Cheats for King’s Bounty 2

Looking for cheats for King’s Bounty 2? The use of prohibited software is punishable by an account ban and this is not a joke. Please read the warnings carefully before using such software. In this article we will tell you about the types of cheats for King’s Bounty 2.

Our editors are against this kind of programs! We do not advertise them and, on the contrary, will try to discourage players from using them!


  1. The difference between private and free cheats
  2. Free of charge
  3. Paid
  4. Opening paid cheats
  5. Private
  6. Types of cheats for King’s Bounty 2
  7. Currency cheat through Cheat Engine
  8. Cheat Engine Table for King’s Bounty 2

The difference between private and free cheats

The main difference is the speed with which the developers and the anti-cheat system will find and recognize the use of prohibited software.

Free of charge

Free cheats have long been downloaded by the administration of the game itself and were disassembled into small parts. Most likely, the protection will already be able to recognize users of illegal software.

The likelihood of getting banned when using free cheats – 99.99%


Depending on the cost, paid ones are divided into several subspecies. Some cost 300 rubles, others from 50,000 rubles. The difference lies in the secrecy of use.

Opening paid cheats

The cost rarely reaches 1000 rubles, tk. designed for a large audience. Most likely, the King’s Bounty 2 game programmers have bought it long ago and analyzed it.

Ban probability –80%


These are special programs created for a closed community. If on the site you see private ones on free sale, then most likely

then cheating. They do not apply to everyone and serve only for a certain circle of people.

Ban probability – 5%

Types of cheats for King’s Bounty 2

They differ in terms of the platform of use and functionality. Basically everyone is looking for PC and Android. For them, there are still no really working programs that give endless currency, crystals, and so on.

Now developers have blocked more than 30,000 accounts for using prohibited software

Cheats for android in King’s Bounty 2 are literally “scorched” the next dayor right at the time of their use. Do not use them if your account is dear to you.

Currency cheat through Cheat Engine

Through the program, you can really interact with the process .exeand try to send the server special packets giving currency. But at the moment there are no really working scripts that would be successfully executed.

The network says there are secret cheats that supposedly work, but the game’s protection has not yet been compromised. If you still try to download and install, you will probably lose your account.

Cheat Engine Table for King’s Bounty 2

  1. Startup process:
  2. Start Cheat Engine, “Load” and select the table
  3. “Select a process to open”, select the desired process.
  4. Select the option you want, put a cross.
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