How to fix ‘Getting your messages’ from Gmail on Android?

One of the electronic tools that has worked the most for us for many years is that of emails. Thanks to this we do not have to send letters through the normal mail service and wait a while for the recipient to receive and respond. With these emails you can send them and just in an instant the other person will respond to you.

Another fascinating thing is that you can not only send writings, but you can attach any multimedia file such as a video and a song and it will also be received without any inconvenience. But there is a very common error that occurs on phones with the Gmail application and it is the ‘Getting your messages’ ad. If you want to solve it here you will see how it is done.

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  1. Why is ‘getting messages’ shown in Gmail?
    1. Lack of space
    2. Cache
    3. Gmail sync
  2. How is space freed on the device?
    1. Heavy files
    2. Deprecated applications and programs
  3. How to solve problems with the cache on the cell phone?
    1. Clear cache in Gmail
  4. How to check the synchronization of messages in Gmail?
  5. How else to fix ‘Getting your messages’ if it still isn’t fixed?
    1. Check network connection
    2. Update Gmail

Why is ‘getting messages’ shown in Gmail?

In each phone we always have a problem when it comes to receiving an email. Normally, we receive the ‘Getting messages’ announcement in our Gmail email. That is why you will want to find out how to solve it and this is where we will tell you how to do it.

Lack of space

This is the most common error in all email accounts in Gmail. This always happens because a large number of files of a little high weight accumulate. So you have to start deleting emails in which you have very large files or delete other files from the phone’s file manager. After you free up space you can prevent Gmail emails from being rejected .


Cache memory is a series of hidden files that the application uses, which is stored over time and can occupy a large amount of space if we do not use to eliminate this memory.

Gmail sync

This is another issue that also has a lot to do with receiving this ‘Getting message’ announcement, since you have to be sure that the cell phone synchronization is activated.

How is space freed on the device?

If you do not want to delete any mail from your Gmail application, you can free up storage on your phone by deleting other types of files that are occupying the memory.

Heavy files

We can almost always delete anything from the file manager or gallery, because if it takes up a lot of space, it does not allow us to open some applications. You can delete music, videos, photos or Word text documents sent to your Gmail . In this way you will gain space and you will be able to receive the Gmail message that you are waiting for.

There are phones that have optimizers and application cleaners with which you can erase hidden data in your phone’s memory such as the cache so that a little space is freed up.

Deprecated applications and programs

This is another way to free up a considerable amount of memory space on your cell phone. This can be done from two parts of the phone, the easiest is from the cleaning application of your phone . With it you can see the applications that are not used frequently and in this way uninstall them.

The other way is from your phone’s settings. There you will enter applications and then ‘Manage applications’. In that list will be all the applications that you have installed on your phone. You can search for any of the ones you want to delete so you can empty your storage a bit.

How to solve problems with the cache on the cell phone?

If, instead, what you are looking for is to solve the problem by clearing the cache memory in the Gmail application, but you do not know how to achieve it, this is the case.

Clear cache in Gmail

To clear the Gmail cache, you will go to the settings application that is in the apps menu of your phone. In what you are there you will look for the tab called applications . Now go to ‘Manage applications’ and enter the list of applications that is there, look for Gmail and you will press it. At the bottom of that menu is a button that says clear cache. Then you will confirm the action by clicking on accept.

How to check the synchronization of messages in Gmail?

If you do not know if the synchronization on your phone is activated, you can enter the phone’s settings and you will enter the ‘Accounts’ option that is on that list. Wherever you are in that small menu, you are going to click on the choice of ‘Google’ and there you will see the Gmail accounts that are linked to your phone . Now click on the account you want to synchronize and you will see the options available for synchronization.

How else to fix ‘Getting your messages’ if it still isn’t fixed?

If after having tried all the processes that we indicate about freeing up storage and none of them work for you, you will have to do these two things as a last resort:

Check network connection

Your phone may not have a good internet connection. This is why you need to try to reestablish the connection. For this you can restart the router in case you have wifi. If you are using data, you can turn mobile data on and off or verify that you have enough balance to use mobile data.

Update Gmail

This can be achieved from the Play Store application store. There you have to look for the profile photo of your email account that will be in the writing bar . You are going to touch on manage app and accounts, from that part of the menu that was opened you will slide the screen from right to left and click on ‘Updates’. In the list you will look for Gmail and proceed to update it.

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