GTA Online: ALL Activities Guide

If you’re new to GTA Online, take a look at all the activities (game modes) that are available and find out how you can create your own custom activities.

The activities in GTA Online is the name given to the different game modes of multiplayer Grand Theft Auto V . There are a ton of different ones and they all offer opportunities for the most ambitious criminals who want to earn money and reputation (either playing alone or with your friends and your Crew ).

To access the different GTA Online activities you can do the following:

  • Open the game pause menu:while in a session and go to the “Online” tab.
  • Choose the option:“Activities” and decide if you want to play a quick activity, a specific activity or whatever you like the most at that moment.
  • You can also from free mode:physically go to activities that are scattered around the map or accept invitations from other players to participate in activities.
  • It is possible to use the mobile:to choose Quick Activity and go directly to a game mode (this option will take you to the closest open activity that suits your requirements).

Below we collect all the existing activities in GTA Online so that you know which ones are available and we will also tell you how to create custom games .



  1. Deathmatches
  2. Racing
  3. Last team standing
  4. Captures
  5. Survival games
  6. Bumps
  7. Missions
  8. Opponent modes
  9. Skydiving
  10. How to create custom activities in GTA Online?


If you are dying to pull the trigger and suffer from a healthy disdain for your own safety, Deathmatches may be the perfect way to vent.

Mainly in GTA Online there are 2 different types of the classic Deathmatch mode in which we use our weapons , they are the following:

  • Individual deathmatches:the main objective of the players is to eliminate their opponents in a period of time or to reach a certain amount of money per eliminated player.
  • Team Deathmatches:Like the Individual Deathmatch, the objective is to eliminate your opponents in a period of time or to reach a certain amount of money per eliminated player, but this time they are divided into groups.


Whether on two or four wheels, by air or by sea, finishing first is a famous pastime in Los Santos.

In GTA Online, one of the most extensive and varied modes is racing . There are a total of 13 different types of racing activities to enjoy with the extensive catalog of vehicles :

Standard races

  • Drive like lightning from checkpoint to checkpointin insane races to the finish line and against fierce opponents.
  • Be the first to wave the checkered flag to rise to victory.
  • No weapons are used inthese races , but a good bump on the bumper at the right time never hurts.

Acrobatic racing

  • Be daring, defy gravity and face your fears with Stunt Racing, an exaggerated and surreal evolution of GTA Online racing.
  • Stunt races include all kinds of things, from meandering tubular circuits among the tallest skyscrapers in Los Santos to technical circuits through canyons, over water and through the desert.

RC Bandito races

  • Experience all the danger without putting your life at risk. The tiny but tough car hits the streets of Los Santos, ready for you to customize with various explosive surprises like kinetic or electromagnetic mines, as well as a collection of unique visual modifications and much more.
  • If you want to have the pleasure of watching your enemies flee in terror from a toy car at full speed, this is the only alternative.

Metamorphosis race

  • Launch your supercaroff stunt ramps, parachute across the Alamo Sea and roll barrels through aerial gates to reach the finish line.
  • The Transform Races are part of stunt races with amazing transformations that will make you alternate between land, sea and air to start over.

Hotring Circuit

  • There’s nothing more American than getting behind the wheel of a deadly fuel-thirsty turbo machine like the new Declasse Hotring Saberand blasting through a multi-lap circuit designed for up to 30 adrenaline junkie maniacs .
  • Enjoy the heady scent of a burnt tire and premium gasoline in 10 stock car races created for the new Hotring Saber.

Target Assault

  • Players must ride in pairs in armed vehicles, one at the wheel and one at the trigger.
  • The gunnerwill be tasked with destroying targets from the mounted machine gun, while the pilot will have to outrun opponents to score extra points on each lap.
  • Upon completion, the driver and gunner will change their positions, and the team that finishes with the most points will win.

Issi Classic race

  • Britain’s most aggressive export, the Weeny Issi Classic, has taken over the southern San Andreas race circuit.
  • Get behind the wheel of The Vespucci Job’s tiny car and compete against 29 otherseasoned drivers in a thousand battles across seven new circuits designed to put your compact vehicle driving skills to the ultimate test.

Two-wheel racing

  • Whether on a motorbike, BMX or classicmountain bike , compete in open terrain, on huge highways and on the hilly roads of Los Santos and Blaine County.

Rally racing

  • Join a friend and put your navigation skills to the testwith rally racing.
  • Be the navigator and guide the pilot (who does not see checkpoints or destinations) around the circuit, or get behind the wheel yourself and trust your navigator to distinguish between left and right.
  • Turn any race into a rally race using the options in any race room.

Air races

  • Race through the air of southern San Andreas in epic air battlescommanding the P-996 Lazer, a rugged, artillery-equipped military aircraft.
  • Or challenge fellow pilots to air racesin light planes, fast private jets or helicopters.

Maritime racing

  • You show those sedentary livelihoods roasting in the sun on Vespucci Beach what a true sea lion is.
  • Use the light and fast Seashark, or the speedboat of your choice to complete the circuit and demonstrate your nautical knowledge.

GTA racing

  • If you like racing as much as mutilating, try a GTA race. The weapons that can be picked upwill help you beat anyone who even dares to challenge you.
  • Turn any race into a GTA race or GTA team race using the options in any race room.

Impromptu races

  • Sometimes you won’t be able to wait for a race to start to settle scores. The impromptu races allow you to see who is the toughest driveron the streets.
  • Select “Impromptu Race” from the Interaction menu to collide with other players in Free Mode.

Last team standing

The riskiest mode in GTA Online gives you only one life – use it wisely.

This mode is very similar to team kill games ; it is about resisting and prevailing in a confrontation between two teams of eight players each, and the only thing that matters is staying alive until the end .


Capture is a GTA twist on catch-the-flag clashes where multiple teams compete against each other in skirmishes to take control of vehicles and precious contraband. There are four types of captures:

  • Contest:Teams battle to obtain a common number of packages, usually placed in the middle of nowhere. Once the package is captured, it will reappear so that it can be picked up again.
  • GTA:There are specific vehicles that can be found around the map that must be stolen and brought back to your base.
  • Assault:you will have to obtain packages that you will find around the map and the enemy bases and later store them in your base.
  • Looting –Steal packages from the enemy base and bring them back to your base to get a score.

Survival matches

If the phrase “against all odds” makes your mouth water, then survival games are for you.

This game mode is unlocked by reaching Rank 15 in Reputation, after visiting Trevor’s home. Up to four players must face 10 waves of increasingly hostile enemies to see who will be the only survivors (each player only has one life per wave).


A cooperative experience for up to 4 players that offers the possibility of teaming up to carry out a series of intense heists in several phases, with robberies and robberies throughout Los Santos and Blaine County.

  • Check out the Complete GTA Online Heist Guidefor more details.


Go solo or assemble a team to master over 100 challenging missions that will unlock as you progress through the ranks of GTA Online.

Mainly in GTA Online there are two types of missions:

  • Boss Missions: Theseare missions awarded by GTA V characters like Lamar or Simeon. The more level you have, the more difficult but the better rewards there will be. They are usually one to four players, but there are also two and up to six.
  • Versus Missions: Theseare a type of activity in which two or more teams compete to complete an objective.

Adversary modes

Adversary modes present intense player versus player challenges that expand the world of GTA Online. They are similar to versus missions, but even more complex. There is a huge variety of adversary modes, the number exceeds two dozen.


If what you like is to rush towards the ground at the mercy of a piece of rope, in Los Santos and Blaine County you will find many parachute jumps that will get your adrenaline pumping. Skillfully navigate through the objectives and land in the right place (in one piece) to win.

How to create custom activities in GTA Online?

Creating your own custom games is possible in GTA Online. You can design career activities, deathmatches, survival and much more. The limit is your creativity. To be able to create activities you just have to follow the following steps :

  • Press the pause button in GTA Online:and go to the “Online” tab.
  • Select the section entitled “Creator”:and access the GTA creator mode from here.

Once the necessary load is done, you will go to a creation menu where you can start creating different activities or load one already created previously to continue editing it. Remember that when you finish them you can upload them to the Social Club , where it is possible that Rockstar will give it its verification stamp and it will become one of the activities presented within the game as featured.

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