How to Add Your Nintendo Friends to Pokemon Unite

Pokémon Unite was released to the Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2021 and there are already many people who are waiting for the version for their mobile devices , which is eagerly awaited for September 22 of this year. Right now you can make your previous registration in the App Store and in the Google Play Store , if you have not done it yet, do not delay because there are surprises when you reach 2,500,000 reservations.

This is a game that you can enjoy with friends and you can add friends to your list , but you may have some questions like, how and where do I see my ID to share it? Can I transfer the friends that I have on my Nintendo Account to Pokémon Unite? These and other questions will be answered in this article.

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  1. Where do I find my Player ID to pass on to my friends?
  2. How do I add friends in Pokémon Unite?
  3. Once I’m in the game, how do I add friends?
  4. How do I link and transfer friends from my Nintendo Account?
  5. Where can I see the invitations my friends send me?

Where do I find my Player ID to pass on to my friends?

If you want to add your friends to the game, it is important to locate the player’s ID. Finding this code is relatively easy, when you load Pokémon Unite you will see a menu, the main one, look for the letter L , there you will see all the information you have as a Pokémon trainer.

It is on that page that you will find your ID, it is at the bottom, below the avatar. This code is unique, it is made up of letters and numbers . Now you just have to send them to your friends so you can add them to the list. And if you want to add other players as friends you can do it too.

How do I add friends in Pokémon Unite?

This option will be available when you have passed the mandatory tutorial for the game. Once this is over, you will be allowed to navigate through the main menu and thus you can add friends in Pokémon Unite, but let’s see the steps that are taken.

In the main menu, press the letter X , this option allows you to access others such as: the Friends Option, now you are looking for the ” Friends Search ” tab. Here you are going to enter the ID of the player you want to add to your friends list, select the card that belongs to the player and click on the Add Friends button, with this you have sent the friend request to this person, now you just have to wait for is accepted, you will know when it appears on your friends list.

Another way to add friends is when you are in a game, let’s see how it is done in the next question.

Once I’m in the game, how do I add friends?

This is another way to add friends to the Pokémon Unite list, if you have already finished an online game and want to add a player to your list, you just have to go down to where the results are and look for the player’s name .

When locating the name, you must open its menu the letter A and you will see the column of several options click on Add Friend. In this way you will send him the request that you want to add him as a friend, if he is accepted that player will appear in your Pokémon Unite friends list.

How do I link and transfer friends from my Nintendo Account?

It is very simple, you just have to load Pokémon Unite, enter the main menu and click on the letter X, look for the Friends Search option and touch it, and in the options that appear you will find the one you are looking for, the one to add to all the people you have on your Nintendo account , and in this way you will have transferred your friends to Pokémon Unite.

Something that is important for you to know is that in order to play a game with friends from your Nintendo account who are in Pokémon Unite they must have this function active , make sure to first go to the Friends option in the settings and look for the Friend Search option . Now you will see a Minus button, when you press you will be asked if you want the invite friends function to be activated.

This will enable the function of transferring existing friends in the Nintendo account , you will only see the players who have an account on this platform. If you are new to using Nintendo Switch, see how you can download the best games .

Where can I see the invitations my friends send me?

When you are active in the game you will be able to see the invitations that your friends send you, you will receive a notification that they are inviting you to join a game, if you accept, you will enter the fight or you can go to the avatar that sends you the invitation next to the button of start game.

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