How to Add Multiple Lines in a Single Excel Cell

Microsoft Excel is a very complete spreadsheet program that allows us to carry out and automate actions and calculations , but if we don’t use it too often, we forget some processes or even ignore them. Today we are going to explain how to add several lines in a single Excel cell , since by default we will see that when we press the Enter key, what we do is leave the cell .

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Multiline cells in excel

As we have already mentioned, when we press the Enter key , what we do is go down to the lower cell, something that prevents us from writing several lines in the cell in which we are. However, there are several systems that allow us to add new lines , which we will learn about below.

How to add multiple lines in Excel

Next we explain the main ways that will allow us to add several rows in the same cell .

key combination

The fastest and easiest system is by using a very simple key combination that is nothing more than Alt + Enter .

If instead of just pressing Enter, we keep Alt pressed at the same time, we will see that not only do we go to a second line , but at the same time the vertical value of said cell is enlarged .

Correct cell height

In any case, there is also the possibility of modifying the height of the cell that has appeared by default. This can be very useful, for example, if we are entering several lines in the same cell but then we change the font size.

As a general rule, when making the change, the cell will automatically adapt to the most optimized size , but if for any reason this is not the case or we simply want to choose a custom one, what we will do is move the bottom line of the cell from the left, where they are numbered.

Another way is by clicking on the number on the left with the right mouse button . Now we click on “ Row height ” and enter an exact value. We accept and we will have already made the modification.

A single paragraph on multiple lines

However, many times we have to write a larger text , but we run into the problem that when doing so, part of the text is grayed out as it has a larger dimension than the cell.

In these cases we can manually move the Y value of the cell as we have commented previously, but with this we will not get the text to be written on two lines.

For these cases we have an option at the top within the “ Home ” tab. What we will do is select the cell in which the text is located and click on “ Fit text ” . In this way, the width of the cell will be respected , but the lines will be enlarged according to the dimension necessary to fit all the written text .

If we want to undo this change , all we have to do is select the cell again and press the button again, which will return to its previous configuration.

We hope you liked the different ways you have to create multiline cells in excel.


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