How To Fix Connection error with VTB 24 payment gateway

Users of VTB 24 Bank discovered a problem in which no action could be taken. You can find out what a connection error with a payment gateway is on the official website or in our article. Today we will look at the main causes of the malfunction and try to fix the problem on our own.


  1. What is a payment gateway?
  2. How to fix a mistake in VTB 24?
  3. The error appeared on the smartphone
  4. Error when working with the bank via a PC or laptop
  5. Outcome

What is a payment gateway?

The main task of a payment gateway is to automate the process of payments and actions with an account. In most cases, it acts as a router and is the main source of packet traffic. In other words, it is a service of actions of users with their personal account.

Let’s take a look at the main elements of the process:

  • form of payment– a page containing an html-form for making a payment;
  • payment page– directly the request processor;
  • payment status pages– determines whether the payment was successful or not;
  • payment result page– if the payment is successful, the client goes to it;

Often the problem is associated with an error in accessing an external system .

How to fix a mistake in VTB 24?

Once we understand the terminology, we can proceed with basic troubleshooting techniques. First, we need to determine the place of origin. Usually this is the user’s device itself or, more rarely, the VTB Bank server.

The error appeared on the smartphone

If you think the servers are working successfully, then let’s do the following:

  1. Go to app settings and clear cache and data. You will have to log in again, but you will probably be able to log in and make a payment;
  2. Please update the app to the latest version. This is the most common fix you can think of;
  3. Use the web version. It has the same functionality and if an error occurs there, then you just need to wait;

Error when working with the bank via a PC or laptop

When working with a site, this can occur in the absence of communication with the servers or protection of the client device.

  1. Refresh your browser page or enter incognito mode;
  2. Use a different browser (like basic built-in Edge);
  3. The antivirus can protect bank cards. It might be worth adding the resource to the exceptions.


The problem is known and specialists are working on a solution. Most likely, there really is a small problem with the server side of the bank, but usually it lasts no more than an hour.


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