Why does ‘Getting your messages’ appear in Gmail? What does it mean?

Gmail is one of the best emails out there today. Gmail is much better than other emails thanks to its ease of use , all its features, the amount of space it gives you to send files and its compatibility with Google and with each of the Google services.

It is very rare to see errors in the operation of the Gmail platform, but this can sometimes be seen. By the way, some people have seen that their Gmail account has a notification saying ‘Getting messages’ and wonder if this is a glitch or if it is something normal within Gmail. Next, we will show you what are all the causes for which the ‘Getting messages’ message appears, how to free up space in Gmail and how to synchronize each of the messages within Gmail.

Why Does ‘Getting Your Messages’ Show Up in Gmail? What does it mean?

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  1. What are the causes of ‘Getting your messages’ from Gmail?
    1. There is no space in the device memory
    2. Cache causes conflicts
    3. Message synchronization problem
  2. What is the efficient way to reclaim space on the device?
    1. Delete very large files
    2. Debug apps on the device
  3. What is the way to sync Gmail messages?

What are the causes of ‘Getting your messages’ from Gmail?

First of all it is important that you know that when Gmail says ‘Getting messages’ that does not mean that it necessarily has a failure. Rather, this writing can be caused by at least three different things, which are a delay in message synchronization , a cache error, or insufficient space in your mail database.

There is no space in the device memory

The most common cause for the ‘Getting messages’ text to appear is that your email has run out of space to save files and also to receive messages. The only way to fix this problem is to buy more space for your Gmail account or else delete some files to free up space.

However, before you buy storage on your email or free up space in your email, it is worth trying to do two things. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll need to choose to free up space in your email .

Cache causes conflicts

If the text ‘Getting messages’ appears in the Gmail application on your mobile, perhaps the problem can be solved by clearing the cache of the app. To clear the Gmail cache you have to enter the cell phone settings , in the settings search engine place the word ‘Gmail’. When you see the result of the application, click on it to see its properties, when you are there, look for the option that says ‘Clear cache’.

It should be noted that Gmail already has intelligent functions that you can activate and deactivate whenever you want. In addition, now you can also use Gmail without an internet connection .


Message synchronization problem

Message synchronization can sometimes have problems due to poor internet connection. Fixing this issue requires you to turn message syncing back on or sync your messages manually. Now, later we will show you how to synchronize your messages in Gmail.

What is the efficient way to reclaim space on the device?

If you have tried to do the things mentioned above and Gmail still does not allow you to see your new or recent messages , you will have to free up space in your email. The best way to recover space within your email is by deleting large files or debugging some applications on your mobile device.

You should not worry about how to do this kind of thing because shortly we will show you how to do these two things in a practical and simple way.

Delete very large files

To delete files within your Gmail account you have to enter each of the conversations in which you have sent a file and look for the ones with the greatest weight. When you find it, go to select it and then delete it to free up space. If freeing up about 500MB still doesn’t load your Gmail messages, try freeing up much more space.

Debug apps on the device

Another way to free up space in your email account is by debugging those applications that are partly used by Gmail. Such apps sometimes store unnecessary data that causes mail to fill up and messages to fail to deliver. Before deleting files from your email you should try to debug the applications that have access to the mail so you know if it is necessary to delete files.

It should be noted that whenever you want to change the Gmail password , you can do it. In this way, your Gmail account will be much more secure and no one can ever hack it unless they illegally acquire your computer or mobile.

What is the way to sync Gmail messages?

To sync your Gmail messages, you have to go to the Gmail website to log in to your account or else go to Gmail from your mobile app . Then go into the Gmail settings, select your Gmail account and then press the option that says ‘Sync Gmail’. By doing this, you should be able to remove the ‘Getting messages’ text.

Another thing you can try to fix the ‘Getting messages’ issue is to check your device’s internet connection and update the Gmail app. If the problem receiving messages in your Gmail is not solved, you will have to look for more information about the problem on the official Google page.


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