How to fix connection problems in Brawl Stars

How to fix connection problems in Brawl Stars.Brawl Stars has been with us for a while now. The new success of Supercell (since it was announced in its other titles) is already entertaining millions of players around the world with its brawlers and its different game modes.

With five different game modes, 22 fighters and a lot of fun thanks to the dynamics of the game, Brawl Stars seems to be all about fun. And so it is in a way, although there are some negative points.

Leaving aside any aspect of the gameplay that could be improved, Brawl Stars has a big problem in its connectivity. And it has happened to many players that when they are playing, connection problems appear for no apparent reason.

Despite all the complaints from users, and also a few patches that have tried to solve the problem, and what they have managed to do “something”, the connection failures in the game persist.

How to fix connection problems in Brawl Stars when you don’t connect to the server

Yes, there is no doubt that the game has connection problems, and they are really serious. Not because they completely block the game, but what is worse, they only affect the moment a game is in progress. This means that every time the game is accessed, despite the fact that everything seems to be fine, connection problems occur.

Due to these issues, where the connection drops in matches , many users end up losing a lot of trophies. In addition to all these failures, they result in a bad experience for the players.

What can be done when suffering from connection problems in Brawl Stars? There are several things that a player can look at and do to eliminate all issues and try to avoid these moments that negatively affect gameplay so much.

  1. Stay close to the router. If you are playing connected to the WiFi network, make sure you are close to the router. The connection of the game is not at the level of other Supercell games, so despite having a certain signal, it may not be enough and experience some micro-cuts in the game, which leads to lag.
  2. Make sure you’re not downloading anything. Having the free network is essential to avoid suffering from lag or cuts in Brawl Stars. Unfortunately, any download can lead to connection issues in the game. This means that you can’t be downloading anything if you want to play without problems, something that really shouldn’t happen in the title and that we hope Supercell will solve.
  3. Keep the game updated. While updates are installed automatically when the game starts, they do not reach all players at the same time. This means that it is sometimes necessary to check if an update is available. If the loading screen is stuck with a message “Establishing connection to server”, this is most likely because it is undergoing maintenance or the application is not updated . In the worst case, it will be necessary to uninstall and reinstall the app to be able to enjoy the latest available version of the game.
  4. Reboot the router. In the event that you have not been able to solve the connection problems of the game, even though you have a good signal from your WiFi and have made sure that there is no download taking place, try restarting your router. Something as simple as that can solve connectivity problems, as long as they reside in the WiFi connection.
  5. Play with the 4G connection. I am no longer surprised to see that there are many players who prefer to play their games using the mobile network. And it is that, generally, connectivity problems fall on WiFi networks. At the moment, it is very rare to see that there are problems in the games when using the 4G network. In the event that you want to play but your network has problems, you can always disconnect the WiFi and use the 4G instead. Brawl Stars does not have an excessively high data consumption, so playing a few games using mobile data should not be a problem for any user.
  6. Be patient. Unfortunately, when nothing else has worked, the only thing to do is wait. You have to be patient until Supercell, the developer of Brawl Stars, manages to solve the connection problems of the title as long as these are problems generated by the game itself. Among them, for example, that they are generated even when there is a good connection, or that small downloads make it impossible to play games.

Despite being very simple, all these tips can help players to solve all the problems that cause games to lag. Unless you have to wait for Supercell’s action to get a solution.


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