Final Fantasy XIV: this is how you unlock all the important content of patch 5.5

Today, April 13, Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.5 will be released. Here are the most important contents of the update and how you can unlock them in a crisp description.

Here’s what’s in the patch: Patch 5.5 named “Death Unto Dawn” is the last major update before the next Endwalker add-on. As always, it brings a whole range of new content with it. This includes:

  • Continuation of the main story
  • Last section of Nier’s raid
  • Fight the diamond weapon on normal and EX
  • Ishgard Reconstruction Celebration
  • PS5 Beta goes online

The preliminary patch notes with all the information can be found on the official website (via Final Fantasy). You can see the German trailer for patch 5.5 here:

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That’s all? No. Patch 5.5 is divided into several parts. The main part will arrive on April 13, with more parts to follow. At the end of May, the second part will appear with the number 5.55 and will be the continuation of the Shadowbringers story. It should form the transition to the Endwalker plugin.

Weapons of Resistance missions will continue as well. Players will enter the new “Zadnor Plains” area and fight there. It is located on the border between Bozja and Dalmasca. This time there is no minimum Resistance rank required to continue missions.

Also, the “New Game +” mode gets more content that you can play again.

After server maintenance, it will start

Here are the maintenance times: The server maintenance that precedes the patch begins on April 13 at 3:00 am and runs until 12:00 pm German time. As always, completion of maintenance can be postponed if unexpected difficulties arise. Experience has shown that maintenance work on FFXIV often ends earlier than planned.

Here is a clear overview of all the unlockable content that you can do after server maintenance.

Continuation of the main story

How to unlock the mission:

  • InitialQuest Name: “Silver Armor”
  • NPC Mission:Alisaie
  • Location:Mor Dhona, Sunstone Instance (X: 6.0 / Y: 5.9)
  • Requirements:A level 80 combat or mage job, completing the mission “On the wings of perdition”. This is the final story mission from previous patch 5.4

The new Paglth’an dungeon will be unlocked over the course of the main story, so keep going through the quest series.

This is what awaits you in the story: The situation is reaching a critical point for the Warrior of Light and his friends. With the help of mysterious towers that have appeared all over the world, Zenos and Fandaniel attempt to conjure the end of the world.

The land of Eorzea is on fire, the allied city-states are in distress from the opposing hordes, and the situation looks dire. The Warrior of Light must summon all his allies to face the odds.

With patch 5.5. only part of the search for the main story comes. The second, which will form a transition to the Endwalker add-on, awaits you at the end of May after the Fan Festival (May 15 and 16). So expect great suspense.

YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse – Graduation

How to unlock the mission:

  • Initial mission name:“Sad”
  • NPC Mission:Foreman
  • Location:Kholusia (X: 34.7 / Y: 18.2)
  • Requirements:A level 80 combat or magician job, completing the mission “Spherical pains”. This is a short intermediate mission that appeared with patch 5.4. Item Level : 495

There will be weekly missions after completion that will complete the story of Nier’s raid. However, they are optional.

This is what awaits you in the Nier raid: The final part of the “YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse” raid takes players to the Paradigm Breaker Tower. Together with 2B and 9S you will explore the raid and (hopefully) discover the secret behind the androids.

The raid is expected to consist of 3 bosses and a number of spaces in between with trash mobs that players will have to fight their way through. The bosses will be known opponents from the Nier universe.

You can expect rewards for new hairstyles that are inspired by those of 2B and 9S. There is also new gear with item level 520 and coins that you can exchange for upgrade materials.

Mission series “Battle for Werlyt” and the fight against the diamond weapon

How to unlock the mission:

  • Name of the initial mission:“Resplendent Life”
  • NPC Mission:Officer Mhigian
  • Location:The Swamp (X: 11.3 / Y: 22.5)
  • Requirements:A combat or wizard job at level 80, complete the mission “Memorial of Atonement”. This is Werlyt’s last mission.

The diamond weapon fight will be unlocked as you progress through the missions.

How to unlock your EX Diamond Weapon (Diamond Flash – Trauma ) :

  • NPC Mission:Garlond Model Maker
  • Location:The Swamp (X: 11.5 / Y: 22.5)
  • Requirements:A combat or wizard job at level 80, completion of a still unknown Werlyt mission from patch 5.4. You will most likely have to defeat the normal version of the weapon for this. Item Level: At Least 510

Here’s what awaits you in Werlyt: After defeating the Emerald Weapon, the VII Legion Garlemald has one last trump card to play. The diamond is said to be the most powerful weapon of its kind to date and it brings the warrior of light to his knees.

The battle against the mechanical monster will take place high in the sky on a flying platform. There will be a regular and an EX version of the exam fight again, with the latter rewarding you with some fancy loot.

  • new weapons for all jobs
  • new mount
  • a crafting item that can be used for example for a new chocobo armor
  • Totems that can be exchanged for weapons at the NPC C’intana in Mor Dhona (X: 22.7 Y: 6.7)

New super mount

With patch 5.5 the new Super-Mounts come into play. You can unlock it after learning about each Gwiber mount from the exam content in FFXIV: Shadowbringers.

  • Name of the initial mission:“Dragon of fire and iron”
  • NPC Mission:Garlond Model Maker
  • Location:The Swamp (X: 11.5 / Y: 22.5)
  • Requirements:Ownership of “Pixie-Gwiber”, “Innocent-Gwiber”, “Shadow-Gwiber”, “Ruby-Gwiber”, “Gwiber of light”, “Emerald Gwiber” or “Diamond Gwiber” mounts.

Dream Test: Leviathan

Here’s how you unlock the new Dream Trial: If you haven’t unlocked the minigame yet, you can do it here:

  • Name of the initial mission:“I got to the fox”
  • NPC Mission:Ishgard Traveler
  • Location:Frohenhalde (X: 7.0 / Y: 5.9)
  • Requirements:A level 80 match or mage job

What to Expect: The current sleep exam with Titan spins and Leviathan enters its place. The fight is the old Extreme version of Levi, raised from level 50 to level 80. And it’s correspondingly sharp too.

After defeating Leviathan, you will play a little minigame with the fox and earn the dream sheets. You can exchange these sheets for rewards such as companions or mounts.

Requested deliveries: Count Charlemend Durendaire

How to unlock missions:

  • Name of the initial mission:“A reliable duo”
  • NPC Mission:Francel
  • Location:Sky City (X: 11.0 / Y: 14.4)
  • Requirements:A craftsman or collector job at level 70, complete the quests “A Livable City”, “New Stripe Boost” and “Happy Collector’s Items”. They are missions that are part of the rebuilding of Ishgard.

What to expect : Although construction on Ishgard has been completed, work continues. Various items are needed in large quantities and you must get them. With desired deliveries, you either produce high-quality items or collect them as a collector and present them to the delivery NPC. In total, you will be able to accept 12 decent count orders per week.

With the rewards, you can expect huge EXP bonuses for your collector or crafter jobs or, if you are already level 80, Crafter certificates. These notes can be exchanged for other rewards and crafting materials.

More information

Here are some more things to keep in mind in patch 5.5:

  • With patch 5.5, a festival begins in Ishgard to celebrate rebuilding. FATE-like events will take place there about every 2 hours, where you can win prizes.
  • The popular “gamer” hairstyle is back. You can exchange them for MGP at the Gold Saucer
  • One day after the patch, on April 14, the somewhat delayed Easter event begins, where you can get an absolutely glamorous new outfit. Starts at Alt-Gridania (X: 10.2 / Y: 9.4)
  • The beta of the PS5 version begins for all players and trial accounts.
  • In the Kyhe Ghiah Treasure Dungeon there will be new items that can be used to create stylish glamor outfits.
  • New NPCs selling luxury items such as new mounts are added: Edelina in Mor Dhona (X: 22.1 / Y: 4.8) and Tabeth in Eulmore (X: 10.0 / Y: 11.2)


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