How to hide the grid lines in Excel so they are not visible

Excel is one of the many applications in the Microsoft office suite in which we can use a grid sheet to organize data and information, as well as their presentation and analysis through a spreadsheet made up of columns and rows in in which the grid lines are clearly visible. The worksheets in Excel are divided into cells that are identified according to a letter if it is the column and a number if it is the row serving as a coordinate that locates the cell in question.

How to Hide Gridlines in Excel so they are not visible

Hiding rows and columns in Microsoft Excel is quite simple and hiding the gridlines is just as easy, so if we ever need to hide the gridlines to better present the information, in this article we will show you how we can do it in such a way that we don’t look, let’s see how we can achieve it.

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  1. Are cell borders and gridlines in worksheets the same thing?
  2. Procedure to hide the grid lines in your Excel document
    1. And Windows
    2. for Mac
    3. In the web
  3. What should I do to avoid printing the gridlines?
  4. How can I change the color of the grid lines?

Are cell borders and gridlines in worksheets the same thing?

It is very common for some users to get confused when talking about grid lines and cell borders, they are not really the same, grid lines   are distinguished by having certain default characteristics within the Excel program , for example, we cannot change their style , nor its thickness, another feature is that the grid can be extended over an entire document.

Unlike these, the cell margins or borders can be modified , we can make them thicker, even double, with dots, combined with stripes and dots, in short, vary the thickness of the border, additionally it allows us to select ranges of cells that can go from cell C3 to C32, for example, which clearly shows that borders and lines are not the same.

Procedure to hide the grid lines in your Excel document

Excel is a complete tool that undoubtedly helps us simplify certain projects by giving us multiple options that we can take advantage of to present them, one of them is to hide cells so that they are not visible. But it also allows us to hide the grid lines, so if for some reason we need to hide them, there are several procedures that we can execute and that depend directly on the type of computer that we have at our disposal, but we should not worry, we will explain the steps to follow below. when we have a computer with a Windows or Mac operating system and from the Web.

And Windows

Hiding the grid lines in Microsoft Excel for Windows is possible and we can easily do it in a couple of steps regardless of the version we are using, to do so we just have to open the document in Microsoft Excel, at the top we must select the tab ‘View’ , there we will look for the ‘Show’ or ‘Show/Hide’ section depending on the version, there we will uncheck the ‘Grid Lines’ option, it’s that simple, with this procedure the grid lines should disappear from the spreadsheet Excel.



for Mac

As it happens with computers with the Windows operating system, hiding the grid lines in MacOS is quite practical and simple. If we have Excel for Mac 2012 or a later version, the procedure we must follow to hide the lines is as follows. The first thing is to open the Excel application on our Mac, then we must select and open the spreadsheet in which we want to hide the grid, then we select the ‘Page Layout’ tab at the top of the screen to finally deactivate the box that says ‘View’ in grid lines.

If we use Excel for Mac 2011, the procedure is the same except that in the ‘Page Layout’ tab we must deactivate the ‘Grid Lines’ check box in the section corresponding to ‘View’ and that’s it, additionally on Mac we can also block, unlock, pin and protect  cells in Excel.



In the web

The procedure to hide the grid lines from the web version is also possible, it shows a spreadsheet already with the grids hidden so there is no option that allows the modification, instead, you can make the modification of the document using the desktop application by synchronizing with the web version, we can do this by opening the document. Then we must click on the ‘Edit’ menu and thus we will open the desktop version, then we follow the steps described in the previous paragraphs to hide the grids and when we finish, the changes will also be applied to the document in the web version.

What should I do to avoid printing the gridlines?

If we want to print the document preventing the grid lines from appearing, we just have to open the Excel document , as soon as it is open, click on the ‘File’ tab at the top and click on print, when doing this it will appear on the screen a box with the printing options, in this box we must select ‘Page Configuration’ or ‘Page Design’ in some versions, another window will appear on the screen again, in this we must click on the ‘Sheet’ tab, the following is as simple as unchecking the ‘Grid Lines’ box and finally clicking ‘OK’


How can I change the color of the grid lines?

Changing the color of the grid lines is also quite simple, we must follow the following: path, File, Options, Advanced, Show options for this sheet, finally ‘Grid Color’, the following will be to choose the grid color that we want and by clicking on ‘OK’, we will see that the changes are applied and the grids will be of the selected color.

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