How to keep an Android phone screen on

All smartphones on the market have a battery saving function that allows the display to turn off automatically when not in use.

However, not actively touching your phone screen doesn’t always mean you’re not using it . Some Android phones can keep the screen on when you look at it, through a specific function, so you don’t have to unlock it every 30/60 seconds.

Keep an Android phone screen active while looking at it? With Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel it is possible

Both Samsung Galaxy smartphones and those of the Google Pixel series can boast this very interesting feature, although few really know that it exists and how it works. In this article we will deepen the issue.

Google Pixel and Screen Attention mode

Google Pixel smartphones call this Screen Attention . Its operation involves the use of the front camera to perceive if someone is looking at the screen.

To use it, swipe down twice, starting at the top of the screen, to reveal the Quick Settings switches , then tap the gear icon . So proceed like this:

  • Go to the Display section of the Settings ;
  • Expand the Advanced section and select Screen Attention ;
  • Now turn on the switch to activate the mode.

Keep in mind that this will have a negative, albeit minimal, effect on battery life as it uses the front camera constantly. If you notice that the battery life is no longer sufficient for your use we recommend that you turn it off and simply use a longer screen timeout.

Samsung Galaxy and Smart Stay Mode

Samsung provides a similar mode, known as Smart Stay , although it doesn’t actually use that name in Settings . On a practical level, it also uses the front camera to detect when someone is looking at the display.

The activation procedure, also in this case, is very simple. Scroll down once, starting at the top of the screen, and tap the gear icon . So proceed like this:

  • Go to the Advanced Features section in the Settings ;
  • Select the Gestures and gestures option ;
  • Finally, turn on the Keep Screen On While Viewing feature switch .

Again, the impact on consumption should be minimal. If not, it is possible to work around the problem by intervening on the timeout, lengthening it as much as possible.

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