How to Add a New Friend to Your Nintendo Switch Friends List

The Nintendo Switch is having a spectacular start , and little by little it is adding games to its catalog with which to start using some of its functions. One of them is the multiplayer mode , for which you will have to populate your list of friends with whom to start online games.

And that is precisely what we are going to teach you to do today, to add your friends , family or people with whom you have already played to the list of friends on the console. There are three different ways to do it, and although they are all very simple, it is worth knowing where you have to go in the console menu to get to these options.

How to know your friend code

But before knowing how to use one of these Nintendo friend codes, the first thing to do is learn how to find yours. To do this, when you are in the main menu of the console you have to go to your user page . You can do it by pressing the top right on the button that will appear with the avatar you chose when setting up your profile.

When you do, you will access your main menu, where you can view and edit your profile and your friends. In it, make sure you are in the Profile section and just to the right of your avatar and under your username and connection status you will see your friend code . It looks quite small, but that is the one that you will have to write down and give to whoever you want to add you as a friend.

Methods for adding a new friend

You have already done half the way to add a new friend . Once again, when you are in the main menu of your console, go back to your page by clicking on the avatar at the top left of the screen. The difference is that this time instead of going to the profile, you must click on the Add friend option to enter the menu from which to add new friends.

In this menu you will be presented with five different options. Keep in mind that when you send a friend request you will be asking that other person for permission to be your friend, so they will not be added to your friends list until that other person accepts your friendship . Here’s what each of the five options are for.

  • Friend requests received: Here you can see the friend requests sent to you by whoever wants to be your friend. You can accept it to be friends with that person or deny it.
  • Search using local communication: Use the local communication system to search for users who are physically close to you, and it allows you to send them a friend request.
  • Search users with whom you have played: Saves the users with whom you have played over the Internet and allows you to send them friend requests.
  • Search by friend code: Allows you to use the friend codes that have been sent to you to send friend requests from their owners.
  • Friend requests sent: Here you can find out who you have already sent friend requests to. It is also the place where you can cancel these requests.

How to add someone with your friend code

Since we have explained how to know what your friend code is, we are going to start by explaining how to use it to add someone to your friends list. For this, the first thing is that someone share this password with you, which will always start with SW followed by twelve digits. To do this, on your user page go to the Add friend section as before and click on Search by friend code .

It will take you to a screen where you have to enter the 12 digits that follow the SW. For example, if your friend’s password is SW-6870-4829-6973, you will only have to enter the numbers 687048296973. When you do, the person who owns the password will tell you and you will be able to add it as a friend.

How to add someone you’ve played with

Once again we start by going back to the Add Friend section within your profile page. This time, the option you should choose is Search for users you have played with .

A list will appear with all the users with whom you have shared a game. What you have to do now is navigate between them to choose the one you want to add and press the A button on the icon that you have chosen to enter their profile.

In this profile you will be able to see the user’s username, their avatar, the game in which you have coincided and the date and time in which you have been sharing the game. You will see two options, Send a friend request to try to add them as a friend and Block when you don’t want to know anything about this person.

Find friends through local communication

As for the option to search for a nearby player, you have to choose the option Search through local communication . The system is designed to add whoever you have by your side , so both of you will have to start the process at the same time and choose the same one from the four symbols that you will be given to choose from.

Once the symbol has been chosen, the console will start looking for the rest of the people who have chosen it. Once found, they will appear on the screen, and you will have to choose the one or those you want to add one by one, enter their profiles and send them the friend requests.


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