GTA Online Daily Objectives Guide

Here’s the full list of Daily Objectives available in GTA Online. Find out how to unlock them and all the rewards and prizes you can earn by doing them.

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  1. How to unlock and view the daily objectives of GTA Online?
  2. All rewards and prizes for completing daily objectives
  3. Complete list of daily objectives

In GTA Online , multiplayer Grand Theft Auto V , from the update muggings were added to the game daily objectives , a number of challenges assigned to the random online players that can be performed in free mode every 24 hours get different rewards.

So that you know how to unlock these daily objectives, how many there are in total or what rewards are earned by completing them, we have prepared the following content of our guide .


How to unlock and view the daily objectives of GTA Online?

GTA Online Daily Objectives are available on all platforms and for absolutely all multiplayer players. Although as a requirement, it is necessary to first reach rank 15 of reputation to be able to unlock them; from then on you will always have 3 objectives available each day to meet.

You can see an on-screen notice at the bottom left that alerts you when you have new daily goals to meet. In order to know what these objectives are, you only have to enter the Interaction menu and go to the “Daily objectives” section.

  • On PS3:press the Select button.
  • On PS4:Press and hold the touchpad button.
  • On Xbox 360 or Xbox One:Press and hold the Back button or the View button.

All rewards and prizes for completing daily objectives

There are juicy rewards for completing daily objectives in GTA Online. Mainly these are a way to earn more dollars for our account and also reputation that makes us level up faster. During a month of objectives, considering that we complete all the possible ones, you can earn a total of $ 1,580,000 and 169,500 RP .

Depending on how many daily objectives you complete, you will get more or less rewards based on the following categories .

Daily rewards

Each day you complete the 3 assigned daily objectives, you will earn the Bronze “Daily Duty” award and earn the following:

  • Dollars:$ 30,000.
  • Reputation:5,000 RP.

Weekly rewards

If during 7 consecutive days you complete the daily objectives that are assigned to you, you will get the silver award “Work for objectives” and you will earn a rewards bonus like this:

  • Dollars:$ 150,000.
  • Reputation:20,000 RP.

Monthly rewards

If you complete all your daily goals for 28 consecutive days (4 weeks) you will get the “Achiever” gold award and earn a rewards bonus like this:

  • Dollars:$ 750,000.
  • Reputation:50,000 RP.

Numerical rewards

Depending on the number of daily objectives you manage to complete, you will get these money rewards in the form of an extra bonus:

  • For completing 10 daily objectives you get:$ 10,000.
  • For completing 20 daily objectives you get:$ 20,000.
  • For completing 50 daily objectives you get:$ 50,000.
  • For completing 100 daily objectives you get:$ 100,000.

Complete list of daily goals

The daily objectives of GTA Online consist of different challenges that are presented every 24 hours in groups of three and always, at least one of them, will try to participate in some activity. As a general rule, they adapt to the inventory and commercial status of the player.

Check out all the types of GTA Online Daily Objectives divided into categories below here (some may have been removed after patches later):

Activity objectives

  • Take part in a deathmatch.
  • Take part in a team deathmatch.
  • Take part in a deathmatch with vehicles.
  • Take part in a race.
  • Take part in a land race.
  • Take part in a motorcycle race.
  • Take part in a bike race.
  • Take part in a maritime race.
  • Take part in an air race.
  • Fly under a bridge in a race (flying between two buildings also works).
  • Take part in a rally race.
  • Take part in a GTA race.
  • Take part in a race without collision.
  • Take part in a Capture Brawl.
  • Take part in a GTA capture.
  • Take part in an Assault Capture.
  • Take part in a looting capture.
  • Participate in a survival.
  • Take part in a parachute jump.
  • Participate in a Last Team Standing.
  • Take part in a mission versus.
  • Complete a contact mission.
  • Spend a lesson at a flight school.
  • Spend a round at the shooting range.
  • Play darts.
  • Challenge one player to the losers.
  • Play a game of tennis.
  • Play a round of golf.

Goals of free mode

  • Do an acrobatic jump .
  • Complete a raid attack.
  • Raid a store.
  • Kill 5/10/20 players.
  • Get a reward.
  • Steal 5/10/20 vehicles .
  • Destroy 5/10/20 vehicles.
  • Modify a vehicle.
  • Get on one of the attractions.
  • Go to the cinema.
  • Steal a vehicle from the base.
  • Fall 100 meters and survive (free fall for that distance before opening the parachute).
  • 100/200/300 meter parachute.
  • A reckless parachute jump (open the parachute 30 meters or less above the ground).
  • Open the parachute 30 meters above the ground.
  • Lose a search level of 2 ??? stars.
  • Do a wheelie for 10 seconds.
  • Deliver a vehicle to Simeon.
  • Enjoy a private dance.
  • Take part in an impromptu race.

Contact objectives

  • Kill a displayed player (use Lester Crest’s “Show Players” ability in a Deathmatch or Capture).
  • Kill player while off the radar (use Lester Crest’s “Off the Radar” ability or Ghost Organization ability. Can be used as VIP or CEO ).
  • Bribe cops and cause mayhem (use Lester Crest’s “Police ignore crimes” skill or Bribe authorities as VIP / CEO skill).
  • Use Testosterone Bull Shark (call Brucie).
  • Send a raider after another player. (calls Lamar).
  • Pick up an ammo delivery (call Merryweather).
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