How to use the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con on your Windows 10 PC or laptop

Today we are going to explain step by step how to configure the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch in Windows 10 , so that you can use them on your computer or laptop. By default, when you configure these controllers they have the problem that you can only use them as two different controllers. However, there is also a method to unify them.

Therefore, we are going to start by explaining how to synchronize them in Windows 10 as two different controllers. And then, we will guide you step by step through the process to configure both Joy-Con as a single controller on your computer using some applications specially designed for it.

How to pair the Joy-Con in Windows 10

The first thing we need to do this is that your Windows 10 computer has Bluetooth. Once we make sure of that, it only remains to enter the Settings menu . To do this, open the Windows start menu or the notification panel, and click on the cogwheel icon to enter Settings .

Once you are in Windows Settings , now click on the Devices option . From here is where you will be able to control and configure the computer peripherals, including the devices that you want to connect via Bluetooth.

Once here, click on the option Bluetooth and other devices that you have in the left column (1), so that you will go to the specific panel for your Bluetooth devices. In it, click on the Add Bluetooth or other device button (2) to start the pairing process with the Joy-Con.

A black screen will open with the name Add a device , in which you have to choose how to find the peripheral you want to add. To start looking for the Joy-Con to pair, click on the Bluetooth option so that Windows starts looking for devices with this technology that are looking to be paired.

Now that Windows 10 is looking for devices to pair with, grab the first Joy-Con that you want to configure and press and hold the pairing button until the green lights flash . This button is the one on the inside side of the rail with which you connect it to the console, between the SL and SR buttons .

Once you have clicked on the pairing button of one of the Joy-Con, it will appear in the list of Bluetooth devices in the Add a device window . What you have to do now is simply click on the Joy-Con option and let Windows 10 do the rest. If I ask you for a PIN, it will be 0000.

And that ‘s it, now you just have to repeat this same process to match the second Joy-Con, so that when you are on the section Bluetooth and other devices from Windows Settings see between devices linked the Joy-Con L and R, two letters that tell you which is the left (L) and which is the right (R). You can now use it as two independent controls.

Use the two Joy-Con as the same controller

There is a way to configure these two Joy-Con to use them as a single controller in the same way that you do on the Nintendo Switch. To do this you have to download an application called vJoy , so the first step is to go to the download page of its official website and press the Download button to automatically start the download from SourceForge .

Then install the application as you would with any other, leaving all the options checked so that everything works normally. The process is simple with an introduction screen, another to mark the components and the final one, press Next to advance.

When the application is finished installing, you will be asked for permission to install some drivers. These are necessary to be able to use the two Joy-Con as a single control, that is, press the Install button to proceed to add them to the computer.

Now open the Configure vJoy application , and once inside, click on the number 1 tab at the top. Now you have to leave this entire tab exactly as you see it in the capture, putting a 32 in Number of Buttons , and disabling the Enable Effects option. When you have it as in the capture, click Apply .

We will already have the first half of the controller configured, but it will still be necessary to insert the second Joy-Con in the total. To do this, first click on tab number 2 at the top (1), and once there click on the Add Device button (2). In this way we can configure the second Joy-Con as part of the first.

The options of this tab number two will be unlocked, and you have to leave everything as you see it in the screenshot . This will mean deselecting the Slider and Dial / Slider2 buttons in the left column, and in Number of Buttons change 32 to 16. When you have it, press the Apply button .

Without closing the Configure vJoy application , you now have to download the JoyCon-Driver utility . A .zip file will be downloaded , which you will have to unzip to execute the joycon-driver.exe file that is inside. When the application is running, make sure you have the Combine JoyCons option checked and press Start

The Windows console will appear, where after a few seconds it will end with the word Done and a vibration of your controls. You can know that the process has been a success when you see that the lights of the Joy-Con are both fixed on the first frame. In addition to the manual check, you can run the vJoy Monitor app that was installed earlier to verify that the buttons on both Joy-Con function like those on a single controller.


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