How to activate Facebook two-factor authentication

Let’s see how to activate Facebook two-factor authentication and what to do if the Facebook login code does not arrive.

In recent years, Facebook has been the subject of cyber attacks (Facebook leaks or Facebook data leaks) several times with the aim of finding the information of registered users. The fear that someone might take over our account and seriously endanger our digital identity is just around the corner.

That’s why it’s time to take cover and further protect our Facebook account. But how? Through the activation and use of Two Factor Authentication ( 2FA ).


  • What is two-factor authentication
  • How to activate Facebook two-factor authentication from smartphones
    • Authentication app
    • Text message (SMS)
    • Security key
  • How to activate Facebook two-factor authentication from a computer
  • What to do if the Facebook login code does not arrive
  • How to disable Facebook two-factor authentication

What is two-factor authentication

The ‘ Authentication in two Facebook factors is nothing more than an optional and additional security feature that requires users to enter, and the user name and password, a special security code each time they try to access Facebook from a new computer or mobile phone not recognized.

This way when someone tries to access your account from an unrecognized browser or device, you will receive a warning.

How to activate Facebook two-factor authentication from smartphones

From mobile you need to open the Facebook app and access the Menu , by tapping the button with three horizontal lines , at the top right, and then select Settings and privacy> Settings> Security and access and finally Use two-factor authentication .

At this point, Facebook informs you that by activating this option you will receive a verification code every time it notices an attempt to access from an unrecognized device or browser.

Attention : during the 2FA entry phase you may be asked to enter the password to access Facebook, to confirm the operation.

Select one of the security methods indicated:

1. Authentication app

This option allows you to use an app like Google Authenticator ( Android and iOS ) or Duo Mobile ( Android , iOS ) to generate verification codes and protect you.

After checking the Authentication app item and downloading one of the two apps mentioned above, click on the Continue button .

Here are the steps to follow to set up a third-party authentication tool.

  • On the Configure via a third-party authentication toolscreen, you have the option to scan the QR code or copy the alphanumeric code at the bottom of the screen in the authentication app.
  • Press on the code for a few seconds to copy it.
  • Open Google Authenticatorand hit the Get Started button .
  • Create your first account by pressing on Enter configuration code.
  • Type an account nameand in the field your code, paste the one you just copied.
  • Click on the Addbutton .
  • On the account added screen, copy the 6-digit code.
  • Go back to the Facebook app and press the Continuebutton to enter the 6-digit code .
  • Click on Continueto complete.
  • When you see the Active Two-Factor Authentication message, click Done.

By doing so, when Facebook detects an attempted login from an unrecognized browser device, it will ask for a code, which you can retrieve from the Google Authenticator app. Each time you open the Google app the code will be different.

2. Text message (SMS)

Through this security mode, you can use SMS text messages to receive verification codes on your smartphone or tablet.

  • After selecting it, click on Continueand specify a phone number already present on your account or add a new one considering that it will be the number on which you will receive the verification code. Click on Continue .
  • On the Enter Codescreen , type the 6-digit code you received via SMS from Facebook .
  • If you haven’t received it, click on Send the code again.

Once the process is complete, Facebook will send you a verification code via SMS to your phone number whenever it notices an attempt to log in from an unrecognized device or browser.

For added security, the number used cannot be used to reset your password when two-factor authentication is on.

3. Security key

The last security method you can apply for Facebook two-factor authentication is a physical security key to protect your account from unauthorized access. Unfortunately not all devices are enabled to use this system.

This is a small hardware device that you can purchase from this page . Some keys can be used by inserting them into the USB or Lightning port, while others just need to have them next to the PC or mobile device. Before buying one, make sure it is compatible with the browser or device you use to access your Facebook account .

How to activate Facebook two-factor authentication from a computer

Activating 2FA two-factor authentication is also available from a PC. Open Facebook from the browser and press on the Menu (arrow pointing down) at the top right, then select, in the menu that appears, Settings and privacy> Settings.

On the next screen, presses, in the left column, on Security and access and then on Use two-factor authentication . Immediately after, enter your Facebook login password and follow the same actions described for mobile devices.

Once all operations are completed, your account will be protected by two-factor authentication. At each access you will have to enter your username , password and code , but this will protect you even more from any malicious people who want to take possession of your account. Furthermore, for the devices you use often, the system will ask you to enter the code only the first time , then it will be included in the list of trusted devices.

As you can see it is not a complex operation, 2FA does not belong only to Facebook, even PayPal , Amazon and Google apply this system effectively. In other contexts such as the activation of digital identity through SPID is a mandatory technique.

What to do if the Facebook login code does not arrive

After activating two-factor authentication on Facebook and choosing a security method, in case the latter is not unavailable, you can add a backup method. In my case I have chosen the SMS text message as a security method , and the following are proposed to me as reserves: Authentication App , Recovery Codes and Security Key .

We’ve already talked about Authentication Apps and Security Keys. Recovery Codes allows you to log into Facebook if you lose your phone or if you can’t get a verification code via SM S or an authentication app .

To set them, open the Facebook app or log in from the browser and, after tapping on Menu , go to Settings and privacy> Settings> Security and access and finally Use two-factor authentication .

On the Two-Factor Authentication screen is active , click on Retrieval Codes and copy the proposed codes by pressing the Copy Codes button and click Finish , then go back. From now on this method will become the backup method.

Save these codes in a safe place and remember that you will only be able to use each code once.

To deactivate this method, click on it and press Deactivate twice and if requested enter the password to access Facebook .

How to disable Facebook two-factor authentication

To deactivate a protection method applied in two-factor authentication , all you have to do is click or plug it, if on mobile, and press the Deactivate button twice to confirm the deactivation. You may be prompted for your Facebook password.

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