How to beat circus boss Dominus in Scarlet Nexus

Both Scarlet Nexus stages are absolutely packed with boss fights. Dominus Circus is a powerful Elder Other who appears to take on Yuito and Kasane’s squads. We have some tips on how to remove it no matter who you choose to play with. Here’s how to beat Dominus Circus boss fight in Scarlet Nexus .

How to beat circus boss Dominus in Scarlet Nexus

This boss fight is long, so buckle up and get ready. Make sure you have as many gelatin items and gelatin gear as possible so that you can heal yourself and your teammates during all four phases of this boss fight. Protection add-ons are also recommended for allies just so they can take more hits before they fall or need to heal.

Dominus Circus Boss Phase 1

Each phase of this boss fight is a different version of Dominus Circus with slightly different attacks and weaknesses. For this phase, your teammates will point out that most areas of his body are immune to any kind of damage, but you can hurt him by attacking the body part flat in the upper half of his body. Use Psychokinesis to throw objects to the ground, or you can even go up and attack directly using A + X on Xbox or Square + X on PlayStation to initiate aerial combos.

Don’t try to tackle it head-on, or you will regret it. He uses his umbrella as a frontal shield as he shoots a jet of water at you while attacking and defending at the same time. It also has an easy to dodge charge attack that attacks you like a car. When this predictable charge begins, use Tsugumi’s Clairvoyance to dodge and counter at the last second. Doing this will cause the Other to fall, exposing him to severe damage from Shiden’s electrokinesis.

If you lure him into the middle of the area, there will also be tons of floating debris that you can throw with Psychokinesis to create even more effective combos.

Dominus Circus will also mix up other water-based moves like a giant water wall that protects you even more. When that happens, use Luka’s teleportation to break through the wall of water and deal damage again with Electrokinesis. Repeat this process and your Crush Gauge should be empty in no time, opening it up to a Brain Crush for completion.

Dominus Circus Boss Phase 2

Another Circus Dominus will appear after beating the first one. This one has a slightly different design, as well as slightly different movements to consider. This one has an elephant head that it uses to shoot poisonous red gas at you. Don’t get too close when this happens. This can be easily prevented because the gas does not travel too far.

When you get close to doing damage, the elephant’s trunk will shoot you like a spear. Use Gemma’s sclerokinesis to stay safe on approach and try again to dodge this log attack with Tsugumi’s clairvoyance to counter. But be sure to turn off clairvoyance once you have the drop to maintain it. You will need it frequently during this phase.

At some point, this Dominus Circus will create a haze that you will need Clairvoyance to see through. Once you find him in the fog, you should be able to see a weak, bright spot on his head. It will fire different homing projectiles at you, but they move slowly and can be easily dodged. Get close to Kagero’s invisibility or get up close to floating debris and use Kyoka’s duplicate to hammer him with multiple launched projectiles to drastically lower his crush gauge.

It should fall to the ground while doing damage. Once his crush gauge is empty, a Brain Crush attack should kill him, just like the first phase.

Dominus Circus Boss Phase 3

The third phase returns Circus Dominus to a bowl shape from the beginning, but this time he has a different arm. This arm will glide towards you up close a few times and send air waves at you from a distance. Dodge the airwaves using Teleport or Arashi’s hyperdrive to close the gap and deal damage with Hanabi’s Electrokinesis or Pyrokinesis to overcome the gap. 39; inflict a state alteration.

When you get closer, aim for his new arm, that’s his weak point during this phase. Hitting the arm enough times will cause a fall and interrupt the Other’s attacks.

The car-like charge attack from the first phase is making a comeback as well, so be sure to activate Clairvoyance to dodge and counter like you did before. This phase does not allow you to start with too many new movements, so using your previous knowledge should help. Don’t forget to use Invisibility or Sclerokinesia if you feel overwhelmed. Any of these SAS powers will keep you safe for a while.

Dominus Circus Boss Phase 4

The fourth and final phase brings back the three former enemies of Dominus Circus in combination. This means that you have all the previous moves and the rest used. It will mostly shoot elemental waves from its arm when you are at a distance, which is easy to avoid.

Try to dodge the car-like charge attack again with Clairvoyance to take down the Other with a counterattack. The same strategy from phase two applies when creating mist as well. Use Clairvoyance, then throw debris at its weak point on its head with Duplication until it drops and provides a Brain Crush opening. However, a single Brain Crush will not be enough to win this time.

The Wall of Water is reappearing as well, so make sure you have teleportation handy for now. You will have to react to all the attacks you have seen before, but this time they will follow in quick succession.

Being able to balance the timers on all of your SAS abilities is key to winning this fight. Don’t leave them active for long, especially when you don’t need them. Tsugumi’s clairvoyance is especially helpful in this fight, so never keep it active for long when you don’t need it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat Dominus Circus boss fight in Scarlet Nexus . Check out our wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and general information about the game.

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