How to Contact Supercell Brawl Stars by Mail

Supercell is one of the best video game development studios today and they are the creators of titles such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royal, Boom Bech or Brawl Stars, which are some of the greatest hits that you can find in their catalogue. But this time we tell you how to contact Supercell Brawl Stars by mail .

In this article, we will show you how to contact Supercell Brawl Stars and report any type of complaint about a bug in their games.


  1. How to contact Supercell Brawl Stars?
  2. What does the Supercell ID work for?

How to contact Supercell Brawl Stars?

If you want to contact Supercell because you have lost your account , no problem. If you linked your account to Game Center or just Google Play at some point during registration, you can easily recover it. Follow these steps to contact Supercell Brawl Stars :

  1. First of all, you must go to « Settings».
  2. Then select the option « Help and support», and then click on « Lose account ».
  3. Now look for the option « I have lost my account! How do I get it back? ».
  4. Then click on « Contact» in the upper right corner.
  5. Now you can contact Supercelland discuss your problem.

Be sure to include important information such as the exact name of the account you want to recover, the clan name of the account, and the XP level of the account you want to recover.

What does the Supercell ID work for?

  • You can link your account to your Supercell ID and thus easily save or transfer your game account to another device. And in case your internet does not help you to do well in the game, you can check the best games to play without internet connection.
  • You also have the option to save your account to your device so you don’t have to type the code. Best of all, using a Supercell ID is completely free. It also helps you to contact Supercell Brawl Stars .
  • Another advantage of having your own Supercell ID is that you can use it on both your Android and Apple devices. You even have the option to use your Supercell ID to transfer game accounts from your device to another phone, for example from an Apple phone to an Android phone.
  • You do not have to log in with your Supercell ID to play, as this is optional. But to save your games, you have to log in.

In conclusion, contacting Supercell Brawl Stars by mail is an easy and fast process .


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