Monster Hunter World guide, tips and tricks



  • General tips for playing .
  • How to get money fast .
  • How to improve your character fast .
  • How to catch monsters
  • How to jump on monsters
  • Raise investigation level
  • How to create items and ammo
  • How to pause the game
  • Get Wyvern Gems
  • How to get Ciguas
  • Elder Dragons
  • Best armor and how to get it
  • How to get new camps

Welcome to our Monster Hunter World guide . Throughout these pages we tell you how to make the most of this Capcom adventure that takes its well-known hunting saga to a new level . Get ready to hunt giant creatures in a wild environment, either solo or with three hunters with a new drop-in multiplayer system that allows cooperative between regions.

Monster Hunter World maintains the hallmarks, its creation system and equipment to hunt monsters , while we improve our skills. Resources can be used for upgrades and other equipment. Its playability makes it easy to explore the map without transitions, with a time cycle.

Your task is to accept monster hunting missions in a wide variety of habitats.


Take them down and receive materials that you can use to create more powerful weapons and armor with which to face even more dangerous monsters.

Elder Dragons

As you progress through the game, the Elder Dragons will become one more enemy . Although you will necessarily find almost all of them as part of the story, there is one that if you do not know how to find it, it can escape your weapon. We tell you everything you need to know about these enemies: where they are, when will you face them, how to defeat them and what you will get from them.

  • Kirin : You will face him for the first time in the mission Seen and unseen.
  • Zorah Magdaros
  • Nergigante
  • Vaal Hazak
  • Teostra
  • Xeno’jiiva
  • Kushala daora

Elders Stamp

List of large monsters

We have a complete list of monsters with all the monsters in the game . Also, these are the great monsters:

  • Great Jagras
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku
  • Pukei-Pukei
  • Barroth
  • Jyuratodus
  • Tobi-Kadach
  • Anjanath
  • Rathian
  • Legiana
  • Rathalos
  • Tzitzi-Ya-Ku
  • Paolomu
  • Radobaan
  • Great Girros
  • Odogaron
  • Devils
  • Dodogama
  • Rathian Rose
  • Bazelgeuse
  • Lavasioth
  • Uragaan
  • Rathalos Celeste
  • Black Devils


Every decade, elder dragons cross the sea to the continent known as the New World, in a phenomenon known as the migration of the Elders.

To get to the bottom of this mysterious phenomenon, the guild has created the commission of inquiry and sent it in large fleets to the New World.

The time has come for the 5th Fleet to set sail following Zorah Magdaros, an ancient dragon of gigantic proportions.

In this fleet, a hunter is about to embark on the greatest journey he could ever imagine. Find out here how to overcome all the missions in history

General advice


There are fourteen different weapons available to every hunter, each with its own particular attacks and characteristics. Many players master several types, while some prefer to specialize in just one. Decide which ones best fit your style of play.


In each scenario you can find a multitude of monster tracks, such as footprints or claw marks. Your Lafarillos can smell the scent of each monster and guide you to other nearby trails. As you find more traces, the Lafarillos will give you even more information.

By examining the tracks of large monsters, your Lafarillos will notice him and lead you to more signs of him. Follow the Lafarillos as you find more traces and they will lead you to the monster.

Depending on the environment, the Lafarillos also react to various objects and will lead you to them. Keep in mind that the Lafarillos will hide when you are fighting a monster.


The sling is a fundamental tool for any hunter, as it allows you to arm yourself with the stones and nuts that are abundant in any setting. In addition, the versatility of the sling allows you to do diversionary maneuvers such as creating shortcuts to hunt new and interesting creatures, and even use it as a hook when the situation calls for it.

You can only use the sling when your main weapon is sheathed, unless you use the sword and shield.

Be on the lookout for objects that you can shoot with the sling. If you try to load the sling when it is already loaded with another object, the new object will replace the other and you will drop the old one to the ground. You can pick up any dropped item again and reload it.

Each object has a different effect when shot with the sling. You can deal damage or attract monsters to you: try different items and see what effects each one has.

The hook allows you to hook on the wedge beetles and move from one area to another. If you come across any Mernos or some other type of small dracoalado, you can use them as a means of transport. Once hooked, you won’t be able to unhook the rope until the drake has reached its destination.

Specialized tools

Specialized tools activate very powerful effects for a limited period of time. You can equip up to two at a time, and using them is simple: you just have to select and activate them like any other of the objects you use in your hunts.

For example, if you wear the camouflage cloak, you can hide from monsters for a while.

Specialized tools must be equipped and then used as items to activate their effects. They can be used an unlimited number of times, but have a charging time after each use.

You can check the effects of the specialized tools that you have equipped from “equipment information” in the menu.


Comrades are the most faithful companions any hunter can have on the ground, and they can specialize in a number of offensive, defensive, and healing abilities and support. Our protagonist’s comrade is very proud to be part of the 5th Fleet, and is as valuable a member of the commission as any hunter.

Take advantage of the environment

Using the environment to your advantage can give you an advantage in combat. Pay attention to everything you see around you and think about how to use it to your advantage.

If you crouch in some bushes, you can hide from monsters and avoid having to fight. Even so, in some cases monsters will still be able to find you, so be sure to look around.

There are certain plants and insects that provide immediate benefits when interacting with them. For example, Herbs replenish your health, and Noctilucas emit a flash that can temporarily blind monsters.

By hitting certain areas with your weapon or with the sling you can make a lot of rocks fall. Do it at the right time and you will hit the monsters with them!

There are more traps like this that you can activate taking advantage of the environment: observe the terrain and learn to take advantage of it.

Do not forget to heal

You can restore lost health with items such as potions or medicines. You can also create Mega Potions or Medicines +, which restore even more health, by mixing potions and medicines with honey.

You can regain lost stamina or increase the maximum value of the stamina bar by eating steaks to the point.

You can cook steaks to the point with the barbecue grill, as long as you have raw meat in your inventory. Listen carefully to the music until the end and be guided by the color of the meat to know when to press the correct button. If you don’t do it at the right time, you will get an undercooked steak or burnt meat.

Pests and altered states cause you adverse effects, such as loss of health. The best option is to eliminate them as soon as possible with the appropriate objects or actions.

Both pests and altered states are indicated by a check mark next to your character’s name. Monster attacks can sometimes transmit pests to you. It is possible to speed up the healing of elemental plagues by continually dodging.

  • Fire Plague:This plague gradually depletes your health. You can remove it instantly by dodging on a wet surface or taking a curibaya.
  • Water Plague:This plague slows down your energy recovery. You can eliminate it instantly by taking a curibaya.

Altered states: in addition to pests there are also several altered states.

  • Poison:Poison gradually consumes your health. If you are poisoned, the effect will disappear on its own after a certain time, but you can also heal it with antidotes or similar objects.
  • Stunned:The stunned state incapacitates you for a period of time. You can recover when receiving an attack or waiting a while for the effect to wear off. You can also speed up recovery by moving the lever repeatedly.
  • Paralysis:Paralysis makes you unable to move for a while. Paralysis will disappear if an enemy blows you up, or waits for a while for the effect to wear off. You can also speed up recovery by moving the lever.

Your character’s altered states can be strengthened or weakened by various item, menu, and skill effects. Effects are shown with icons next to your character’s name.

  • Attack upgrade
  • Defense upgrade
  • Reduced defense
  • Anti waste of resistance
  • Self Improvement:This melody increases your movement speed. If you play an encore, you will add the anti-rebound effect of attacks.
  • Increased health
  • Denies gusts of wind

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