Treasure Hunt in GTA Online Guide

Here’s everything you have to do to solve the GTA Online Treasure Hunt mission and where to find the clues to unlock the Double Action Revolver weapon.


  1. How to start the Treasure Hunt mission in GTA Online?
  2. The 20 locations of the first clue of the Scavenger Hunt
  3. Where to find the last three clues?
  4. Unlock the action revolver and win $ 250,000

GTA Online is full of mysteries to be solved . One of the many missions available in the game is a treasure hunt that is related to the Double Action Revolver weapon , which can be unlocked for our inventory and which Rockstar added to the title in its day as part of the promotion. from Red Dead Redemption 2 .

In this section of our guide we are going to tell you step by step how to activate the Treasure Hunt mission, what to do to solve the clues and get the double action revolver and how to win up to $ 250,000 for our character.


How to start the Treasure Hunt mission in GTA Online?

The Scavenger Hunt mission was added to GTA Online via the Doomsday Heist update in December 2017 (not included in the PS3 and Xbox360 versions). This is the way to get started with the mission:

  • The mission starts randomly:while you are playing in GTA Online Free Mode (serve in a public or private session).
  • An email will arrive at any time:from, from Eyefind (usually after the first 5 minutes of the session).
  • You just have to open your mobile:and access the mail menu to read the message.
  • In the message, the email contact will tell you:that there is a hidden treasure somewhere and you will be shown a black and white photograph of some location on the map.

This photograph can vary for each player between 20 different random locations , but whatever it is, it is the first clue where we can start with the mission and the treasure hunt.

Keep in mind that if at any time you close your game session without having completed the search, the mission will be suspended and the next time you enter to play you will receive the email again, but the photo will be from another of the possible locations since the mission will have been restarted . Therefore, if you do not want to have problems, it is best to complete the search as soon as the email reaches you.

The 20 locations of the first clue of the Scavenger Hunt

As mentioned, the first clue we receive in the GTA Online Scavenger Hunt is a black and white photograph of a location. There are 20 possible locations and upon receipt of the mail a fairly wide search radius will appear on your map.

What you have to do is go to the designated area and look within that yellow radius for the next search track, which will always be a note stuck to a tree, a rock or another object. Pay attention to the sound of a wind chime that can be heard the closer you are to the track to locate it more easily.

To help you find the first clue to the Scavenger Hunt, here are 20 possible locations for the note (images courtesy of the GTA Series Videos YouTube channel ):

Clue – Location # 01: Del Perro Pier

  • Location: Itis under the Del Perro Pier pier, on one of the pier supports.

Track – Location # 02: Mount Josiah

  • Location:In Cassidy Creek, it is on a rock on one of the ridges of Mount Josiah.

Track – Location # 03: Vinewood Hills

  • Location:Go to the top of Vinewood Hills and you will find the track on a tourism board.

Track – Location # 04: Pacific Bluffs Graveyard

  • Location:In the Pacific Bluffs Cemetery, the clue is on one of the stone tombstones.

Track – Location # 05: Tongva Hills Vineyards

  • Location:In one of the vineyards of Tongva Hills Vineyards, the note is on a rock under a bridge that crosses a small river.

Track – Location # 06: San Chianski Mountain Range

  • Location:near the San Chianski Mountain Range, on the coast you will find the track attached to a wooden post of a small dirt esplanade.

Clue – Location # 07: Great Chaparral Church

  • Location:This clue is in one of the cross-shaped tombs outside Great Chaparral Church.

Track – Location # 08: Cassidy Creek

  • Location:Near the great Cassidy Creek bridge, the note is taped to a tree trunk by the river.

Track – Location # 09: Tataviam Mountains

  • Location:on the east coast of Los Santos, in the Tataviam Mountains; the note is on a beach stuck in the rock wall of a canyon.

Track – Location # 10: Sandy Shores

  • Location:Near the Alamo Sea in Sandy Shores, the note is taped to a rock near a boat.

Clue – Location # 11: Grand Senora Wilderness

  • Location:This note is in the Grand Senora Desert, posted on the door of an abandoned mine.

Track – Location # 12: San Chianski Mountain Range

  • Location: Itis found pasted on a small cross in a grave that you will find at the top of the San Chianski Mountain Range.

Track – Location # 13: Los Santos Golf Club

  • Location:the note is on the post of a wooden bridge at the Los Santos Golf Club.

Track – Location # 14: Pacific Ocean

  • Location: itis on a rock in the Pacific Ocean, on a small island that is a little way from land.

Track – Location # 15: Paleto Bay

  • Location: Itis located under a broken bridge in Paleto Bay.

Track – Location # 16: Great Chaparral

  • Location: Itis attached to a communications pole at the top of Great Chaparral.

Track – Location # 17: Sandy Shores

  • Location:on top of Sandy Shores; the note is posted on an information post.

Track – Location # 18: Mount Chiliad

  • Location:on top of Mount Chiliad; the note is posted on top of a news post.

Track – Location # 19: Tongva Hills

  • Location:The note is attached to the pole / totem pole at Two Hoot Fall, in Tongva Hills.

Track – Location # 20: Sandy Shores

  • Location:This note is attached to one of the large white rock walls in Sandy Shores, in the desert area.

Where to find the last three clues?

After finding the first note of the Treasure Hunt, after having gone to the location of the black and white photo, the mission will tell us that now we have to locate three more clues , the last ones. Fortunately, these clues are the same for all players and are also marked on the map each with a question mark.

These are the last three clues to locate and their locations (you can go for them in any order):

  • A bloody shovel: Itis inside a vandalized wooden house on the beach at Sandy Shores.
  • A corpse:inside a small cave near a stream in the Tongva Hills.
  • The empty box of a revolver: Itis found at the foot of a tree next to the road of Joad Lane, in Grapeseed.

Again, the closer you are to the track, the louder the sound of a wind chime will be heard , so sharpen your ears to locate these tracks more easily.

Unlock the Action Revolver and win $ 250,000

Once you have found all the clues described above, the game will indicate the location of a treasure chest ; this location is random for each player, but is marked on your map with a chest icon. You just have to go to the place and you will find a couple of corpses next to a chest that you can open.

Inside the chest you will find the special weapon Double Action Revolver , from now on it will be yours forever. With him already in your power the mission of the Treasure Hunt will be completed , although there is still something else …

Additionally, you will receive a notification on the screen that tells you that if you get 50 headshots with the double action revolver you will get two prizes:

  • A GTA $ reward:a total of $ 250,000 .
  • A variant of the double action revolver –for Red Dead Redemption 2.

Headshots can be done in both PvP and PvE and in missions where you can use weapons. Good luck!

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