Animal Anatomy

animal anatomy. It is the science that studies the number, structure, size, shape, arrangement, situation and relationships of the different internal and external parts of animals .


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Anatomy is a word whose origin dates back to the Greek and Latin languages. It means “cut and dissect”. Knowing the anatomy of an animal means knowing the architecture, position, number and shape of the different organs and tissues that make up an animal, including the internal and external parts. Within the context that includes veterinary medicine and zootechnics, it is important to take into account the anatomy of equines , as a base animal for study in all schools in the world.

Anatomy of domestic animals

They have made important contributions in this matter, which is fundamental for the orientation of future professionals in this area, especially those dedicated to the surgery of large species and the study of equines, as a development factor in all activities of the human being. .

Nowadays, however, in South America , Europe and the United States , veterinary anatomy is a basic subject of the veterinary degree , and takes as a study model the dog , the majority animal in the practice of clinical veterinarians, of which In addition, there are many extensive treatises, such as the various editions of Miller and Evans ‘s Anatomy of the Dog .

Comparative anatomy studies various species. Veterinary anatomy (part of animal anatomy) is a comparative anatomy of domestic animals. This obviously includes professional applications, which need a precise exposition of the specific differences and important considerations of topography.

The most complete bibliographical source referring to Veterinary Anatomy is found in the books published by Professor Robert Barone, in the case of the dog in the work Anatomy of the Dog by Evans. Professor Barone has published (apart from hundreds of high-level scientific articles) the following books:


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