. Please note that those you attack will no longer help you, and you will not be able to recruit their troops. At the same time, for helping the guards, you will be given Order, the adepts of Darkness – Anarchy.

Cult laboratory

Talk to the girl and look around. There is a closed passage ahead. Move to the far right corner to find an energy beam there. Rotate the plates and raise the mirrors to reflect the beam from one to the other, and so on around the perimeter of the room. It’s pretty simple. Just remember that there is a mirror part only on one side, and the plates rotate only if the mirror is assembled.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

After that, talk to Gisella and study the green rune. Turn all the statues in the hallway so that they look at each other and use the green rune again. Defeat Aranox’s army and then search his office. It is necessary to examine the scroll lying on the table. Then go to Gisella and teleport to the Citadel.

Roots of Doom

The Herald Manifesto

Talk to Gisella and the Prince. Then, head to Cadence Castle and talk to Ollagar. When you’re ready, give him the signal to storm. Fight Montier at his castle. After the victory, pick up the book and chat with the appeared prince.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough


Move to the Mages Tower and talk to Keythorn. You will need to get the approval of three magicians. Talk to Maester and enter the portal created by the wizard. You need to go through the tiles correctly. There are four symbols on the columns. You only need to step on them! And yes, they will repeat themselves. The next one is Sequestor. Talk and enter the portal. Kill all enemies and bring the seal to the wizard. In the case of Erasmus, you will probably have to complete his side quests, although I did it calmly. Then visit the indicated point and interact with the rune. Talk to Bellinda and take the seal that she will leave on the side. Take part in the ritual. Pre-save, as you will not be able to return to the Royal Lands.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

In the void

Win the battle and talk to the Diviner. He will send you in search of the shards of the Focus. Pick up four crystals and place them on the stands, and then fill the main crystal with mana while holding the “Space” bar. You will fight Him. This will be the final battle, followed by the final video.

Additional tasks

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Axes and chips

This quest can be taken from the dwarf Lestor in New Tyren – a village under the fortress of Crucis, at the very beginning of the game. a certain Lupine and his men have seized power in the village of the dwarven lumberjacks, and things can come to bloodshed. Follow the marker to the village. On the left there will be an obelisk of power, interaction with which will give +1 to the power of magic. In the village on the left there is a recruiter, and a little further away is a book that you can read. Talk to Lupine. Then there will be two options:

  1. Attack the dwarves. In this case, you will fight with two dogs and one dwarf. For a victory, you will receive 1 point of Anarchy. The recruiter Mark will have robbers nearby. You will then be told that the reward is in a hacked dwarf warehouse. Move along the marker and get 300 gold and soldiers’ boots from the chest.
  2. Attack Lupin’s people. You will have to fight with four deserters and one robber. You will receive 1 point of Order, and the recruiter Mark will have militias. Follow the marker to the dwarven depot to receive 300 gold and soldiers’ boots as a reward.

Regardless of which option you choose, look in front of the bridge for loot on your way to the dwarven depot. On the right there is a crate and a barrel, and on the left, right in front of the bridge, you can find a large chest (among other things, there will be a helmet).

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Cold bones

This quest is activated on the way to Ansel’s squad, after the field with golems. Follow the marker to the right to the abandoned city of Grace. You can search it and collect the loot. Among other things, you will notice bright symbols on the buildings. You will need them soon. Proceed further, read the note and light the fire bowls on the statues in the correct order:

  • Right
  • Left
  • Average

Go through the portal and chat with Berengari. Go back and interact with the four runes. When you do this, return to Berengari, listen to him and follow the marker in the graveyard to the Spirit of Darkness. Win the battle. There is also a war memorial in the cemetery. Interact with him to get +1 Military Science.

Highland Letters

Several scrolls can be found in Grace. The quest will begin after you read any of them. You will then be asked to find all 5 scrolls. Four are located in the main part of the city, and they are marked with markers. The last scroll you will find in the graveyard with the Spirit of Darkness, with which you will fight on the side quest “Icy Bones”. All five scrolls are to be taken to Berengaria.

Witch stone

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Will start automatically after the first battle in the “Cold Welcome” story mission. Follow the deserter to go through the portal and get to another location. Talk to him. Collect various items, pick up magic stones in three places and place them on altars. When you activate the three altars, you will see a passageway open. Get to Amaranta. Talk to the witch to find yourself in another location. Save and fight against Amaranth’s army. I recommend that you destroy the stone elemental as soon as possible. Don’t forget about spells. If you win, get the first legendary item.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Warriors of Maximus I: Feat of the Protector Marcellus

Read the book that can be found in the park near the throne room of Marcellus. Return to the main square in front of the throne room, go forward a little and in the tavern on the left, look for the second book under the awning. There are four more to find. You will find the third book near the first tower of the aqueduct, where you will find yourself on the quest “The Marcellus Aqueduct”. Kill the undead and examine the table near the house on the right.

Then you need to visit the Kistenya camp. It is located to the right and below the refugee camp, which you study in a story mission. In addition, you will have to visit it if you decide to return the seal of souls on the quest “Marcellus Aqueduct” and avoid the fight with the dangerous undead. There is another one in the Ayrok castle. Another book, the last one, you will find behind the gates in Marcellus, which will open upon reaching the “Patron and Philanthropist” quest.

Swan song

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Talk to the Tweet found near Marcellus’s throne room. Four markers will appear on the map. Examine each location and pick up all the scrolls. There will be a puzzle in one of the locations. There is a hint on the plate. You are surrounded by four statues with bowls that you can set on fire. Set fire in the following order: towards E on the compass at the top of the screen, W, N, S. A loot chest will appear. The scroll itself is lying in the grass behind the wall to the left. In any case, when you destroy the gang at the Old Outpost, you will see a cursed field. A peasant runs away from there. Go there, kill the evil spirits and examine the corpse of Flavius. Give Tweet his last letter.

Priceless chickens

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Speak with Gallinus at the Marcellus Marketplace. Walk up from the square and see a man sitting near a barrel. A hen’s clucking is heard from there. Listen to Cutter and go to Prim. Then you can deal with Cutter’s gang or talk to Magistrate Tweet. The battle will not be difficult, so I chose this option. He will give you +1 Order point. The alternative will give you an Anarchy point. This will give you one chicken. Use the markers when the quest is activated to find three more Illian chickens. After that, give everyone to Gallin.

The monster from the ruins

Speak with Dwayne at the Marcellus Marketplace. Follow the marker and discover the ruins. There are lanterns to the right and left of the closed niche, and next to them are pressure plates in the wall. Press both, go downstairs and take the amulet. Talk to the skeleton. Chat with a merchant nearby and a girl named Ada. You learn that Dwayne is the killer. You can give the amulet to him, getting an anarchy point and 600 gold. Or you can tell Prim about everything and return the amulet to Kirr, earning a point of Order.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Marcellus Aqueduct

Chat with Pete just above the marketplace in Marcellus. Get to the marker, destroy the undead and chat with Engen. Go to the cemetery, pick up the stone from the coffin and listen to the skeleton. You can return to the aqueduct and set the stone in place, but in that case it will be a difficult battle against the undead. You get a Strength point though. Or you can return directly to Marcellus and talk to the magic item merchant Castor on the market square (Garrett will be standing next to him). This will give you the Seal of Souls (be sure to pick it up from the table near the magic item merchant!). Return her to the graveyard. You can learn about Garrett at the Kistenya camp. True, the way there is difficult, because you have to fight with dangerous robbers. So, if possible, complete the quest later. When you can get to the Kistenya camp, talk to the recruiter and find out where to find the thief Garrett. Go to Marcellus, to the market square, and talk to the man. He will return the seal of souls. But in general, it makes no sense to go there. Returning the Soul Seal to Valiant will make him a recruiter. But in any case, you have to fight (interact with the statue near Valiant).

Feasible help

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

I took this quest from the armor merchant Taber in the market square in Marcellus. But not right away: after completing the quest “Priceless Chickens” and taking the quests “Monster from the Ruins” and “Marcellus Aqueduct”. Be sure to pick up the crutch next to it. Take it to the golem master. Leave the castle and talk twice with Jacquard, whose workshop is located near the lower exit.

Zandora’s secret

On the assignment “House of conspirators” you will go down into the dungeon by pulling the lever in one of the houses on the market square. Having done this, go under the stone stairs in front (to the bridge, which the quest marker points to) and find the loot, the note and the key. Climb the steps and use the key to open the door to Zandor’s private office. Read the note to activate this quest. Don’t forget to collect all the loot. When you find yourself in the tower of magicians in the story, find the librarian and talk to him. We need to find traces of Zandor.

It will take a long time to get to your destination. But when that happens, examine the scroll and the remains of Zandor. Defeat many elementals. Take the remains to the altar, place them, light the two bowls and summon the spirit. You will receive a fiery sword (legendary) as a reward.


The task can be taken from the master of golems Jacquard immediately after completing the quest “Help you can”. Follow the marker and talk to the woman.

The gang at the old outpost

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Leave Marcella and head left to find an NPC named Calven. He will issue the given task. As you approach the outpost, you will find two people arguing. The man offers to attack the outpost right now, and the girl offers to use the eagles. And, I must say, the battle with the eagles will be much easier! But all of this will be part of the Die Hard Quest. After the victory, search the outpost, collect the loot and free Brother Calven. Return to Marcella and speak with the marked guard. After communicating with Postup, turn it over to the chief of the guard or receive a ransom from Patchwork nearby. It all depends on what you want to get – points of Order or Anarchy.

Maximus Wars II: Labienus Strategy

You need to find 7 parts of the book about Labienus. The first book I found below Marcellus, when I went to the left of the gate and went downstairs near the stone that restores mana. In the same place you must get on the task “Worker-golem”. Look for the second book in the camp near the “Old Outpost” stele. It is to the right of the aqueduct. Look for another book in Rikvil, this is to the right of Marcellus, behind the Old Outpost, where you destroy the gang. Look for the next book to the right of Marcella. Exit from there through the eastern gate and find a tavern near the aqueduct. There is a Garlon with a side quest, and a book is lying on the bench beside him. Chat with Cora in Riquill. There you will have a talk with the head Georges. Decide what to do. Give Garlon the words of Georges and you will earn Order. Another option leads to anarchy points.

Look for the next book in the tower of magicians, not far from the bulletin board and Rosens, which open access to side quests. In the same location, the tower of magicians, look for the librarian for the quest “The Secret of Zandor”. There is a book next to him.

The last treasure

On the way out of Marcella, move down the map. You can find a large chest under the stone bridge. Behind it there will be a small settlement, and a girl named Beila will issue a new task. When you can get to the desired place (go to the right of the Kistenya camp), defeat the trolls and pick up a book in the cave. Give it to Baila.


King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Not far from the “Old Outpost” stele you will see two arguing people. Take the quest from them. Everyone offers their own version. It is difficult to attack in the forehead, so find a rattle berry nearby, and then use the stele to return to Marcellus and talk to Gallin. He will give the Wonderbird feather. Whichever option you choose, you will have to defeat the bandits at the outpost and take the reward from one of the two NPCs.

Trials of the Diviner

Also not far from the stele “Old Outpost” there is a burnt-out hill. The Diviner stands there. Chat with him to get the assignment. Accept the terms of the battle, as you will still be assisted by a powerful squad of dwarves. This is going to be a pretty simple battle. The main thing is to hide the only crossbowman from the archers!

Reward: legendary Sabaton Maximilian shoes (+15 armor and -1 army speed). Duke Maximilian’s first piece of armor (for the entire four piece set, increase the unit’s armor upgrade limit to 85).

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

The next challenge is Moiraina. It will be a tough battle. Don’t forget to use spells. I recommend putting the scroll of madness on the trolls so that they kill some of the archers (and stun them). Attack wolves and zombies with ghosts, as they will counterattack ordinary ghouls and quickly kill. Use Plague to reduce the dealt and increase the damage taken on three enemies, including the trolls. When they come up, reduce the defense by weakening (for trolls and any other two units). I will say this: it will be difficult to win the fight without a share of luck. For victory you will receive the legendary amber ring of Maximilian.

Then there will be Baldwin’s trial. It will be a simple battle. Use your magicians to strengthen the armor of the militia, which can use provocation and attract all the attention to yourself. You can strengthen the cavalrymen with the scroll. For the victory, you will receive the legendary mace of Maximilian.

The new test is called Tyrant. You will control one bone dragon and four gargoyles. This is the hardest fight in the game. I don’t even know how I managed to complete it, because that was the will of the random. First, place the gargoyles to the left of the left stone and keep the dragon below. Skip a turn twice, setting the “Defense” effect. The soul eaters then attack the gargoyles. If one of them dies in the counterattack, everything goes according to plan. If not, load the save and start the battle over. Then two squads of swords and the trolls will stand up as we need to: they will surround the empty cage. Cast a plague spell into this empty space. Only one. Move there with the Bone Dragon and use the poison (on the dragon). Then hope that everything works out. Your dragon must survive all attacks, including one stun turn. Attack the soul eaters with gargoyles. The dragon will finish them off. And if the dragon survives all the attacks, use its full healing skill. This can be done only once per battle. By that time, the third squad of swords will approach the gargoyles. Cast a second spell with a plague just above him so that two squads of swords are hit. Remember that the plague can hit you too. After that, you need to carefully finish off opponents, and if possible, use the second spell with poison. Again, this is not a 100 or even 50% tactic! It all depends on your luck. If you have any other option for passing the Tyrant Challenge, we’d be glad to see the comment at the bottom of the article. Cast a second spell with a plague just above him so that two squads of swords are hit. Remember that the plague can hit you too. After that, you need to carefully finish off opponents, and if possible, use the second spell with poison. Again, this is not a 100 or even 50% tactic! It all depends on your luck. If you have any other option for passing the Tyrant Challenge, we’d be glad to see the comment at the bottom of the article. Cast a second spell with a plague just above him so that two squads of swords are hit. Remember that the plague can hit you too. After that, you need to carefully finish off opponents, and if possible, use the second spell with poison. Again, this is not a 100 or even 50% tactic! It all depends on your luck. If you have any other option for passing the Tyrant Challenge, we’d be glad to see the comment at the bottom of the article.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Then there will be the test of Kaisar. Place all your troops in one line in the second row, in the same order in which they stand by default. Then, cast the red dragon with both skills. Start by strengthening with fire. While you are doing this, the opponents will stand in one row in front of your troops, and you can attack with the dragon skill of three at once. Finish off the enemies. The reward will be a legendary ring.

Finally, there will be Sanguine’s trial. It will be a tough fight. Summon one squad of bears with spells and use them to strengthen your allies. Remember that you can cast two spells at a time.

Further on the territory of the Magofactory you will find the test of Liss. Act as you please. There are enough spells and troops to win an easy victory. You will receive legendary gloves as a reward.

At the very end, you have to go through a test in which you will command the Diviner and his army. This completes the quest chain. You will receive a legendary book that increases the Arcane Knowledge.

Tragedy of the past

The task can be taken on the right side of Marcellus from a certain Bernard. Perhaps he appears after the destruction of the gang at the Old Outpost. You can get to this place from the western side. Kill the enemies, and then examine the four points. Then give the ratchet to the quest giver.


Read the notice on the board in Riquil Village. Talk to Edgar marked with a marker. Then there are two ways. I followed the path of strength. You need to mount a horse and catch up with the wolf who stole the totem. It’s useless to chase him without a horse. Then pick up the totem and return it to Edgar. The task will end.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

The Lost Apprentice

Speak with the Blacksmith in Riquill after liberating the settlement. Get to the indicated place and search the courtyard. An apprentice is in one of the barrels. Interact with her twice. Then go to the fair, kill enemies and find tools in one of the boxes. Return them to the apprentice.

Village healer

Speak with Aglaya, the Healer, who lives near Riquil. You will have to convince her if you decide to talk to Gerrick on the quest “Refugee Camp”. Follow the marker, destroy the undead and collect the ghostly lilies. And then bring them back to Aglaya.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

From time immemorial

There are skull ruins in the place where you collect ghost lilies for Aglaya, the healer from Riquville. True, to talk to him, you will have to win another battle against the undead. Collect three bones from the swamp. Each has a loot barrel next to it. Then examine the skeleton near the gravestone in the center of the swamp to start a battle with a dangerous foe.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

The promised magic

This will be the next task from Aglaya, after you complete the quest “The Lost Apprentice”. You need to talk to the one who bewitched the girl. Search the area around it.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Abandoned catacombs

The task will be given to Philby from the farm of Mercia after you complete the quest “Refugee Camp”. Head down from the refugee camp and defeat the beasts in battle. Go inside the cave and talk to the ghost of Logras. Rotate both statues so that they are facing the two statues on the other side of the river. Cross the bridge that appears. Search all rooms carefully. If you see a rune on the wall, interact with it to dispel the illusion and get to the prey. In the next room, head left along the bookshelves and expand the illusionary wall to find loot and a key. Go further and find the ablution hall. One valve lies on the left, and after the other you need to go deep into the location past the broken pipes. Then turn all four valves and move on. You need to activate the tiles with the correct runes. Stand on the left tile of the first row, go to the next tile of the second row, take three steps to the right and two steps forward in the direction of the door. On the walls on the left and right are the symbols that need to be activated. Moreover, you can do this in any order.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Search the following rooms. Here I found a pot and chicken meat. Apparently, somewhere in other rooms I found two other ingredients. Exit to the garden with Logras (after examining the scientist’s room) and look around. Talk to him. You can fight the chimera, or you can distract her. The second option will give Secret Knowledge. And it needs a kettle, chicken, and so on. If you collect these components that are in the abandoned catacombs, go back a little and put the pot on the stove on the second floor. After cooking the food, return to Logras and talk to him. Move to another dimension, kill the chimera, or install a bowler hat. Then take the vessel with the heart from the chest and return it to Logras. The task is completed!

Prodigal son

A little further east from Marcellus, near the aqueduct, there is a tavern. There is Garlon standing next to a prisoner in a cage. Chat with him to take the assignment. If you give the words to Garlon, you will have to return to Kore and give her the wallet.

Mysterious treasures

It will start in the middle of the “Prodigal Son” quest, if you tell Garlon what the elder Georges gave. He will give information about the treasures in the ancient crypts. Get to the indicated location and move the stone slab. Read the message on the tablet. It contains the correct order of emotions. Light a fire near the masks in the following order:

  • Laughing
  • Sad
  • Indifferent
  • Wicked

Take the treasure from the chest.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Millennial oak

Talk to Agorasta, who can be found at the hut outside the village of Riquil, heading east. Walk to the nearby oak tree. Interact with the altar and you will be shown a sequence of symbols. The same symbols are found on the stones around the oak. Activate them to open the portal. For him you will have to fight the undead. Quite a simple fight, especially if you have already managed to level up pretty well. Then talk to the hermit.

Code red

The quest can be taken from Aureli, on the way east from the village of Riquil, to the tower of magicians. After that, you can either attack the iron golems, or try to find the intruder and pump secret knowledge. The choice is yours.

Rosens and Serebros

The task is taken from Rosens in the tower of magicians. Nearby there is a courtyard where a magic feather lies in a cache. You can pass Rosens to the instructor or fake a point grade for Order or Anarchy, respectively. By the way, you will have Rosen’s feather – it’s a legendary item.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Lissa’s Dungeon

You need to read the notice on the board in the center of the mages tower. Go to the mage at the bottom of the mages tower, talk to him and buy the scroll lying on the table. For only 500 coins. When you get to the dungeon, go inside and go downstairs. Pick up three lenses and install them in the three holes. Match the color of the rays to match the colors of the monuments behind. Take the ring, kill the enemies and talk to Carabosse outside.

Logos on the air

The task is taken from Meister in the tower of magicians. You need to interact with the orange symbols in the correct order:

  1. First, choose the left of the two.
  2. Then interact with the next one that appeared a little further.
  3. Then select the symbol on the right.
  4. Then – a little further at the shop of the merchant of magic items.
  5. After that, select the symbol at the steps to the right and on the steps themselves.
  6. Finally, choose the middle symbol of the three, by the fountain.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Return to Meister for your reward.

Books of Actarius

The quest can be taken from the NPC in the Mages Tower. You will find one book in a large cemetery, you will not have to fight. Another lies in the bowler hat, and here you will have to fight the enemies. You will also pick up the third book without a fight. When you have collected everything, take them to Aktarius in the tower of the magicians.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Gift for Elmira

To the left of the Mages Tower is the Goose and Logos tavern. Visit her and chat with the girl Elmira. Get to the fair and defeat the robbers in the battle. Pay attention to the lonely but very dangerous rider, as well as the flamethrower gnomes. Go down below and talk to the merchants. This is how the storyline quest “Wild Heads” begins. After completing it, you will save Edel. When you destroy the gang, talk to Edel. The task will end.

Reckless magicians

You will receive a quest at the end of the Tragedy of the Past quest when you investigate the sources of infection in Parnak Village. Go to the Mages Tower and talk to Amanda. Chat with the magician in the other part of the tower and find the scroll in the opposite one. After that, follow to the place where Yvona was disenchanted according to the side quest, and talk to the laboratory assistant Sachs. Return to Bernard’s tavern.

Kiss of the widow

This quest is activated after talking with Albert and Ursula on the “Mad Genius” story quest. Visit Palatinus in the Ruins and chat with him. Pick up the retort in the Magofactory when you can get there during the quarantine quest. Return to Palatinus. Before entering you will be stopped by Ursula and offered a reward for the retort. If you give it to Ursula, you will get Anarchy, Palatinus – Order.

Harmful artifact

The quest will begin immediately after the “Easy Wizards” quest. Go to the indicated ruins, inspect the mummy and chat with the spirit of Molino. Report this to Bernard. He will send you to study the runestones. Activate the three runes and talk to Molino. If you want to get Anarchy points, you will have to trust him and return to Bernard. Otherwise, interact with the scroll to get Order points. It will be a battle against the undead.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Along the rocks

Read the trade mission announcement on the right side of the map. You will get there by the side quest “A Gift for Elmira”. To go down to the port of winds, you will have to complete Damien’s storyline “Wild Heads” and defeat Cedric’s gang. Read above. After that, go to the elevator and hit the bell on the right. When he rises, go to the platform and hit another bell. Move along the rocks, kill enemies and pick up a picture lying on the ground. Give it to the quest giver. The task will end.

Dark deal

The quest is taken from Kramer, whom you will find to the right of the trade mission, which was discussed in the quests “A Gift for Elmira” and “Along the Rocks”. To go down to the port of winds, you will have to complete Damien’s storyline “Wild Heads” and defeat Cedric’s gang. Read above. After that, go to the elevator and hit the bell on the right. When he rises, go to the platform and hit another bell. When you find yourself below, chat with Jeanette. Then talk to Dominik and find the three marked bags. Walk along the coast, defeat the monsters and study the notes marked with a marker. Report to Kramer. You can then talk to Damien to get Anarchy, or get to Bloom nearby and earn an Order point.

Table of tincidunci

This quest will be given by Damien from the Trade Mission after the “Wild Heads” story quest. You can communicate with Didier only after you complete the Seeds of Betrayal quest and receive permission to go through quarantine. When you get to the Magofactory by the quest “Through quarantine”, defeat the monsters and go along the marker where the tabula is located. There are three pressure plates in the walls around this small square. Interact with them to open the cache. Take the tabula and take it to Didier or Damien for a point of Order or Anarchy, respectively. If you have already defeated Damien on the quarantine mission, and did not make a deal with him, then you will have no choice.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Conflict in the Windy Port

You will receive the task from the character who is waiting at the entrance to the Windy Port, after going down the elevator. You can immediately attack enemies, or you can ask Rick for help. Having done this, go along the coast and kill the monsters. Then enter the cave and find a riddle here. Interact with the buttons in the following order: triangle (upward), circle, square, triangle (downward), rhombus. After that, return to Rick. He will give you an artifact, and ice elementals will help you in battle. Report to Rik that you have defeated Fisher, and then finish the quest with a conversation with Dominic.

Collection: Canvases Aurelien

The quest will begin immediately after the Along the Rocks side mission described above. You need to find four more paintings by Aurelien. You will find one of the four paintings in Kisten’s stash on the Secrets of the Trade Guild quest (plot). The second dragon painting can be found in Aranax’s lair when you open the door by rotating the mirrors to meet Gisella.

The mind of the trolls

The quest is taken from Rosens near the fairground, which was robbed by robbers. It’s to the right of the bottom of the Mages Tower. Get to the indicated place and ring the bell. Hold Shift and step closer to the stone. Pick it up and take it to Rosens. Give to a man to gain Order, or use on a golem to gain an Anarchy point.

Maximus Wars III: The Maneuver of Renald the Handsome

When you find yourself in the Magofaktoria, search the cursed city to get the first book. The Magofactory also has a second book. Look for the third by the “Eastern Route” stele to the left of the “Adrensky Hills”, which is near the Damien Trade Mission. There is another book to the west of the Magofactory, in the camp, where you take the side quests “The Girl and the Prince” and “Henry’s Legacy”. There is another book in Floster. After entering, turn left to the recruiter. Another is in the same Floster, in its back. You will get there after the quest “The Lost Treasurers”.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Collection: Cultist Diaries

Find the diary in the Magofactory. It remains to collect 9 more pieces. All scrolls are located on the territory of the Magofactory. Look for nine of them outside the city, and the last, tenth – in the mine, where you follow the storyline. If you followed the path of the Secret Knowledge, moving through the mine, turn left, and not where the NPC ran. In any case, you can return to the mine, but only the way you got here for the first time.

The girl and the prince

The quest can be taken from Foley in the camp located to the west of the Magofactory. Talk to Foley’s mother in the indicated city, Floster, and then bury the note in the marked location. That’s all.

Henry’s legacy

Chat with Henry at the camp west of the Magofaktoria. Go to the large graveyard and find the item you want. Meet Henry at Floster. All this you can do after completing a series of storyline tasks. Finally, follow the path along the cemetery to the ruins for a puzzle. On the way, robbers attack you.

I do not know if the order of pressing the stones in the walls matters, but I activated it like this: a stone in the far left corner, in the far right corner, on the stairs to the right, at the top of this staircase, at the top of the stairs to the left. Then you will be taken to a library with four books. Highland, tower, king, hero – this is the order of pressing books. Then give the item to Henry or the Rogue to get Order or Anarchy.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Return to Parnak

The task can be taken after the storyline in the Magofactory. Look for Sachs in the territory of the Mages Tower. Meet with Amanda, talk to the invaders and defeat them. talk to Bernard and Amanda.

Julian and Rosalyn

You can take it from Julipan in the big cemetery, where you will get on the quest “Henry’s Legacy”. Collect three shards, and then fight the Weeping Woman. In this case, the Death Knights will help you in battle. But you will receive not Power, but Secret knowledge. Take the reward from Rosalyn.

Rouen quartz

Win a battle to get the letter you want, and take it to Saber or Gar to get an Anarchy or Order point, respectively.

The beauty and the Beast

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

The quest can be obtained from Erasmus in Floster after the quest “The Lost Treasurers”. Talk to Belinda at the marked location and go to Erasmus. After talking with him, go to the marked stone and interact to remove the illusion. Follow up the slope and activate the stele. This will most likely be the last travel stele you unlock in the game, so you will receive the Traveler achievement. Go to the marker. You can break the gates using the Force, or use Belinda’s codes and get the Secret Knowledge. In the second case, there will be a puzzle. Press in all the stone gargoyles to make them glow. Then talk to Erasmus. In any case, there will be a battle, but if you solve the riddle, then the gargoyles will help you in the battle. Gargoyles will join your squad. The task will end. By the way, the recruiter Gargoyle will appear outside the door,

Iron men

Speak with Ogun in Floster after the Lost Treasurers quest. Reach the Sud village at the bottom left of the map and win the battle. Talk to a couple of people and pick up the sign to the right of the forge. Go to the ruins under the Sud village and talk to the gnome. Light all fire bowls except the second from the right. Then the wall will disappear, and you can fight the dwarves.

King’s Bounty 2 Walkthrough

Fatal swimming

Talk to Boston in Floster after the Lost Treasurers quest. Collect the signs. It is not hard. One of them will be with the man with whom you should talk. Then get to Francos and talk to him. Fight his army and then complete the quest. You will receive two bone dragons!

Above Expected

This quest can be taken from Ermia in the Mages Tower after the “Books of Aktarius” quest. Buy or steal a silver bracelet to gain Order or Anarchy. To buy, you need to hold down the “Space”, and not go to the trade menu. Then interact with the magic ball and win the battle. Then take the holy water and take it all to Ermia.

Brand’s bride

Look for Brand to the right of Kisten’s camp. Go to Kisten’s camp, talk to the Cleaver and attack him. I did not find any other options. The task will end.

Melar’s only friend

Talk to the old man in the lumberjack village. Talk to Rochus and follow the marker. Examine the pig in the cage and fight the trolls. Then give the pig to Rochus (Order) or Melar (Anarchy).


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